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XXXVI National Congress
on Calorimetry, Thermal Analysis
and Applied Thermodynamics
Conference Programme
Summer School Programme
Hotel Regina Margherita, September 8-13, 2014
Cagliari (Sardinia), Italy
Chair: Silvia Porcedda, Department of Chemical and Geological Sciences, University of
co-Chair: Bruno Marongiu, AICAT past-president
Giuseppe Arena, AICAT President
Concetta Giancola, GICAT Coordinator
Raffaele Riccio, President of the Italian Chemical Society
Giovanni Melis, Rector of the University of Cagliari
Biagio Saitta, Dean of the Faculty of Sciences, University of Cagliari
Vito Lippolis, Head of Department of Chemical and Geological Sciences, University of
Anna Maria Cardinale, University of Genova
Dimitri Fessas, University of Milano
Giuseppe Lazzara, University of Palermo
Luigi Petraccone, University of Napoli
Silvia Porcedda, University of Cagliari
Adriana Saccone, University of Genova
Alberto Schiraldi, University of Milano
Carmelo Sgarlata, University of Catania
Maria Rosaria Tiné, University of Pisa
Stefano Vecchio Ciprioti, Sapienza University of Roma
Bruno Marongiu, AICAT past-President
Silvia Porcedda, Department of Chemical and Geological Sciences, University of Cagliari
Alessandra Piras, Department of Chemical and Geological Sciences, University of Cagliari
Marianna Usula, Department of Chemical and Geological Sciences, University of Cagliari
Daniela Meloni, Department of Chemical and Geological Sciences, University of Cagliari
Danilo Falconieri, ITIS "M. Giua" Cagliari
Giuseppe Lazzara, University of Palermo
XXXVI National Congress
on Calorimetry, Thermal Analysis
and Applied Thermodynamics
Has been organized with the Patronage of
Associazione Italiana
Calorimetria e Analisi Termica
Gruppo Interdivisionale
Calorimetria e Analisi Termica
Società Chimica Italiana
Università degli
Studi di Cagliari
AICAT 2014 acknowledges the financial support by:
SETARAM Instrumentation
TA Instruments
Mettler Toledo
Perkin Elmer
XXXVI National Congress
on Calorimetry, Thermal Analysis
and Applied Thermodynamics
Conference Programme
Monday, September 8, 2014
Welcome Party
Tuesday, September 9, 2014
Opening Ceremony
Setaram Award
Setaram Award Lecture
Adriana Saccone
The application of thermal analysis to the study of alloy phase diagrams
Plenary Lecture
Maria D. M. C. Ribeiro da Silva
Oxygen and sulfur heterocyclic compounds: perspectives on the energetic and
structural relationships
Coffee Break
Oral Presentations
Alexey Markin
T2: Thermodynamics of nanostructures
Rialdi Award
Rialdi Award Lecture
Iolanda Fotticchia
Binding and stability of g-quadruplexes: insights from biocalorimetry
Key Lecture
Emma Chiavaro
DSC as an useful tool for the evaluation of olive oil oxidation: a review
Oral Presentations
Paul Albu
T3: Investigation of thermally induced interactions between pioglitazone and
some excipients by TG/DTG and DSC analysis.
Alessio Spepi
T3: Halloysite nanotubes loaded with salicylic acid as antibacterial agents
Stefano Pera
T6: Analysis of unknown polymer in aqueous sample by TG-IR-GC/MS.
Coffee Break
Poster Session
AICAT and GICAT General Assembly
Wednesday, September 10, 2014
Lucci Award
Lucci Award Lecture
Giuseppe Cavallaro
Calorimetry and thermal analysis: valuable techniques for the development of
ecocompatible nanomaterials.
Plenary Lecture
Enrico Matteoli
Kirkwood-Buff (Fluctuation) Theory of Mixtures: History, Fundamentals,
Applications, Local Composition Calculations.
Oral Presentations
Carmelo Sgarlata
T1: Molecular recognition of carboxylate anions by dimeric Gd3+[15metallacrown-5] compartments in neutral aqueous solution.
Coffee Break
Oral Presentations
Maria A. Volkova
T1: Calorimetric study of 18-crown-6 ether solvation in non-aqueous binary
mixed solvents
Elisa Gurian
T1: Calorimetric study of the isothermal dehydration of complex systems.
Plenary Lecture
Andrei Rotaru
The effect of thermal processing and temperature program of the dielectric
analysis on the fundamental parameters of relaxation processes in ceramics.
Key Lecture
Lucia Gigante
Thermoanalytical investigation to identify the root causes of an accident
involving sodium chlorite.
Key Lecture
Elena Badea
Degradation of historical and archaelogical collagenic artefacts through the
lens of differential scanning calorimetry.
