SIS 2014 - SIS Scientific Meeting 2014

SIS 2014
Tentative – Program
• Satellite Meeting :: "Poverty and social inclusion. Methodological
aspects and empirical evidences", June 10, 15:30-18:30
• SIS Scientific Meeting :: June 11-13
• Satellite Meeting :: "IYSM 2014" (young-SIS), June 13, 17:30-18:30;
June 14, 9:30-18:30
Wednesday, June 11
08:30 - 09:30 Polo Econ-Giuridico
09:30 - 09:45 Aula A
Welcome Address
09:45 - 10:30 Aula A
President's Invited Speaker - Antonio Golini (ISTAT)
Demographic crisis and economic crisis for Italian Mezzogiorno: an iceberg detached from the continent?
10:30 - 11:0
Coffee Break
Polo Econ-Giuridico
N. Torelli
Contributed Paper Sessions
11:00 - 12:15 Aula
CP-01 Demography
CP-02 Statistics in finance
CP-03 Statistics in medicine
CP-04 Clustering methods: theory and applications
CP-05 Functional data analysis
CP-06 Forensic statistics
Aula Lai
11:30 - 13:00 Aula Salis
Tavole Rotonde
1 - Le esperienze e le evidenze della valutazione della ricerca nell'area 13
2 - Didattica e apprendimento della Statistica
13:00 - 14:30 Polo Econ-Giuridico
L. Piccinato
Specialized Sessions
14:30 - 15:45
SP-01 Statistical analysis and big data
SP-02 Clustering real time data streams
M. Pratesi
F. Palumbo
SP-03 Bayesian nonparametrics: methods and applications
M. Guindani
15:45 - 16:30 Polo Econ-Giuridico
16:30 - 17:45
Specialized Sessions
SP-04 Recent advances in time series analysis
F. Battaglia
SP-05 New challenges in survey sampling
SP-06 Directional data
G. Nicolini
A. Fassò
Solicited Sessions
SL-01 Bayesian models for complex problems
B. Scarpa
SL-02 Geostatistics and environmental applications
SL-03 Robust methods for the analysis of complex data
S. De Iaco
M. Riani
SL-04 Statistics for environmental phenomena and their interactions
SL-05 Mixture and latent variable models for causal inference and analysis of socio-economic data
F. Bruno
C. Rampichini
Poster Session - Welcome cocktail
17:45 - 19:00
Coffee Break
Thursday, June 12
Polo Econ-Giuridico
Solicited Sessions
SL-06 Equity and sustainability: theory and relationships
A. Lemmi
SL-07 Advances in Bayesian statistics
SL-08 Statistical models for the analysis of energy markets
L. Tardella
L. Grossi
SL-09 Recent developments in sampling theory
SL-10 Functional data analysis
A. Giommi
L. Ippoliti
Polo Econ-Giuridico
10:15 - 11:00 Aula A
Plenary Session A - Adrian F.M. Smith (University of London)
E. George
11:00 - 11:45 Polo Econ-Giuridico
Coffee Break
09:00 - 10:15
11:45 - 13:00
The Bayesian 21st century. An appreciation of the contributions of
Dennis Lindley: 1923-2013
Specialized Sessions
SP-07 Scoring Rules and Pseudo-likelihoods: connections and developments
M. Musio
SP-08 Quantile and M-quantile regression: random effects and regularization
SP-09 Methodological Issues for constructing composite indicators
R. Miglio
R. Zelli
13:00 - 14:30 Polo Econ-Giuridico
Contributed Paper Sessions
CP-07 Inequality measures in socio-economic phenomena
CP-08 Advances in statistical modelling
14:30 - 15:45 Aula
CP-09 Developments in Bayesian inference
CP-10 Educational statistics
CP-11 Sanitary statistics and epidemiology
CP-12 Survey methodology
15:45 - 16:30 Polo Econ-Giuridico
Coffee Break
Polo Econ-Giuridico
16:30 - 17:15 Aula A
Plenary Session B - Chiara Sabatti (Stanford University)
17:15 - 19:00 Aula
SIS General Assembly
Social Dinner
Galleria Comunale
d'Arte - Giardini
Statistical genetics and public health
S. Bertino
S. Petrone
Friday, June 13
Polo Econ-Giuridico
Solicited Sessions
SL-11 Extremes and dependent sequences
S. Padoan
SL-12 Issues in ecological statistics
SL-13 Computations with intractable likelihood
A. Pollice
E. Mineo
SL-14 Geographical information in sampling and estimation
