World Famine

By: James D. Mikeala Z.
Famine is a situation where a
country or area doesn’t have
enough food to feed its
Map of
Map of
This is a map where world famine is mostly a
•There is about 842 million people across the
world that are hungry
•Hunger is the most extreme form of poverty
•Family’s can not afford there need for food
•If you don’t have enough food you can also get
different diseases that stunt your growth,
weakness and it is easier to get sick
•If a family can not find enough food there is no
where for them to turn for help
• 3.6 million people in Niger are in need for food
•World Famine is caused by the lack of food in
one country.
•It is also caused by locusts and other insects
eating away at crops.
•World Famine is also caused by natural
•Climate change is threatening crops and is
another cause of World Famine
•To much people in one country to feed them
•Poor quality in hospitals
•The help from other countries is low
•Governments that have poor resources
• a well known illness from famine
• you can get it from lack of protein (milk,
meat, fish)
• it causes vomiting, swollen abdomen, red
spots all over
• about 30 thousand people die a year from
this illness
People in the third
world country are
very skinny and most
of the kids stomachs
are bloated.
The only way we can pretty much help is to
donate money, and adopt kids.
Scientists are trying to create a
“miraculous plant” that will be
able to feed the poor countries.
If they find this, less children
and adults will die from famine
and diseases.
• Angela for helping us pick out pictures and telling me
what the power point needs.
• Jana for helping us make the power point to the
best it could possibly be.
• Brianna for checking over the power point and
making sure there’s no mistakes