PowerSchool handles grade reporting slightly different than SASI

PowerSchool handles grade reporting differently than SASI reported grades. Grading occurs in
PowerTeacher and is managed by each individual teacher. Grade verification reports can only be
produced by each individual teacher not by the Guidance Office.
We are providing each teacher with the specific directions to produce their own grade verification
reports. Each teacher needs to produce these grade verification reports and then verify that they are
the correct grades that they, the teachers, have entered.
Please make sure that each teacher understands that these directions for producing grade verification
reports are for their use in PowerTeacher. If they have any questions please have them call the
HelpDesk at 807-2204.
Each teacher will be responsible for running their own verification sheets for the progress reports.
PowerTeacher provides the teachers with this ability. To run the reports for verification of progress
grades from PowerTeacher, each teacher needs to follow the instructions below.
Log into PowerTeacher and click on “Gradebook”. Click on “Launch Gradebook”. To run the
verification reports select the first graded class under “Current Classes”. Then click on the “Reports”
tab on the menu bar at the top of the screen.
The name and description of the reports will appear. Double click on the report named “Final
Grade and Comment Verification”. The criteria screen will appear. Check the criteria to make sure
the setup is correct. The “Reporting Term” should be changed to Trimester 1. Next, click “Run
Report” on the bottom right of the screen. When “Report Complete” shows on the screen, click on
The report will be displayed.
This is just a sample. The report you run will show the numerical grade and the percent (%) .
After you run and print the verification for each one of your classes, you should sign the reports to
verify you approve of the grades shown on the report. The next step is to submit the verification
sheets for all of your classes in one package to the office to the person designated by the Principal or
Assistant Principal to collect them. When all teachers have verified their grades are correct, the
designated office personnel (typically the PowerSchool Support staff) is then ready to run the
Progress Report created by Vinny Diana and sent to each school. This will be the official Progress
Report. The date scheduled for producing Progress Reports is October 9th 2009.
Thank you for your continued support and cooperation.