MAY 1-3, 2014 -

MAY 1-3, 2014
May, Thursday 1
Participant Registration
Opening Ceremony
Welcome of Authority
MAY 1-3, 2014
The “Fat Taxes”: Fiscal Instruments to
fight obesity
Antonio Uricchio
University of Bari, Italy
Welcome Cocktail with the traditional “Pizzica”
CRA-NUT, Rome, Italy
Vitamin D and immune function
Adrian Gombart
Oregon State University, Corvallis, USA
Opening Lecture
Mucosal connections between
microbial ecology and immunity for
the homeostasis and inflammatory
Hiroshi Kiyono
Selenium and iodine in autoimmune
Edoardo Guastamacchia
Emilio Jirillo
University of Bari, Italy
University of Tokyo, Japan
April, Wednesday 30
Vitamin C modulate genes expression
specifically upon an inflammatory
Fabio Virgili
University of Bari, Italy
Coffee break
Session I
Mireille Dardenne
University of Bari, Italy
Vitamin D and infectious disease
Giuseppe Miragliotta
Poster Session I
Session II
CNRS UMR, Paris, France
Roxana Valdés-Ramos
C.S.I.C., Madrid, Spain
Laurence Harbige
Ascensión Marcos
The role of micronutrients in diabetes
Roxana Valdés-Ramos
Autonomous University of Mexico State, Toluca, Mexico
Autonomous University of Mexico State, Toluca, Mexico
University of Greenwich, UK
Optimizing nutrition for health
promotion and disease prevention
Ibrahim Elmadfa
University of Vienna, Austria
Food as prevention of age-related
Emilio Jirillo
University of Bari, Italy
Age-associated changes in immune
function: impact of vitamin E
intervention and the underlying
Dayong Wu
Tufts University, Boston, USA
The liver in the older adults
Peter Michielsen
University of Antwerp, Belgium
Coffee break
Selected Oral Communications I
Peter Michielsen
University of Antwerp, Belgium
Sergio Fontana
Farmalabor, Canosa di Puglia, Italy
Adherence to Mediterranean diet is
paralleled by vitamin D serum levels
G. De Pergola, M. De Marinis,
E. Vitale, C. Tenna, B. Duro,
A. Mercurio, I. Morolla, F. Resta
A European study on the influence of
diet on innate immunity in the elderly
(NU-AGE Project)
M. Maijó, S. J. Clements, I. Kamal,
S. Carding, C. Nicoletti
Influence of the ratio Firmicutes/
Bacteroidetes on the epigenetic
regulation of inflammatory mediators
in type 2 diabetes and obesity
M. Remely, I. Tesar, H. Brath,
A. Haslberger
Relationship between moderate
alcohol habit and adhesion molecules
in Spanish elderly people
E. González-Rubio, I. San Mauro,
LE. Diaz-Prieto, C. López-Ruiz,
A. Marcos, E. Nova
Lactobacillus amylovorus inhibits
the TLR4 inflammatory signaling
triggered by enterotoxigenic
Escherichia coli via modulation of the
negative regulators and involvement
of TLR2 in intestinal Caco-2 cells and
pig explants
A. Finamore, M. Roselli,
J. Seeboth, I.P. Oswald,
E. Mengheri
Relevance of IFNγ and IL10 induced
by probiotic fermented milk
administration in the regulation of
allergies development
E. Velez, M.E. Bibas Bonet,
E. Carmuega, R. Weill, G. Perdigón,
C. Maldonado
Aquaporin-9 (AQP9) and liver glycerol
metabolism are dysregulated in a
murine model of Non-Alcoholic Fatty
Liver Disease (NAFLD)
P. Gena, M. Mastrodonato,
P. Portincasa, D. Meacci, M. Tragni,
T. Del Vecchio, D. Mentino,
A. Rodríguez, G. Frühbeck,
M. Svelto, G. Calamita
May, Friday 2
Enrico Garaci
Mauro Serafini
Session III
CNR, Rome, Italy
Ramon Estruch
Hospital Clinic, Barcelona, Spain
Non-communicable disease and
adherence to Mediterranean diet
Antonio Caretto
“Perrino” Hospital, Brindisi, Italy
Mechanisms of the cardioprotective
effects of Mediterranean Diet
Ramon Estruch
Hospital Clinic, Barcelona, Spain
Organic fruit and vegetables as
sources of antioxidant for the
prevention and treatment of coronary
artery disease
Carlo Caiati
University of Bari, Italy
Sirtuins and resveratrol-derived
compounds. A model for
understanding the beneficial effects
of the mediterranean diet
Matteo Russo
“S. Raffaele” Foundation, Rome, Italy
An educational model to the
Mediterranean lifestyle: a dietitian
experience in a multidisciplinary team
Roberta Tundo
NazANDID, Lecce, Italy
Session IV
CRA-NUT, Rome, Italy
Biomarkers of immunity and
inflammation for use in nutrition
interventions: ILSI Europe work on
selection criteria and interpretation
Philip Calder
University of Southampton. UK
Session V
Ibrahim Elmadfa
University of Vienna, Austria
Daniele Del Rio
University of Parma, Italy
Glucocorticoids: key elements in the
thymic atrophy due to malnutrition
and acute infections
Wilson Savino
Institute Osvaldo Cruz, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Dietary modulation of thymic
Nora Slobodianik
University of Buenos Aires, Argentina
Omega-6 Fatty Acids are they ProInflammatory or Anti-Inflammatory?