Coffee Break
Oral Presentations
Chiara Baldini
T6: How to achieve better dsc results?
Stephan Knappe
T6: How to characterize the complete cross-linking reaction
Poster Session
Conference Dinner
Thusday, September 11, 2014
Plenary Lecture
Robert Brown
Characterising bifunctional acid/base catalysts by adsorption calorimetry.
Key Lecture
Luigi Petraccone
Calorimetric study of the interaction of a viral fusion peptide with model
membrane systems.
Oral presentations
Ignazio Blanco
T4: The influence of poss molecular structure on the thermal properties of
poss/ps nanocomposites.
Titus Vlase
T4: Influence of the nature of the chain breaker on the thermal stability of
phthalic anhydride based polyesters.
Coffee Break
Key Lecture
Corrado Tomasi
Magnetocaloric materials and their application in cooling devices.
Oral presentations
Joan Josep Suñol
T9: Thermal analysis of Ni-Mn-Sn-Co shape memory alloys.
Closing Ceremony
Poster Presentations
T1: Solutions, Mixtures and Chemical Thermodynamics
Kinga Kustrzepa, Katarzyna Łudzik, Henryk Piekarski
A conductance study to analyze micellization behavior of cationic gemini surfactants with odd and
even number of carbon atoms at the spacer chain length at variable temperatures
Luciano Lepori, Enrico Matteoli, Paolo Gianni
The effect of size, shape and chemical nature on the Gibbs energy of solvation of
amines in heptane
Federico Locardi, Valentina Caratto, Stefano Alberti, Enrico Franceschi, Giorgio A. Costa
Study of interaction of La2O3 and molten salts mixture
Katarzyna Ludzik, Kinga Kustrzepa, Michał Wasiak, Magdalena Kowalewicz-Kulbat,
Renata Kontek, Bogdan Kontek, Henryk Piekarski
Thermodynamics of micellization, structure and antibacterial activity relationships of cationic
gemini surfactants
Anca Moanta, Adriana Samide, Petre Rotaru, Bogdan Tutunaru, Catalina Ionescu, Cristian
Thermal decomposition and electrochemical characterization of a new azoether dye
Silvia Porcedda, Michela Marrocu, Marianna Usula, Alessandra Piras, Bruno Marongiu
Volumetric Properties of ether + alcohol mixtures
Krystyna Kurdziel, Stefano Materazzi, Roberta Risoluti, Stefano Vecchio Ciprioti
Thermal behavior and crystal structure of Cd(II) and Zn(II) 1 ethoxymethyl-2-isopropylimidazole
complexes. kinetic analyis of their thermal decomposition processes
Hocine Sifaoui, Madjid Djatouti
Experimental determination and modeling of solid-liquid equilibrium diagrams for piperidine
+benzene and piperidine + octane
Marianna Usula, Enrico Matteoli, Natalia V. Plechkova, Francesca Mocci, Flaminia Cesare
Marincola, Alessandra Piras, Bruno Marongiu, Silvia Porcedda
Room temperature ionic liquid + water mixtures: a calorimetric and volumetric study
Tatiana R. Usacheva, Irina A. Kuz’mina, Мaria А. Volkova, Ksenia I. Kuz’mina, Valentin A.
Sharnin, Enrico Matteoli
The reagents solvation thermodynamics applied to evaluate the ionic and molecular 18-crown-6
complexes stabilities in binary solvents
T2: Experimental and Computional Thermochemistry
Torgom Akopyan, Anatol Padalko, Nikolay Belov
Effect of increased pressure on the temperatures of phase transformations in high strength casting
aluminum alloys of the Al-Zn- Mg - (Cu) - Ni - Fe system
Natalia Boeva, Nikolay Bortnikov, Vladimir Novikov, Anatiliy Slukin
and Julia
Researches of biominerals of iron by a method of the thermal analysis
Julia Bocharnikova, Natalia Boeva
Investigation of the cation exchange capacity of montmorillonite by DSC
Tamara Chusova, Liudmila Zelenina, Ruslan Nikolaev, Inga Vasilyeva
Praseodymium and gadolinium polysenides thermodynamic simulation and crystal growth
Vera L. S. Freitas, Maria D. M. C. Ribeiro da Silva
Thermochemical insights on ε-lactam derivatives
Irina Letyanina, Nikita Tsvetov, Artemiy Samarov, Irina Zvereva, Alexander Toikka
Excess molar enthalpies for mixtures of n-propanol, acetic acid, and n-propyl acetate at 313.15 K
and atmospheric pressure
Irina Letyanina, Alexey Markin, Natalia Smirnova, Alexey Guschin
Calorimetric study of organic compounds of antimony and bismuth Ph3Sb(O2CCH=CHCH3)2 and
Domenico Luca Carnì, Francesco Lamonaca, Alfonso Nastro, Monica Vasile
Characterization of healthy and pathological teeth by means of chemical-physical process
Bruno Brunetti, Andrea Ciccioli, Guido Gigli, Andrea Lapi, Stefano Vecchio Ciprioti
