Well Supported: Student Leadership Team

Wamberal Public School
Hunter and Central Coast Region
Well Supported: Student Leadership Team
“I’m proud to be a student leader. My experiences have helped me be
more confident”
- Member of the Student Leadership Team
Year 6 Student Leadership Team elected by staff and Years 2-6
A part of the school’s Student Representative Council (SRC), is a Student
Leadership Team consisting of ten Year 6 students. The ten students are
chosen fairly. They are democratically elected from all Year 5 students at the
end of the year. Students from Years 2 to 6 and staff use a preferential
system to vote.
“ I think the voting system was very fair.”
“Well not everybody gets what they want but with the majority system,
most people do.”
- Student leaders
Students learn about the responsibilities of a leader
The election process is well supported. A lot of time is spent teaching the
students about the role of a student leader. This role is tied to the core values
of the school. Students learn that the actions of a leader have a direct
influence on the credit they attract to themselves, their family and ultimately to
the school community.
High school students help in the leadership training for all Year 5
During Term 4, all Year 5 students undergo a student leadership training
program. This is supported by the school’s Public Speaking program, which is
a strong feature of the school. SRC representatives from the local High
School further enhance the leadership training program by working with Stage
3 students conducting team-building exercises.
The public speaking helped me a lot with my nerves. I was always really
nervous but it has taught me how to calm down.
Student leader.
Year 5 candidates speak to all students
Year 5 students are encouraged to reflect on and record the reasons they
believe they are suitable for a position on the student leadership team. They
are asked to consider their capacity for the role against the school values and
stated leadership criteria. As part of the nomination process, all students with
recognised leadership qualities are encouraged to stand for election.
Candidates present speeches to the whole student body. Before voting the
student body is asked to consider if the candidates model the kind of
behaviour that is expected of a leader.
Elected candidates commit to school values and wear a special uniform
On election Student Leaders swear a pledge of office before the school
community. This is based on the school’s values. They are appropriately
recognised in ways that include being presented with a badge of office at the
annual Presentation Day assembly. The school provides them with a dress
uniform, which they wear when they represent the school. They have a
positive role that also involves identifying and acknowledging students who
demonstrate the school’s core values while in the playground.
These students have a range of responsibilities and are mentored by the
The Student Leadership Team is responsible for running weekly assemblies.
They attend the annual NSW Young Leaders’ Day event in Sydney.
“It’s good because the SRC members get together and discuss what
things need to be done around the school and what the school needs.”
“The best thing is being trusted and having such an important role. I just
like being able to help the school.”
- School leaders.
The principal acts as team mentor, meeting with them regularly to nurture and
support this team of students. They have an important role in many places
and accompany the principal to community events and functions.
“Our student leaders help us to be proud of our school.”
- Stage 2 student’s comment.