SL-15 Clinical designs
A. Petrucci
Polo Econ-Giuridico
10:15 - 11:00 Aula A
Plenary Session C - Andrea Cerioli (University of Parma)
How to marry robustness and applied statistics
M. Vichi
11:00 - 11:45 Polo Econ-Giuridico
Coffee Break
09:00 - 10:15
Specialized Sessions
11:45 - 13:00
SP-10 Parametric and nonparametric mixed effect models
SP-11 Demography and environmental emergency
P. Giordani
A. De Rose
SP-12 Recent advances in biostatistics
M. Chiogna
13:00 - 14:30 Polo Econ-Giuridico
14:30 - 15:45 Aula
Contributed Paper Sessions
CP-13 Statistical methods for the analysis of fertility and health
CP-14 Advances in compositional data analysis
CP-15 Spatial and spatio-temporal analysis
CP-16 Environmental and poverty data analysis
CP-17 Topics in regression models
CP-18 Bayesian methods and models
15:45 - 16:30 Polo Econ-Giuridico
Coffee Break
Polo Econ-Giuridico
16:30 - 17:30 Aula
Solicited Sessions
SL-16 Bayesian inference for high-dimensional data
SL-17 Use of Big Data for the production of statistical information
SL-18 Measuring the Smart City
P. Righi
N. Mignolli
SL-19 Forecasting economic and financial time series
M.M. Barbieri
17:30 - 18:30 Aula
PhD Awards Special Session - SIS prize for the best PhD thesis 2012-2013
See you at the 48th International Meeting of Statistical Society in two years!
Wednesday, June 11
CP1 – Demography
CP2 – Statistics in finance
Time 11:00 - 12:15
G. De santis, M. Maltagliati, S.
A measure of the distance between countries based on individual
A. Di pino, M. Campolo, M.
Retirement and Intra-Household Labour Division of Italian Couples:
A Simultaneous Equation Approach
L. Leporatti, P. Cremonesi, E. Di
bella, L. Persico
L. Marcone, F. Borrelli, S. Di
Demographic change and future sustainability of emergency
departments: a pilot study for Liguria
Error models for weighting estimators in the 15th Italian Population
and Household Census
S. Meggiolaro, F. Ongaro
Father-child contact after marital dissolution. Evidence from Italy
A. Amendola, V. Candila
The use of loss functions in assessing the VaR measures
A. Campagna
Labour-use efficiency in the Italian machinery industry: a nonparametric stochastic frontier perspective
P. Giudici
A. Pierini
M. Succurro, G. Costanzo
CP3 – Statistics in medicine
A. Canale, D. Bandyopadhyay
S. Liverani, C. Cantwell
Systemic risk models
Chain Graph for VAR and MARCH parameters reduction. EU index
returns case.
Predicting financial bankruptcy by a (Robust) Principal Component
Analysis based model: an empirical investigation.
Bayesian nonparametric spatial modelling of ordinal periodontal
Elicitation and visualisation of uncertainty in electrograms for
activation time maps
M. Lupparelli, A. Roverato
Log-mean linear regression models for assessing the effect of HIVinfection on multimorbidity in a case-control study
L. Maragoni
A Quantile-based Test for Detecting Differential Expression in
Microarray Data
P. Zanini, P. Secchi, S. Vantini
EEG signals decomposition: a multi-resolution analysis
CP4 – Clustering methods: theory and M. Cremona, P. Pelicci, L. Riva,
Cluster analysis on shape indices for ChIP-Seq data
L. Sangalli, P. Secchi, S. Vantini
R. Fontana, F. Rapallo, M.
Indicator functions and saturated fractions: a case study
CP5 - Functional Data Analysis
P. Giordani, M. Ferraro
G. Menardi, D. De stefano
fclust: an R package for fuzzy clustering
Modal Clustering of Social Networks
A. Pastore, S. Tonellato
Identification of multiple clusterings using Gaussian mixtures
E. Bongiorno, A. Goia
A clustering method for functional data
A class of bibliometric indices based on a sum of increasing and
concave functions
T. Lando, L. Bertoli-barsotti
A. Pini, K. Abramowicz, C.
Häger, K. Hébert-losier, L.
