Oxy Blast Training

Oxy Blast Training
Exclusive to The Motala Marketing
Group Inc’s Dealers.
What is Oxy Blast?
• Oxy Blast is a high quality hydrogen peroxide.
• Oxy Blast is a stabilized hydrogen peroxide
based product.
• Oxy Blast has proprietary homeopathic
ingredients to help better the health of the
Why is Oxy Blast Better for you than
other water products
• It is the most natural product. Hydrogen Peroxide
is the base of Oxy Blast (H202 - Oxygen & Water).
If you were to take a test strip and put it in an
ocean, lake or even snow, you would get a
reading of parts per million. Also, your body
produces hydrogen peroxide naturally for your
immune system and intestines. Oxy Blast will help
in raising your blood oxygen level by activating
and enhancing your body’s oxygen production in
the blood stream. Inferior/cheaper formulations
of H202 are diluted with fillers and also contain
formaldehydes, PCB’s etc.
Test Strip in Ocean
• Proof
a dip in
the Pacific
The Actual Reading
• Reading
<30 ppm
How to sell Oxy Blast
• Read as much information as you can from
your manual
• Always tell the truth
• Don’t oversell the product
• Use the product at home- either by auto
injection or by using in a jug of water at 25
PPM. Yes, especially if you have city water.
• Understand all local laws and registration
procedures, and follow them.
What will Oxy Blast DO
• Oxy Blast will encapsulate, sequester, remove,
• If you took a water report today and used Oxy
Blast for 6 months, you may not see every item
change on your next report. However you WILL
see positive results & notable improvement.
• The best way to explain Oxy Blast is that it is not
just a chemistry reaction. It is an alkaline change
in the water, sequestering, encapsulating, and
liberating the water and inhibiting negative
effects by controlling and neutralizing them.
What can Oxy Blast NOT DO
• pH is very important. Oxy Blast cannot handle pH. We suggest PC7 liquid
pH stabilizer to bring pH down. Oxy Blast works best at 7.3-7.6 pH. 2 Main
Reasons for pH control are Bacteria and Assimilation of Nutrients. In
Livestock it is critical to have the right pH.
• Sodium- EWS Electrolyte needs to be used for this, it will neutralize not
• TDS- Hardness (calcium and magnesium), Iron, Magnesium, Conductivity,
Sulfates, old plumbing, etc. need CSP Dry.
• Dugouts and Ponds need OpenAll Water Oxygen Supplement.
• Manure Pits- Need OpenAll, MTA and LBA.
• Soil needs OpenAll, SOS, HMB, BRF, LPN.
• Methane Production Plants need OpenAll, MPB.
• Iron and manganese sometimes need filtration, depends on situation.
Sometimes if you have hard water and very little iron a softener can be
• Hard water needs softeners sometimes, Oxy Blast will soften up to25%.
• Sulfates need carbon filters.
Who will buy Oxy Blast
Top 4 are our main market to build your business with.
Concentrate on them first, the rest will come over time.
• Dairy Producers
• Swine Producers
• Poultry Producers
• Cattle Producers
• Horse Ranchers, Race Horses, Horse Therapy Clinics,
• Then crop growers who irrigate, greenhouses, tree
growers, fruit growers, etc.
• Then houses, industry, municipalities, pool companies,
hot tub companies, etc. the list keeps going.
How to find these customers
• Drive onto the farm and talk to people.
• Trade Shows- Always set up where the livestock section
of the show is. I prefer the dairy section, next hog, then
poultry. (Ask me why) Don’t go once; go every year; it
gets better & better with more exposure.
• Word of mouth- Satisfied customer is your best ad.
• Advertising- What will you accomplish? Bottom line
you might get some calls. However, name recognition
is the most important benefit you will get from it.
Make sure you use at least a ¼ page ad and have it
done by a professional graphic artist. Some Dealers use
this, others don’t. Try it and gauge the results for
What do I say to these customers the
first time?
