EYH 2006 Volunteer Information Sheet and General Timeline

7:00am (start of day)

 All volunteers arrive at UWT campus, meeting at GWP 101. o PARKING: The best option for many people is parking at the Tacoma Dome station and taking the link over to UWT. The lot there is free and is patrolled by security. The next best option is parking on or near campus, at a pay lot or up the street a block.   All volunteers will be given EYH shirts which they must wear. Various volunteers will be sent to perform individual duties, such as: o 2-3 Volunteers will report to Shereen Proper at registration tables in the Cherry Parkes (CP) lobby, to help register the girls, then help direct them to their first workshop. o 1 Volunteer sets up breakfast for the girls and chaperones. The volunteer will need to man the breakfast tables and guide o girls through in line, then wait for the first speaker to begin at 8:15. 3 Volunteers distribute small flower gifts to each presenter room.

9:00am - 1:00pm (conference talks)

   Two volunteers will be stationed in each building where workshops are occurring. One volunteer in each building will likely have a walkie-talkie. Various volunteers will visit presenters in the morning when they first get to their classroom and see if they have everything they need. These volunteers should stay in their assigned building throughout the day, other than lunch breaks. o As workshops are going on, volunteers should look in the room to visit and make sure everything is going well. Just a simple thumbs up when they poke their head in the door would be good. o During the break in sessions, these volunteers will move outside and help direct traffic. All volunteers not assigned to other buildings stay in GWP 101 throughout the day. This is where people will go when they need help, so we need to have volunteers on hand to help them. Whenever there is a break in workshops, everyone goes outside and helps show girls to their next workshop/lunch.

10:15am, 11:00am (lunch)

  Lunch is served twice during the day: once at 10:15am and a second wave at 11:00am. Volunteers should be spread out along campus and down Pacific to help guide girls to lunch at Harmon.  Girls will enter ONLY through the front doors. (The girls often try to sneak away to Starbucks or the UWT bookstore; we need to make sure this doesn't happen.)   Volunteers can eat lunch at that time with the girls. Volunteers who are not eating guard the front door of the restaurant, and the back door.  After the majority of the girls are done with lunch, girls may go to the Mattress Factory (MAT) building to play in the student center if it's open. Some volunteers will need to stay at the Harmon with girls who dont want to go, and some volunteers will need to show girls to the back door of Harmon, up the stairs, across the street, and into the MAT. o

It's very important we know where each and every girl is at all times during the day.

We have copies of each girl's schedule and should be able to track them quickly in case of an emergency.

1:00pm (end of day)

 Two volunteers will be outside the side door/patio of the Dougan building to help girls and chaperones to their buses and be a safety watch.  Every girl will get on a bus--No parent pick up is allowed.  All volunteers report to GWP 101 once finished with their last duties.