Holes Test

Holes Literacy Skills
1. Which is not a setting from the
a) A dried up lake
b) Kissing Kate’s cabin
c) X-Rays mother’s house
d) Stanley’s living room
2. Which event happens first?
• A) Stanley finds a gold tube.
• B) X-ray gets the day off.
• C) The warden slaps Mr. Sir.
• D) Zero and Stanley run off.
3. Which is a fact from the book?
• A) Green Lake had water 110 years ago.
• B) Sam’s onions taste wonderful.
• C) Kissing Kate is one of the most beautiful
people ever.
• D) Caveman was the meanest of the campers.
4. Which is a conflict from the
• A) Stanley and his family have bad luck.
• B) Zero finds a home at the end of the
• C) Mr. Yelnats finds a way to make shoes
smell better.
• D) The Warden gets in trouble.
5. Which of the following is most
likely to kill you at Camp Green
• A) dehydration
• B) rattlesnakes
• C) yellow spotted lizards
• D) the warden
6. The resolution is when Stanley’s luck
changes. At what point does his luck
• A) when he finds the KB tube.
• B) When he carries Zero up the mountain
• C) When he finds the onions.
• D) when he digs up the treasure
7. Which did not happen at the end
of the book?
• A) Stanley’s dad invented ‘sploosh’
• B) Stanley’s family had a Super Bowl party.
• C) Stanley and Zero watched the other campers
fill in the holes.
• D) Stanley bought his parents a new house with
a lab in the basement.
8. Why didn’t the yellow spotted
lizards kill Stanley and zero?
• A) peaches
• B) onions
• C) stinky feet
• D) they only like adults
9. How are X-ray and Derrick
Dunne similar?
• A) They are both at Camp Green Lake
• B) They are both at Stanley’s school.
• C) They are both bullies.
• D) They are both Stanley’s friends.
10. Which is not a nickname of
someone at Camp Green Lake?
• A) Twitch
• B) Armpit
• C) Squid
• D) Walrus
11. What is the author’s purpose
for writing Holes?
• A) entertain us
• B) teach us how to dig holes
• C) win awards
• D) inform us about shoes
12. What caused the Warden to hit
Mr. Sir in the head?
• A) Stanley stole sunflower seeds.
• B) Zero ran away.
• C) Armpit and Zero got in a fight.
• D) No one could find the tube.
13. Which is not an effect of Zero
stealing the shoes?
• A) Stanley got sent to Camp Green Lake.
• B) The curse eventually is finished.
• C) Stanley’s dad finds a cure for stinky
• D) Elya Yelnats has to go to America.
14. Why is Stanley’s family
• A) Because Stanley stole the shoes.
• B) Because of Kate Barlow
• C) Because of Madame Zeroni
• D) Because of Trout Walker
15. Where is Camp Green Lake
• A) New York
• B) Florida
• C) Washington
• D) Texas
16. Which of the following are
named Mary Lou?
• A) a boat and a donkey
• B) a horse and Trout’s wife
• C) Sam’s friend and a canoe
• D) Kate’s mom and the Warden’s lipstick