River Thames

Terence Lam
Information of River Thames
 Location : southern England
 Length
: 346km (second longest in the United Kingdom)
Source :Thames Head
Mouth :Thames Estuary, North Sea
Cities flow through : London , Windsor , Oxford
Average discharge : 65.8 m /s
Importance of River Thames
 provide habitation, water power, food
and water
 International trade & cultural canter
-acted as a major highway
Information about Thames Barrier
 World's second-largest movable flood barrier
 Built across a 520-metre wide stretch of the river
 Total construction cost: around £534 million
 Location: downstream of central London
Reasons for building Thames Barrier
 Prevent London from flooding
- A storm surge generated by low pressure in the Atlantic Ocean
sometimes tracks eastwards past the north of Scotland
-may then be driven into the shallow waters of the North Sea.
 Rising of water levels
 Historical flooding
- 1928 Thames flood
Design of Thames Barrier
 rotating gates
 divides the river into four 61 meter and two about 30
meter navigable spans
 gates are hollow
 made of steel (40 millimeters thick)
 20.1 meters high & weigh 3,700 tones (4 central gates)