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“Air Ambulance is the fastest method of transporting
critically ill patients from one medical facility to another”
Foot Print of Goodmans Rescue on the Globe.
Goodmans Rescue
Air Ambulance Services
our fleet
ICU –equipped aircraft to suit patient needs.
our team
dedicated & experienced medical professionals.
our equipment
latest and approved for aeromedical work.
serving since
15th year,
more than 500 international transfers,
more than 800 domestic transfer,
the effort goes on ………………..!
Domestic Commercial
There is not much competition in the air at 36000 feet.
Jet Airways
Indian Airlines
A special stretcher bed in offered in the aircraft.
Generally cost is calculated as 9 times the full face ticket.
Domestic Commercial
“STRETCHER” Services on Commercial flights
Suited for patients who require
assistance and monitoring on board.
Oxygen is provided in flight upon
request up to 4 lit per min*.
Transfer is subject to medical clearance
from the airlines**.
Requires prior booking which may take
up to 5 days.
We can transfer critically ill ventilator
supported patient.
Patients with special needs and
cognitive disorders are also transferred.
* Oxygen supply by the airlines varies from airlines to airlines.
** Our in home Doctor do the form and other paper formalities.
Domestic Charter
From Cessna 90 to Business Jet we have them all !
Cessna - 90
Pilatus - 12
Beechcraft King Air 200
Citation XL
Domestic Charter
Complete ICU in the Air
Recommended for transporting critically
ill patients.
Patient supported by invasive and non
invasive ventilator can be transported.
We specialized in transporting patient on
The equipment used is identical to those
used in the intensive unit care.
We have experienced Medical crew to
help you travel safely.
Equipment used: Propac Encore, LTV1000, Oxylog 3000. ALCS drugs and
other disposable.
International Commercial
Air India
Singapore Airlines
International Commercial
We fly you back home safely !
Critically ill patient can even be transferred
as stretcher case on long haul flight.
The service are available to all part of the
Medical clearances are required, which might
take up to 4 working days.
Doctor with ready VISAS to USA, UK,
Singapore and Europe. “Flight safe equipped
FAA approved.”
“Two Medical Professionals Accompany,
For constant Medical Attention.”
We practically can fly almost to any part of the world.
If there is a schedule airlines we can fly.
International Charter
Citation XL
Hawker XP 900
Jet Challenger 850
Gulf stream
International Charter
When you need to fly “Today / Tomorrow”
Aircrafts of any type and size can be
organized for mass evacuation disaster
management/mass/casualty/managing natural
We can also activate the medical assistance
services in liaison with IAF & BSF.
We can also activate Boeing 747 for mass
causalities to and from any part of the world.
Emergencies do not come with the warning.
Situation like Organ transplants and urgent
treatment of cancer forces us to travel out of
our country.
We can also transfer your loved one home
Fly next business day to Singapore, London
and Dubai
We can organized clearances over fly permission within 24 hrs.
Airport Medical Services
Medical Services
Medical Examination for Air crew, Cabin
Crew, Air side staff at airport, Class II /
Class III medical as per DGCA.
Yellow Fever Vaccination for Travel to
Africa and South Africa.
Oxygen cylinders for Helicopters for High
Altitude area flying.
First Aid Kits for Aircrafts.
DGCA approved for all types of Aircrafts,
Boeing 737 and Airbus.
Flight Services
Termac Meet and Greet Services for VVIP
receive and see off facility up to Aircraft
We can provide the pick up from the
termac on a special car.
We also provide assistance to International
medical charters flights.
For Medical supplies, filling Oxygen tanks
in the aircrafts and airport clearance.
We can organize VISA on Arrival for
medical Flight.
Aircraft Equipments
Equipments we used in Medical Evacuation
Cardiac Monitor, Pacing and Defibrillator.
Oxygen and Oxygen Monitor.
Complete breathing support with a ventilator.
Comprehensive Pharmacy .
Orthopedic and Spinal device to stabilize and maintain trauma
• Speciality equipment and supplies based on a patients medical and
trauma condition .
• Radio and cellular communications worldwide.
Medical Escort
For stable patients to sit during Take off and
Landing has limited oxygen needs.
• Behavioral Health Disorders.
• Neurological Injuries.
• Orthopedic Injuries.
We handle:
• Itinerary Details & Ticketing.
• Ground Travel to and from Airport
• Assistance with Check In and Security
Assistance for Air Transport Medical Support
Flying Escort (Children, Elderly and Disabled)
This program is geared towards passengers
not in need of medical care and who are
relocating to another location with our
We will assist with all travel plans,
accommodations, wheelchair assistance at
the Airport, Airport check in security, check
point assistance, Bathroom care and Meal
assistance. .
Airport Lounge access and much more.
Supported By
“Committed To Quality Care”
Team Work
Team Goodmans Rescue
Ground Ambulances
Basic Life Support:
Local non emergency medical transport for stable patient, services
include EMT, paramedic/RN. Oxygen, Scoop, Stretchers, Stair Chair,
Spine Board. Recommended for Dialysis, radiation Appointment, postop visit, Airport and Railway station pick up and drop.
Advance Cardiac Life Support:
Bedside to Transfer of Critically ill ventilator supported & burn
patients other facilities-non invasive – CPAP and Bipap. Temporary
Pacemaker, Specialized service-portable IABP, MRI compatible
ventilator. EMCO transfers. All transfer subject to medical clearance
from transferring Doctors, and the of receiving/discharging facility.
Standby Medical Services:
We provide Basic and Advance Life Support Ambulances with
medical crew for Film Shoot, Tourist Group, Religious Gathering,
Cultural Events, Wedding Ceremony, Sports Events at auditorium and
Open Venues.
About Goodmans Rescue
Goodmans is not a Broker.
Goodmans Rescue is in the business for the past 15th years.
Goodmans Rescue provide highest level of care.
Goodmans Rescue is cost effective.
Goodmans Rescue knows its business well and not waste
your time if the mission is not doable.
Goodmans Rescue Air Ambulance Services.
Aircraft, Patient, Medical Team, Equipment and Supplies, Ground Ambulances
About Goodmans Rescue
With over 15 years experience providing Air
Ambulance Services, Goodmans Rescue can handle
the most complex and complicated case and develop
the safest and most cost-effective solution to deliver
the patient to the required destination.
This is Goodmans Rescue’s specialty and we deliver
on a daily basis worldwide.