Schelin, J. Strandberg, S. Vantini
M. Ruggiero, O.
Papaspiliopoulos, D. Spanò
N. Tarabelloni, R. Biasi, F. Ieva,
A. Paganoni
CP6 – Forensic Statistics
Bayesian inference for dynamically evolving distributions
A. Gurrieri, M. Lorizio
Depth measures for multivariate functional data with data-driven
Statistical comparison of European judicial systems according to
efficiency of justice and justice's demand
M. Lorizio
Measures of Courts Performances and Stochastic Frontier Models
J. Mortera
Statistical Evaluation of Forensic DNA Mixtures
The Efficiency of Justice in an economic perspective: the role of the
supply side
C. Cusatelli, M. Giacalone
A. Stramaglia, M. Lorizio
Thursday, June 12
CP7 – Inequality measures in socioeconomic phenomena
Anterior Cruciate Ligament Rupture: Functional Data Analysis of
Knee Motion
Time 14:30 - 15:45
A. Arcagni, M. Zenga
S. Falorsi, M. D'alò, S. Loriga
F. Porro, M. Zenga
Decomposition by sources of the $\xi$ inequality index
LFS quarterly small area estimation of youth unemployment at
provincial level
The decomposition by subgroups of the inequality curve Z(p) and
the inequality index $\xi$
E. Raffinetti, E. Siletti, A. Vernizzi Inequality measures and the issue of negative incomes
D. Toninelli, M. Beaulieu, C.
CP8 - Advances in statistical modelling A. Brazzale, V. Mameli
C. Orsi, A. Ongaro
M. Perone pacifico
G. Pistone
The Effects of a new Aggregation Structure on Consumer Price
Index Estimates
Small-sample likelihood asymptotics for the equi-correlated
bivariate normal model
On Non-central Beta distributions
Nonparametric Mode Hunting
A version of the geometry of the multivariate Gaussian model, with
CP9 – Developments in Bayesian
CP10 – Educational Statistics
M. Romanazzi
Discriminant analysis of von Mises - Fisher distributions
P. Brutti
Bayesian Inference for the Intrinsic Dimension
M. Castellanos, S. Cabras
Zellner-Siow Priors for variable selection with censored data
F. Condino, F. Domma, G.
Likelihood and Bayesian estimation of P(Y < X) using lower record
values from a general class of distribution
E. Moreno
Objective Bayesian meta—analysis for sparse discrete data
B. Nipoti, S. Favaro
Uncertainty quantification for Bayesian nonparametric estimators of
rare species variety
M. Bini, L. Masserini
D. Contini, E. Grand
F. Crippa
F. Ieva, T. Agasisti, A. Paganoni
A finite mixture model approach on the first year university dropout probability
On the development of school achievement inequalities with crosssectional data
The role of the membership function to model university students’
Multilevel modeling of heterogeneity in math achievements:
different class- and school-effects across Italian regions
A Bayesian nonparametric modelling to estimate students’ response
to ICT investment
D. De stefano, S. Campostrini, S. The 2008 Great Recession and Health in Italy. A Study on the
Surveillance Data System PASSI
A probabilistic approach to the estimation of principal components
M. Geraci
with nonignorable missing data: Applications in accelerometerbased physical activity studies
