One of the most popular volleyball player in Polish representation

One of the most popular volleyball
player in Polish representation since
1996. His great encouragment in all
wolleyball matches led us to gaining
second place in World Volleyball
Championship. Normally he is the player
of RPA Perugia Volley.
This 24 year old player has been enlisted
to Polish representation by coach Raul
Lozano in 2006. During the World
Championship his talent was noticed and
after appreciated by President
Kaczyński who honoured Wlazły with
the golden cross of merit.
This famous goalkeeper working for
Celtic Glasgow has been playing in
our representation since 2004. He took
part in all three matches in World
Football Championship in Germany.
In 2005 Boruc was admitted to be the
best goalkeeper in Polish Football
The best Polish football player on
the position of helper whose debut
was in 1998 during World Football
Championship in Korea.
Appreciated both in Poland and
other countries, Jacek now works
for VFL Wolfsburg in Germany.
Polish NBA player. In 2003-2006
Lampe was working for Phoenix
Suns, New Orleans Hornets and
Rockets. At present he plays in
Russian team- Chimki Moscow.
Polish athlete, one of the best
sportswoman in the discipline of
pole vaulting on World and
European scene. She gained first
places in Polish Athletics
Championships in 1999-2006.
This athlete is the owner of
large amounts of gold medals
in hammer throwing, both on
national, and international
Polish golden medalist in hammer
throwing , European Champion in
1997 and World Champion in 1999.
During Olympic Games in Sydney in
2000 Kamila also got first place in her
Polish famous swimmer in Butterfly and Crawl Style who
broke world record two times. First of all, known as
golden medalist of Olympic Games and World and
European Swimming Championship.
Frequent record braker in swimming, golden medalist
on national, European and world scene, the winner of
Olympic Games in Athens, 2004.
First Polish man who took part in Formule 1 Rally, the
winner of World Series by Renault in 2005. At present
Kubica represents BMW Sauber in Formule 1.
One of the best Polish
rally drivers of XX and
XXI century. Polish
Champion in 1995, 1996,
1999, and European
Champion in 1997; the
participant of Dakar
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