Laurence Harbige
University of Greenwich, UK
Coffee break
Hydroxytyrosol as a potential
nutraceutical agent
Carlo Franchini
University of Bari, Italy
Poster Session II
Coffee break
Selected Oral Communications II
Mauro Serafini
CRA-NUT, Rome, Italy
Wilson Savino
Institute Osvaldo Cruz, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Session IV
Giuseppe Alonzo
CRA-NUT, Rome, Italy
Ramon Estruch
Hospital Clinic, Barcelona, Spain
Diet and sub-clinic chronic
inflammation: the Moli-Sani Trial
Licia Iacoviello
Mediterranean Neurological Institute Neuromed,
Pozzilli, Italy
Diet and the anti-inflammatory effect
of heat shock proteins
Willem van Eden
Utrecht University, The Netherlands
Dietary modulation of oxidative
stress: the Red-Ox dilemma
Mauro Serafini
CRA-NUT, Rome, Italy
Dietary (poly)phenols: bioavailability,
metabolism and immune related
Daniele Del Rio
University of Parma, Italy
A low-FODMAP diet may improve
symptoms in Irritable Bowel
Syndrome patients. A comparison
study vs gluten free and control diet
L. Piretta, D. Piacentino, S. Rossi,
V. Alvino, R. Cantarini, D. Badiali,
N. Pallotta, E. Corazziari
Postprandial regulation of Toll-like
Receptors (TLRs) by omega-3 fatty
acids in obese and normal weight
C. Paràs Chàvez, S. Abbring,
M.M. Rogero, C.E. Childs,
P.S. Noakes, E.A. Miles, P.C. Calder
Meta-analysis of TNF-α and IL-6
levels in humans after long term
consumption of flavonoids
I. Peluso, A. Raguzzini, M. Serafini
Evaluation of the lipid profile
and inflammatory biomarkers
related to overweight/obesity in
adolescents with Down syndrome.
The UP&DOWN study
AM. Veses, S. Gómez-Martínez,
R. Izquierdo-Gómez, A. Villagra,
A. Marcos
Non Coeliac Gluten Sensitivity
(NCGS) and Systemic Nickel Allergy
Syndrome (SNAS): early evidences,
first hypotheses on the possible
correlation between two different
nosological entities
M. Minelli
VSL#3 supplementation to mothers
during pregnancy and breast feeding
improves colics and regurgitation
in newborns, perhaps by TGF-β
M.E. Baldassarre, P. Mastromarino,
A. Miccheli, M. Fanelli, A. Dileone,
P. Drimaco, N. Laforgia
After Eight Discussion
and Gala Dinner
Administration of extravirgin olive oil
to patients with metabolic syndrome
in context of the nutrigenomics era
Antonio Moschetta
University of Bari, Italy
Experiences and future perspectives
of the historical extravirgin olive oil
Company “Dentamaro” Bari, Apulia,
Pre- and perinatal influences on
the development of primary school
children: insights from the IDEFICS
P. Russo, A. Siani, W. Ahrens
May, Saturday 3
Session VII
Nora Slobodianik
Session VIII
Gabriela Perdigón
The National University of Tucumán, Argentina
University of Buenos Aires, Argentina
Philip Calder
University of Rome, Italy
The role of probiotics in the
management of obesity
Ascensión Marcos
Luca Piretta
Probiotics and Health
Gabriela Perdigón
The National University of Tucumán, Argentina
New Insights on the Structure
and Function of the Human Gut
Chaysavanh Manichanh
VHIR, Barcelona, Spain
Microbiota and gut-related diseases
Maurizio Salamone
Metagenics-Italy, Milan, Italy
Coffee break
University of Southampton. UK
C.S.I.C., Madrid, Spain
Eating habits in 3-5 year old children
in Europe and obesity development
Margherita Caroli
"Camberlingo” Hospital, Francavilla Fontana, Italy
Closing Lecture
Emilio Jirillo
University of Bari, Italy
Preventing the multiple burden of
malnutrition: what are the global
Francesco Branca
WHO, Geneva, Switzerland
Closing Ceremony
A Cocoa diet attenuates IgE
synthesis and induces changes in gut
intraepithelial lymphocytes in food