Thermal behavior study of some mono and geminal imidazolium dicationic ionic liquids
Liudmila Zelenina,Tamara Chusova, Inga Vasilyeva
Thermodynamic study of the systems SmSe1.9-SmSe1.5 and DySe1.875-DySe1.5
T3: Life Science, Pharmaceutics and Food
Paul Albu, Dorina Ardelean, Gabriela Vlase, Violeta Turcus, Titus Vlase
The kinetic study and thermal behaviour of memantine hydrochloride a biologic active compound
used in alzheimer disease treatment
Barbara Bellich, Attilio Cesàro, Elena Elisei, J. W. Brady, R. Heyd, M.L. Saboungi
Isothermal dehydration of thin films: calorimetric investigation of parameters of the theoretical
Nabil Haman, Marco Signorelli, Celia Duce, Laura Franzetti, Alberto Schiraldi, Dimitrios
Isothermal calorimetry to monitor microbial growth and metabolism in fresh vegetables
Adriana Fuliaş, Gabriela Vlase, Lenuţa-Maria Şuta, Codruţa Şoica, Titus Vlase, Ionuţ Ledeţi
Ketoprofen-cysteine cocrystal – synthesis, thermal analysis and ftir spectroscopy investigation
Adriana Fuliaş, Gabriela Vlase, Lenuţa-Maria Şuta, Codruţa Şoica, Titus Vlase, Ionuţ Ledeţi
Screening and characterization of cocrystal formation of carbamazepine with succinic acid
Iolanda Fotticchia, Jussara Amato, Bruno Pagano, Luigi Petraccone, Anh Tuân Phan,
Concetta Giancola
Thermodynamics of dna quadruplex duplex hybrids
Ionuţ Ledeţi, Gabriela Vlase, Titus Vlase, Lenuţa-Maria Şuta, Anamaria Todea, Ionel
Ciucanu , Adriana Fuliaş
Solid-state evaluation of compatibility between simvastatin and pharmaceutical excipients
Ionuţ Ledeţi, Gabriela Vlase, Titus Vlase, Lenuţa-Maria Şuta, Anamaria Todea, Ionel
Ciucanu, Adriana Fuliaş
Kinetic study regarding the decomposition of pravastatin-active substance and tablet
Roberta Risoluti, Stefano Materazzi, F.Sorrentino, P. Caprari
Thermogravimetry and chemometrics for β-thalassemia desease detetion
Ionuţ Ledeţi, Gabriela Vlase, Titus Vlase, Cristina Pătruţescu, Vasile Bercean, Adriana Fuliaş
Kinetic of solid state degradation of tranzitional coordinative compounds containing 1,2,4 -triazolic
Cristina Pătruţescu, Paul Albu, Titus Vlase, Dorina Ardelean, Gabriela Vlase
TG DTG DTA data used for determining the kinetic parameters of an immunosuppressive agent
mycophenolate mofetil
T4: Polymers and Biomaterials
Ignazio Blanco, Gianluca Cicala, Giulia Cozzo, Alberta Latteri, Giovanni Licitra
Thermal characterization of a series of lignin-based biodegradable polymer composites
Teresa Fotticchia, Iolanda Fotticchia, Carlo A. Mattia, Paolo A. Netti, Concetta Giancola,
Raffaele Vecchione
Shedding light on secondary nanoemulsions formation: an isothermal titration calorimetry study
Giuseppe Cavallaro, Giuseppe Lazzara, Y. Lvov, Stefania Milioto
Thermomechanical characterization under controlled humidity conditions of bionanocomposites
based on halloysite nanotubes
Constantin Bolcu, Paul Albu, Dorina Modra, Gabriela Vlase, Titus Vlase
Thermal behavior of the polyesters obtained with different molar ratios of carboxyl hydroxyl
T5: Inorganic Chemistry, Catalysis and Related Materials
Anna Maria Cardinale, Daniele Macciò, G. Luciano, Pierluigi Traverso
Effect of rare earths addition on Al-Si hypoeutectic alloys: mechanical and corrosion behavior,
thermal analysis results
Anna Maria Cardinale, Daniele Macciò, Adriana Saccone
Phase relationships of the R-Al-Si systems:the PR-Al-SiI isothermalsection at 500 °C
M. Giorgia Cutrufello, Luciano Atzori, Elisabetta Rombi, Roberto Monaci, Italo Ferino
Acid properties of y zeolites assessessed by adsorption microcalorimetry and their role in the
catalytic dehydration of lactic acid into acrilic acid
Alexandra Carmen Grigorie, C. Muntean and M. Stefănescu
Obtaining of gamma-Fe2O3 nanoparticles by thermal decomposition of polyethyleneglycol-iron
nitrate mixtures
Daniela Meloni, Roberto Monaci, Danio Perra, Maria Giorgia Cutrufello, Elisabetta Rombi,
Italo Ferino
Adsorption microcalorimetry characterization of micro/mesoporous hierarchical zeolites for
soybean oil transesterification
Cornelia Păcurariu, Ioan Lazău, Radu Lazău
Effects of some fluoro compounds on the dehydroxylation and crystallization of kaolinite
Danio Perra, M. Giorgia Cutrufello, Daniela Meloni, M. Franca Sini, Elisabetta Rombi, Italo
NH3 adsorption microcalorimetry of Al-SBA-15 catalysts for methyl lactate synthesis from
