A Christian Philosophy of Technology

A Christian
Philosophy of
Mastering technology through
Christ-saturated thinking
Who needs philosophy
A system of values by which one lives
We all have one, but many systems are not
constructed, rather they are thoughtlessly
adopted by internal and external influences
Jesus’ philosophy development
For this purpose I was born and for this purpose
I have come into the world—to bear witness to
the Truth. Everyone who is of the truth listens to
My voice. John 18:37
Jesus is the ultimate reality, leading to our
values and beliefs. His Spirit in us enables us to
develop and apply the truth.
How does Jesus connect with
This is the fundamental question that all
Christian educators must ask.
The answer to this question will determine
whether technology acts as a slave or
becomes our master.
A slave has no power and is under the
absolute control of the owner.
A Philosophy of TechnologyA Christ-centered manifesto
A Christian manifesto of technology has three
defining principles:
1. The development of technology is supported
by Scripture
2. The use of technology should be directed by
3. The purpose of technology should be to
glorify God
The development of technology is
supported by Scripture
Technology is the fruit of a biblical worldview.
The humanitarian use of technology was a distinctly
Christian phenomenon.
When pre Christian culture developed new
technologies they were only used for the benefit of
the elite.
For example the water wheel was discovered in the
East well before Christ, but it never became widely
used in China as the worldview did not support the
alleviation of labor for the peasant classes.