allergic rats
M. Abril-Gil, F. Vicente,
C. Castellote, F.J. Pérez-Cano,
À. Franch, M. Castell
Acute effects of low-intensity exercise
with stretching on salivary sIgA level
in Japanese elderly
N. Komenami, M. Nakao
Administration of reconstituted
polyphenol oil bodies efficiently
suppresses dendritic cell
inflammatory pathways and acute
intestinal inflammation
E. Cavalcanti, E. Vadrucci,
F.R. Delvecchio, A. Santino,
M. Chieppa
Analysis of the gut microbiome
through a novel Illumina MiSeq
sequencing-based strategy and
ad hoc developed bioinformatics
M. Santamaria, B. Fosso,
C. Manzari, M. Marzano,
A. Valletti, I. Aiello, A. Annese,
B. Balech, V. Pousis, E. Picardi,
A.M. D’Erchia, G. Pesole
Animal and plant food: new
allergenic proteins and IgE-mediated
M. Minelli
Anthocyanins from a wild blueberry
(Vaccinium angustifolium) powder
reduce lipid accumulation in THP-1
derived macrophages
C. Del Bo’, Y. Cao, S. Loft, P. Riso,
M. Porrini, P. Møller
Anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic
properties of donkey’s and goat’s milk
F. Jirillo, T. Magrone
Anti-proliferative and pro-apoptotic
effects of flavonoid quercetin
mediated by CB1 receptor induction
in colon cancer cells
M.G. Refolo, V. Tutino,
R. D’Alessandro, N. Malerba,
C. Messa, M.G. Caruso,
M. Notarnicola
Applicability of the Peroxidation of
Leukocytes Index Ratio (PLIR) method
on BD flow cytometer
I. Peluso, H. Manafikhi, F. Altieri,
R. Reggi, F. Nardecchia,
M. Palmery
Association between dietary
inflammatory index and inflammatory
markers in Asklepios study
N. Shivappa, J.R. Hebert,
E.R. Rietzschel, M.L. De Buyzere,
M. Langlois, E. Debruyne,
A. Marcos, I. Huybrechts
Biodiversity and diets diversity in the
Mediterranean region
R. Capone, G. Calabrese,
M. Iannetta, G. Maiani, P. Debs,
H. El Bilali
Biofortification of leafy vegetables
with silicon for human nutrition
M. D’Imperio, A. Cardinali,
F. Serio, P. Santamaria, M. Renna,
D. Buttaro, F. Minervini
Changes in intestinal gene expression
induced by diets enriched in cocoa
fiber and polyphenols in young wistar
M. Massot-Cladera, A. Franch,
M. Abril-Gil, FJ Pérez-Cano,
M. Castell
Characterization of the immune
inflammatory profile in obese
asthmatic children
T. Magrone, M. Simone,
M. Altamura, I. Munno
Comparison the quality of rainbow
trouts from sport fishing lakes
F. Boscaino, V. Acierno, P. Saggese,
C.M. Motta, A. Sorrentino
Correlations between the Youth
Healthy Eating Index, Body Mass
Index and the Salivary Nitric Oxide
Concentration in Overweight/Obese
E. Vitale, E. Jirillo, T. Magrone
Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA)
supplementation and fat mass and
metabolic parameters in elderly men
V.A. Giagulli, A.M. Sila,
M.I. Ramunni, B. Licchelli,
V. Triggiani, G. De Pergola,
E. Guastamacchia
Development of a food sensitization
model in female lewis rats
M. Camps-Bossacoma, M. Abril-Gil,
F. Vicente, M. Massot-Cladera,
M. Comalada, F.J. Pérez-Cano,
À. Franch, M. Castell
Dietary fatty acids (PUFA) modulate
the expression of the lipogenic citrate
carrier gene by different mechanisms
D. Fabrizio, R. Tocci, E. Stanca,
A. Rochira, G.V. Gnoni, L. Siculella
Dietary habits and its relationship
with CD4 cell count in HIV-infected
M. Stambullian, M.S. Feliu,
L.I. Cassetti, N.H. Slobodianik
Dietary inclusion of camelina oilcakes reduce pro-inflammatory
cytokines profile and improve
antioxidant defence in spleen of
fattening pigs
I. Taranu, M. Gras, M. Motiu,
G.C. Pistol, D.E. Marin, N. Lefter,
M. Ropota, M. Habeanu
Different immune responses
of dendritic cells induced by
Lactobacillus paracasei strains.
