This is the summary of the portfolio of Alex Baams. For a full

This is the summary of the portfolio of Alex Baams.
For a full overview of the projects and bio you can go to the individual PDF files.
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My work is characterized by projects. Every project has a serial character
with a series of paintings. Within each painting project I mostly use restrictions –
rules to play by. These frameworks provide the ability to increase the intensity of
my working method.
Exposing the poetic value of everyday life often forms the basis of my work – combined with my fascination for the love/hate relationship that I have with painting
Within my projects I give specific goals to the painting medium. In this realm, I
have made​a painting to say I am sorry to all of those whose birthday I missed.
Further, for a year straight, I painted all of my image uploads on Facebook. And, I
made a New Year’s conference-triptych in which I looked back on all the ups and
downs of 2013.
When I lose realism in my paintings, due to fatigue, I start my battle with vanity –
my artist’s vanity and the vanity of my subjects. Stillness and stiffness is inevitable
and may prevail.
Alex Baams
Alex Baams (1988, The Netherlands)
Bachelor Fine Arts at Kunstacademie AKV/st. Joost, ‘s-Hertogenbosch
Koninklijke prijs voor de Vrije Schilderkunst
(Royal Award for Painting) 2012
Hans Brinker Budget Trophy, 2010
2014 Contemporary Istanbul, SEA foundation (Istanbul)
2014 50 artists from Utrecht, KUUB (Utrecht)
2014 Mobile, Project space Tilburg (Tilburg)
2014 Realisme beurs (Amsterdam)
2013 Art The Hague (Den Haag)
2013 OPEN, Al16ateliers (Utrecht)
2013 Culturele zondag & Cultuur in Oost (Utrecht)
2013 Grote Zomer Veiling, gallery Vonkel (Den Haag)
2013 (solo) Post it or it didn’t happen, [email protected] (Utrecht)
2013 (solo) POST-IT, gallery Vonkel (Den Haag)
2012 Prijs voor de Vrije Schilderkunst, Royal Palace Amsterdam (Amsterdam)
2012 AtelierRouteUtrecht (Utrecht)
2012 Estafette, Koningstheater (Den Bosch)
2012 Expositie, Hoekkunst (De Heen)
2011 Straight From The Horse’s Mouth, Goretti Chapel (Tilburg)
2011 WieKentHouten, HoutenXL (Houten)
2011 WieKentHouten, Punten & Komma’s (Houten)
2011 Hoekkunst (De Heen)
2010 Eindexpositie 2010, AKV|st. Joost (‘s-Hertogenbosch)
2010 Een wolk van boeken, Stedelijk Museum (‘s-Hertogenbosch)
2010 De Uitbraak, Grafisch Aterlier (‘s-Hertogenbosch)
2010 Gemengd Zwemmen, DMT Loods (‘s-Hertogenbosch)
2009 Hans Brinker Budget Trophy, Hans Brinker Hotel(Amsterdam)
2009 Basel, Dood Paard at Stedelijk Museum (‘s-Hertogenbosch)
2009 We Show Me, Lokaal 01 (Breda)
Top: ‘Naked Boxing day! (Banana box series)’
Bottom: ‘Suited Boxing day! (Banana box series)’
Acrylpaint on banana box, 35 x 185 cm, 2014
SEA Foundation collection, Tilburg
Boxing Day! / Alex Baams
‘Bridge Boxing Day!’
Acrylpaint on paracetamol box, 9 x 17 cm, 2014
Private collection, Rotterdam
Boxing Day! / Alex Baams
Inkjet on Novel & Lana paper, 14 pages, 2014
FANMAIL / Alex Baams
‘2013, first act (A New Year’s conference)’
‘2013, second act (A New Year’s conference)’
‘2013, encore (A New Year’s conference)’
Oil on linen, 2014
2013 / Alex Baams
New shoes! (Social Network Painting)
Oilpaint on panel, 16,5 x 13 cm, 2012
Private collection
Social Network Paintings / Alex Baams
I want to go to Maastricht again (Social Network Painting)
Watercolour on paper, 10 x 14 cm, 2012
Social Network Paintings / Alex Baams
The story of Alex and the 36 lions (Social Network Painting)
Oilpaint on panel, 16,5 x 13 cm, 2012
Private collection, Den Haag
Social Network Paintings / Alex Baams
‘Benefit of the doubt’
Oil on linen, 140 x 220 cm, 2012
Benefit of the doubt / Alex Baams
Folding a wad of paper
48 sheets of SimiliJapon, 9 x 3 meter, 2011
Presented during Straight From the Horses Mouth, Tilburg
Folding a wad of paper / Alex Baams