2011-2012 AMCP
Pharmacy and Therapeutics
Ally Stojkoska
September 24th, 2012
What is a P&T Committee?
What does a P&T Committee do?
Overview of the P&T Competition
Requirements for competing
Benefits of competing
This year’s competition topic
“Learning to work on a P&T committee through
AMCP’s P & T competition is a skill that will be very useful
in many pharmacist career pathways.”
Vinson Lee, University of Southern California 2006
What is a P&T committee?
 P&T = Pharmacy and Therapeutics
 A committee that meets together to promote
safe, effective, and cost-effective drug
 Formulary management
 Primarily physicians and pharmacists
 Includes practitioners from a variety of
 Develop policies regarding drug evaluation,
selection, and utilization
Who utilizes P&T Committee?
 Any organization that maintains a drug
formulary utilizes a P&T Committee
 Hospitals
 Health Plans
 Prescription Benefit Managers (PBMs)
 VA and Military
What do P&T Committees do?
Improve the quality of patient care
while controlling scarce healthcare
What do P&T Committees do?
 Manage the development and maintenance of
the organization’s drug formulary
 Review of scientific evidence
 Peer reviewed medical literature
 Clinical practice guidelines
 Pharmacoeconomic studies
 Perform cost-benefit analyses
 Weigh the drugs impact on patient populations
Competition Overview
 Serve on a health plan’s P&T Committee
 Implement AMCP’s Format for Formulary
 Read the manufacturer’s dossier
 Research, Research, Research!!!
 Think in terms of real world experience
 Make a decision on a new drug
Competition Requirements
 Work in a team of four students
 Requesting teams:
 Chose ONE person who you want to be in the
same team with
 Must be an active AMCP member
 Guaranteed your ONE request
 Teams must be diverse and ideally contain a
member from every year (P1,P2,P3,P4)
 Create your own diverse team- Must be OK’ed
Competition Requirements
 Evaluation of dossier / economic model
 Format will be provided
 Analysis of manufacturer’s value argument
and data presented
 Evaluation advantages/disadvantages of this
product versus currently available
formulations and place in therapy
 Budget Impact Model
 Drug Monograph (maximum 15 pages)
Competition Requirements
 Presentation Requirements
 30 minute presentation and 30 minute Q&A
session with judges
 Powerpoint Presentation
 All materials must be submitted and
presentation completed to receive credit
Competition Requirements
All materials must be submitted and
presentation completed to receive
 Teamwork
 Organization
 Learn/Improve skills
Clinical evaluation
Drug information
Presentation skills
More Benefits
 Networking opportunities
 Free food 
 Enhance your CV/Resume
 Winning team gets expenses paid to the
2012 AMCP Showcase
 Compete at national competition
 OSU Teams were placed in TOP 3 twice
in the last seven years!
 Last year’s local winners competed at
the national level.
National Competition
April 3-5 2013 in San Diego, Ca
This year’s competition…
Tapentadol extended-release tablets
for oral use
Tapentadol extended realease
NUCYNTA ER is an extended release opioid
agonist indicated for the management of
moderate to severe chronic pain in adults and
neuropathic pain associated with diabetic
peripheral neuropathy in adults
Sign up for P&T Competition!
 Meet with your team regularly
 Try to work ahead of the schedule – You can start your
research on Tapentadol NOW!
 Do not downplay the importance of the written materials
 Only written material gets sent for national consideration
 Do not be afraid to ask for direction
 Faculty cannot give you direct answers, but may point you
in the right direction
Important Dates
 Team and individual sign-up
 Email
 Ally (
 Competition date: 4th week of Jan 2012
 National Competition date: April 2012
Contact Ally (stojkoska.1) or Jina (park.903)