P. De Bellis, D. Luongo, F. Valerio,
M. Rossi, A. Sisto, P. Lavermicocca
Docosahexaenoic acid exerts antiinflammatory activity in visceral
adipocytes from colorectal cancer
M. D’Archivio, S. Giammarioli,
M. Del Cornò, B. Scazzocchio,
A. Veneziani, A. Iacovelli,
C. Giovannini, R. Varì,
C. Santangelo, S. Gessani,
R. Masella
Dysphagia and Nutrition: implications
for Huntington’s disease
A.R. Dellomonaco, A.Nuzzi,
A. Parente, V. Lavermicocca,
T. Chiarelli, M. De Tommaso,
P. Fiore, M. Megna
Effect of Apolipoprotein-E genotype
on plasma omega-3 fatty acid
response to high dose fish oil
H.L. Fisk, M.J. Caslake, E.A. Miles,
G. Lietz, J.C. Mathers, C. Packard,
C.M. Williams, P.C. Calder,
A.M. Minihane
Effect of astaxanthin in the Peyer´s
patches lymphocytes in the small
intestine of CD1 mice subjected to
chronic stress
B.E. Martínez-Carrillo, R. ValdésRamos, R. Oros-Pantoja,
A. Delgadillo
Effect of chocolate extracts on PMAinduced oxidative burst leukocytes
isolated by normoweight and
overweight/obese subjects
F. Ioannone, G. Sacchetti,
M. Serafini
Effects of 1-year gluten free diet
treatment on erythrocyte membrane
fatty acid profile of celiac patients
G. Riezzo, C. Ferreri, A. Orlando,
M. Martulli, F. Russo
Effect of eating vegetables before
carbohydrates on daily glucose
fluctuations and long-term glycaemic
control in patients with type 2
S. Imai, S. Kajiyama
Effects of glucosamine on adhesive
properties of ins-1e cells and murine
D.D. Lofrumento, S. Turco,
V. La Pesa, A.S. Treglia,
F. Di Nuccio, C. Garbi, G. Nicolardi,
B. Di Jeso
Effect of polyphenol nutrition
intervention on thymocytes from
allergic rats
M. Abril-Gil, S. Sánchez, F.J. PérezCano, À. Franch, M. Castell
Effects of intragastric balloon
OBALON in obese patients with type
2 diabetes mellitus
V. Lagattolla, V. Todisco, A. Grassi,
C. Nitti, A. Caretto
Effect of resveratrol on mitochondrial
function: Implications in parkinassociated familiar Parkinson’s
A. Ferretta, A. Gaballo,
P. Tanzarella, C. Piccoli,
N. Capitanio, B. Nico, T. Annese,
M. Di Paola, C. Dell’Aquila,
C. Pacelli, T. Cocco
Effects of Nutritional Status on
Immunity in Pediatric Population
A. Ay, Ö. Özpembe, A. Agac Ay
Effect of sweeteners consumption in
peyer´s patches of small intestine in
Balb/c mice
R. Valdés-Ramos, B.E. MartínezCarrillo, R. Oros-Pantoja,
M.C. Rojas-De la Cruz
Effect of the mycotoxin ochratoxin
A on the expression of some genes
involved in the MAPKs pathway
D.E. Marin, M. Gras, G. Pistol,
I. Taranu
Effector immune cells in rat intestine
are influenced by a cocoa-enriched
M. Massot-Cladera, M. RigoAdrover, A. Franch, F.J. PérezCano, M. Castell
Effects of red wine polyphenols
on human peripheral leukocytes:
Morphometric and morphological
S. Boffola, P.F. Biagi, R. Stefanelli,
M.T. Pappagallo, S. Fontana,
F. Laforgia, E. Jirillo, T. Magrone
Epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG),
the most abundant polyphenolic
compound of green tea, exerts antior pro-oxidant activities in endothelial
cells depending on pre-existing
redox conditions
D. Iacobazzi, C. Nacci,
M.A. De Salvia, M. Montagnani,
M.A. Potenza
Erythrocyte membrane fatty acids
profile in colorectal cancer patients
G. Coviello, V. Tutino,
M. Notarnicola, M.G. Caruso
Escherichia coli and Zearalenone
co-contamination effects on porcine
innate immune response