J. Tena horrillo
CP11 – Sanitary statistics and
S. Mazzuco, B. Scarpa, L. Zanotto A mortality model based on a mixture distribution function
I. Nawajah, R. Argiento, A.
Guglielmi, E. Lanzarone
E. Sironi, M. Cannas
CP12 – Survey methodology
A. Farcomeni
Joint Prediction of Demand and Care Duration in Home Care
Patients: a Bayesian Approach
Hospital Differences in Caesarean Deliveries in Sardinia: A
Multilevel Analysis
Heterogeneity for a general class of recapture models based on
equality constraints on the conditional capture probabilities
D. Marella
Uncertainty in statistical matching for complex sample surveys
F. Musella, D. Marella, P. Vicard Learning Bayesian networks in complex survey sampling
L. Pasquazzi, L. De capitani
S. Polettini, S. Arima
Friday, June 13
CP13 – Statistical methods for the
analysis of fertility and health
Time 14:30 - 15:45
A. Fornasin, M. Breschi, M.
Manfredini, M. Esposito
H. Gebremeskel
S. Mazzoni
CP14 – Advanced in Compositional
Data Analysis
Quantile estimation with auxiliary information
Small Area Estimation with Covariates Perturbed for Disclosure
Reproductive Change in Transitional Italy: Insights from the Italian
Fertility Survey of 1961
Implementing Hierarchical Bayesian Model to Fertility Data:the
case of Ethiopia
Fertility and Child Mortality in the Sardinian Demographic
Transition. Alghero (1866-1935)
D. Mendola, A. Busetta, D.
Persistent Employment Instability and Fertility Intentions
R. Murtas, M. Musio
Birth Order, BirthWeight and Asthma: how to assess mediation and
the presence of Unmeasured Confounding
D. De stefano, M. D'esposito, G. Multiple Factor Analysis to Visually Explore Collaboration
Structures: the Case of Technological Districts
Information Provided by Absolute, Essential and Structural Zeros in
Compositional Data Sets
A. Menafoglio, A. Guadagnini, P. Kriging prediction for functional compositional data and application
to particle-size curves
G. Monti, G. Mateu-figueras, V.
scaled-Dirichlet regression for compositional data
Pawlowsky-glahn, J. Egozcue
N. Trendafilov, M. Gallo
Sparse PCA for compositional data
D. Toninelli, M. Beaulieu, C.
The Effects of a new Aggregation Structure on Consumer Price
Index Estimates
J. Martin-fernandez
CP15-Spatial and spatio-temporal
M. Cattelan, C. Varin
Composite likelihood estimation in spatial logistic regression
E. Foscolo, M. Disegna, F.
M. Gerolimetto, L. Bisaglia, P.
A copula model for tourists’ spending behavior
L. Romagnoli
Kalman Filter for Estimating Bivariate GMRFs on Regular Lattice
Estimation and orecasting for binomial and negative binomial
INAR(1) time series
G. Vicario, G. Pistone
CP16 – Environmental and poverty data
L. Paci, D. Cocchi, A. Gelfand
G. Passamani
A note on semivariogram
Quantifying uncertainty associated with a numerical model output
Smoothed Common Trend in Multivariate Time Series Air Pollution
S. Perra, S. Cabras, A. Serci, A.
Mura, A. De arca, S. Renoldi, A. IDMS: The Sardinian Index of Multiple Deprivation
A. Pollice, V. Muggeo, F. Torretta, Growth curves of sorghum roots via quantile regression with PR. Bochicchio, M. Amato
On species sampling sequences induced by residual allocation
A. Rodriguez, F. Quintana
CP17 - Topics in regression models
M. Bini, V. Del panta, M. Velucchi Mixtures of Logit Regressions Detection with Forward Search
S. Columbu, M. Bottai
Conditional concordance of the signs of the residuals of quantiles
regressions of multivariate outcomes
P. Pafundi, G. Vacca
Complex Redundancy Analysis models with covariate effect: a
simulation study
M. Sciandra
Variable selection in mixed models: a graphical approach
S. Zaccarin, D. De stefano, V.
Fuccella, M. Vitale
J. Arbel, K. Mengersen, J.
CP18 – Bayesian methods and models
A. Canale, B. Scarpa
S. Favaro, M. Lomeli, B. Nipoti,
Y. Teh
G. Roli, M. Raggi
C. Scricciolo
Co-authorship Patterns of Italian Statisticians by Combining
Different Data Sources
On diversity under a Bayesian nonparametric dependent model
Skew-normal nonparametric mixture models
On the stick-breaking representation of the normalized generalized
Gamma process
Bayesian hierarchical models for misaligned data: a simulation
Posterior contraction rates for empirical Bayes procedures with