M. Pilloni, G. Ennas, A. Ardu, V. Cabras, V. Denotti, V.B. Kumer , Z. Porat, A. Scano, A.
Thermal and structural characterization of ultrasonicated Bi-Sn alloy in the eutectic composition
Marcela Stoia, Cornelia Muntean,Bogdan Militaru
Synthesis of fine MnFe2O4 nanoparticles used as catalysts for the oxidative degradation of phenol
Marcela Stoia, Cornelia Păcurariu, Roxana Istratie, Daniel Nižňansk
Solvothermal synthesis of magnetic FexOy C nanocomposites used as adsorbents for the removal of
methylene blue from wastewater
Celia Duce, Lisa Ghezzi, Francesco Ferrante, Giuseppe Lazzara, Vincenzo Barone, Giordano
Mancini, Andrea Salvadori, Stefano Vecchio Ciprioti, Maria Rosaria Tiné
Thermal behavior and kinetic study of dehydroxylation of halloysite nanotubes
T7: Environmental and Safety
Lorenzo Cafiero, Dario Fabbri, Emiliano Trinca, Riccardo Tuffi, Stefano Vecchio Ciprioti
Thermal and spectroscopic (TG/DSC-FTIR) characterisation of mixed plastics for materials and
energy recovery under pyrolytic conditions.
T8: Cultural Heritage
Elena Badea, Cristina Carsote, Claudiu Sendrea, Lucretia Miu, Giuseppe Della Gatta
Thermal analysis, ftir and unilateral NMR study of the environmental degradation in vegetable
tanned leather
Giuseppe Cavallaro, Giuseppe Lazzara, Stefania Milioto, Filippo Parisi
Wood treatment based on halloysite/hydroxypropyl cellulose composite. Thermomechanical and
porosity characterization
Giuseppe Cavallaro, Giuseppe Lazzara, Stefana Milioto, Filippo Parisi
Clay nanotubes for paper consolidation
XXXVI National Congress
on Calorimetry, Thermal Analysis
and Applied Thermodynamics
Summer School Programme
September 12, 2014
09.00-09.40 R. Brown
Thermal analysis and calorimetry for catalysis
09.40-10.20 A. Saccone
DTA and DSC measurements for alloy investigation
10.20-11.00 L. Gigante
Chemical safety: calorimetry and thermal analysis applied to the study and
evaluation of thermal hazards of chemical processes and materials
Coffee break
D. Fessas
Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry: Food applications
M.D.M.C. Ribeiro da Silva
Thermochemistry – A tool for molecular energetic studies
A. Cesàro
Isothermal and non-isothermal calorimetry of dehydration processes
Lunch break
M.R. Tinè
TG and DSC to study chemical reactions occuring in paint layers
L. Lepori
Additivity schemes for partial molar and solvation quantities of organic compounds
in polar and non-polar solvents)
A. Kállay-Menyhárd
Tips to publish a scientific paper on thermal analysis and calorimetry
September 13, 2014
09.00-09.40 C. Sgarlata
Isothermal titration calorimetry: hints and tips
09.40-10.20 A. Rotaru
Fundamentals of modelling the kinetic and dynamic relaxation processes in
ceramics, glasses, polymers and pharmaceuticals, monitored by thermal analysis,
calorimetry and immittance spectroscopy techniques
10.20-11.00 S. Vecchio Ciprioti
Thermogravimetry as a powerful technique to find the thermal stabilities of different
classes of materials
Coffee break
L. Petraccone
Isothermal Titration Calorimetry in the biological sciences
Lab section: S. Knappe
DSC POLYMA for polymers (NETZSCH
Lunch break
Lab section on DSC measurements (Mettler-Toledo)
Lab section on nanoITC and TGA measurements (TAinstruments)
Lab section (SETARAM)
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