G. Pistol, D.E. Marin, I. Taranu
Evaluation of factors explaining
relative lymphocytosis in
malnourished patients with eating
A. Elegido, A. Gheorghe,
S. Gómez-Martínez, P. Andrés,
M. Graell, A. Marcos, E. Nova
Inflammatory process through IL-10,
IL-6 and TNF-α on competing and
recovery of volleyball
B. Rocío Rangel Colmenero,
G. Hernandez Cruz, M. García
Dávila, R. Lopez García, J.A. Perez
García, H. Aguirre Zuazua
Experimental rotavirus diarrhea
is reduced by administration of
Bifidobacterium breve M-16V during
M. Rigo-Adrover, S. RamosRomero, T. Pérez-Berezo,
A. Franch, C. Castellote, M. Castell,
K. van Limpt, K. Knipping,
J. Garssen, J. Knol, F. Pérez-Cano
Inhibition of lipid synthesis by extra
virgin olive oil phenols in cultured rat
P. Priore, A. Cavallo, G.V. Gnoni,
L. Siculella
Fecal biomarkers, useful tools for
gastrointestinal disorders: a southern
Italy experience
M. Correale, T. Pinto
GI microbiota and gut permeability
interact with food intolerance and
immune regulation
B. Hippe, M. Remely,
I. Geretschläger, S. Stegmayer,
C. Nichterl, A.G. Haslberger
Implication of toll like receptor in the
stimulation of innate immune cells
induced by probiotics
J.M. Lemme Dumit, E. Carmuega,
R. Weill, G. Perdigón,
C.M. Maldonado Galdeano
In vivo and in vitro effects of
epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) on
intestinal motility of spontaneously
hypertensive rats (SHR)
M.A. Potenza, C. Nacci,
M. Montagnani, M.A. De Salvia
Incorporation of omega-3 fatty acids
into plasma phosphatidylcholine
when consumed in different structural
A.L. West, GC. Burdge, P.C. Calder
Inhibitory effect of vitamin K1 on
growth and polyamine biosynthesis of
human gastric and colon carcinoma
cell lines
M. Linsalata, A. Orlando,
B. D’Attoma, F. Russo
Intervention study with whole grain
wheat in overweight/obese subjects
to clarify underlying mechanisms and
the role of polyphenols bound to
dietary fiber
P. Vitaglione, I. Mennella,
V. Fogliano
Inulin, a prebiotic with multiple
functions and applications: An
L. Tria
Lactoferrin inhibits human breast
cancer cell proliferation
A. Muscella, C. Vetrugno, E. Jirillo,
S. Marsigliante
Lentinan induces intestinal epithelial
cell mediated chemokine production
to attract immune cells
T. Yongfu, C. Govers,
M.M.M. Tomassen,
P.B. Venkatasubramanian,
H.J. Wichers, J.J. Mes
Lights and shadows of basotest
(basophil activation test) in the
diagnosis of allergic food reactions
G. Marzulli
Low Glycemic Index Mediterranean
Diet and serum levels of Fatty Acid
Synthase in subjects with NAFLD
M. Notarnicola, M.G. Caruso,
V. Tutino, G. Misciagna,
A.M. Cisternino, R. Reddavide,
R. Inguaggiato, C. Bonfiglio,
A.R. Osella
Metabolic effects of metformin,
lifestyle changes and nutritional
intervention in obese adolescent with
metabolic syndrome
L. Castarnado de la Fuente,
J. Muñoz Rueda, R. Lladó Padovani
Nutraceutical properties of
mulberries grown in South Italy
C. Negro, L. De Bellis, A. Miceli
Nutritional intervention in teen with
metabolic syndrome
R. Lladó Padovani, J. Muñoz
Rueda, L. Castarnado de la Fuente,
M. Romaguera Massanet
Nutritional properties of Lucanian
soppressata during ageing in relation
to animal farming system
M.A. Colonna, F. Jirillo, R. Gallo,
G. Vonghia, A. Caputi Jambrenghi,
F. Giannico
Oxidative stress during and post
training in university athletes
B. Rocío Rangel Colmenero,
G. Hernández Cruz, E. Chavez
Aguilar, E. Maldonado, R. Pacheco
Ríos, E. Cárdenas Estrada
Peripheral and hepatic venous
cytokine levels in correlation with
Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease:
metabolic, histological, and
haemodynamic features
L. Vonghia, T. Magrone,
A. Verrijken, P. Pelckmans,
P. Michielsen, L. Van Gaal, E. Jirillo,
S. Francque
Possible interaction between
artichoke digesta and probiotic strain
toward the antioxidant activity on
human intestinal cells
A. Garbetta, I. Capotorto,
A. Cardinali, I D’Antuono,
P. Lavermicocca, V. Linsalata,
F. Minervini
Relationships between hydration,
fatness and inflammation: differences
by gender. The Up and Down Study
A. Hernández, S. Gómez-Martínez,
A.M. Veses, B. Zapatera, J. CastroPiñero, F. Gómez, A. Marcos
Resveratrol modulates
neuroinflammation in a MPTP mouse
model of Parkinson’s-like disease
G. Nicolardi, D.D. Lofrumento,
F. De Nuccio, B. Di Jeso,
V. La Pesa, R. Salvatore,
R. Calvello, M.A. Panaro
Role and therapeutic interest of
nutraceutical products (polyphenol
and aminoacid) in age-related decline
of skeletal muscle function
S. Pierno, D. Tricarico, A. Liantonio,
A. Mele, J.F. Rolland, L. Villanova,
A. Merendino, A. De Luca,
J.F. Desaphy, D. Conte Camerino
Role of enriched calcium and iron
yeasts in coeliac disease
D.E. Marin, D. Duta, D. Barbulescu,
G.C. Pistol, I. Taranu
Salivary enzymatic activity and zinc
concentration in normal weight and
overweight subjects
I. Mennella, P. Vitaglione
Sensory specific satiety of two types
of dietary fiber-enriched biscuits and
role of glucose oral release
K. Xianghui, P. Vitaglione
Serum and thymus’ fatty acid profiles
of growing rats fed different sources
of lipids
P. Perris, I. Fernandez,
M.C. Mambrin, N. Slobodianik,
M.S. Feliu
Short-term metabolic effects of
resveratrol on fatty acid synthesis in
rat hepatocyte suspensions
A. Cavallo, P. Priore, L. Siculella,
G.V. Gnoni
Silybin regulates citrate carrier
expression and mitochondrial
functions in liver of rats affected by
secondary biliary cirrhosis
E. Stanca, P. Lunetti, G. Serviddio,
G. Vendemiale, L. Capobianco,
A.M. Giudetti
Synthesis of hydroxytyrosol
metabolites as pharmacological tools
A. Lovece, E. Jirillo, M. Sgherza,
G. Lentini, F. Corbo, C. Franchini
The anthocyanin metabolite
protochathecuic acid modulates
human dendritic cell functions
M. Del Cornò, G. Donninelli,
B. Varano, B. Scazzocchio, C. Filesi,
R. Masella. S. Gessani
The extracutaneous melanogenic
system in breeding European sea
bass (Dicentrarchus labrax L.): a
possible biomarker of fish health
M. Arciuli, A. Santeramo, D. Fiocco,
G. Centoducati, V. Zacchino,
A. Brunetti, A. Aloi, R. Tommasi,
E. De Nitto, A. Gallone
The Role of Faecalibacterium
prausnitzii Phylotypes in Inflammation
and Metabolic Syndrome
B. Hippe
Unknown diabetes mellitus or IFG in
a population of South Italy
A. Caretto, P. Piscitelli,
A. Argentiero, A. Sturdà,
V. Lagattolla
Use of rosemary essential oil on the
stability and antioxidant activity of
extravirgin olive oil
C. Negro, A. Miceli
Vitamin K1 exerts antiproliferative
effects and induces apoptosis in
three different human colon cancer
cell lines
A. Orlando, V. Tutino, M. Linsalata,
F. Russo
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