• Walk onto a farm and say, “Have you ever
heard of Oxy Blast?” Then listen, so that you
can get the info, or know when to give info.
• If they have heard of us, ask what they have
heard so that you can either agree or inform
them differently. You can counter any negative
comments or experiences with case histories
or examples. Or pick up the phone and call me
to explain.
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… continued
• If they have not heard of Oxy Blast, say the following words
and never deviate … ever.
• “Oxy Blast is a hydrogen peroxide-based product. It is the
highest quality hydrogen peroxide available, with a great
stabilization process. It also is a proprietary formula that
will clean and protect your plumbing, clean your troughs &
nipples in your hog or poultry barns and it will clean your
water. The nice thing about our product is that it also has
great health benefits.”
• Also talk about distillers, grain and methane, etc.
• “We have a veterinarian, water physiologist, nutritionist,
naturopath and filtration expert as consultants to the
company. So Oxy Blast is very beneficial on the health side
of things.”
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• “We are in farms across North America and have been for
14 years. There are over 4,000 farms (and who knows how
many others), using the product and seeing many results
depending on individual conditions.”
• Then I give them the brochure and open it to the section
that pertains to them. Now I say,
• “Now all of these things are not necessarily going to
happen to you, however we do know something is going to
happen. Each farm has different results and it depends on
your specific operation. I just want you to know so that we
are not misunderstood by what you read.”
• You might want to do a ORP/pH test or have a 1 gallon jug
of Oxy Blast, Open All etc. (explain)
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… continued
• I always ask farmers this question and they always say “YES”:
• “Can I ask you a question? What if I tell you that in a very short time
after using Oxy Blast at the proper parts per million (PPM), you will
find, your water clean up, your lines and water equipment clean up,
and your livestock will be drinking a cleaner more nutritional water,
as well as other benefits in health? If you were able to see that Oxy
Blast was paying for itself, just through results, would that be
enough for you?”
• Then keep quiet and listen. Do not talk until you get the answer.
This is very important for customer retention. They will say yes.
Then say,
• “Then you are really going to like us, because our customers do not
feel that Oxy Blast is costing them anything after a while. One thing
we know, is that patience and giving the product time to work (3-6
months in most cases), is critical.”
• Then I tell them about the guarantee on the next slide.
• Note: If you need help, it’s not a bad thing to use the resources
available to you. Use 3-way calling with me, whenever you need to.
The Guarantee
• Within a period of 90 days, if the customer does not see any measurable
results* using the Oxy Blast system, we will offer the following guarantees:
• 100% pump buy-back guarantee
• 100% buy-back for any product not used including full drums or open drums
• 50% buy-back any Oxy Blast product based on actual purchase price
* Measurable results include: Cleaning up the water,
• Cleaning the waterlines, nipple drinkers and stock tanks.
• Enhancing the health of the animals, thus improving their production for:
– Meat Animals- through improved water consumption, better daily gains,
better feed efficiency, better conception rates, lower drug or antibiotic
– Dairy animals- by higher milk yields, lower somatic cell counts, less
incidences of mastitis, better conception rates, improved water
• A full livestock water analysis within the past year is required for this
guarantee to be valid. We recommend that your Oxy Blast Dealer perform
our water analysis.
How the guarantee works
• If they qualify and you bought the Oxy Blast delivery
system (pumps, etc.) from Motala, you can send the
system back for a refund (not including shipping, duties
& taxes). But you will probably want to keep it and
resell it.
• Any unused remaining product you take back &resell.
• Any product they have used, they get a 50% refund.
I cover 25% of the wholesale price in the form of a
credit on your next order, and you cover the rest.
We have never paid this out in my business. Why?
We don’t overpromise. Also, you are actually still in
good shape because of us covering the 25% on
wholesale price.
What do I do next ?
• I usually say, “What we do if someone is
interested, is we start with a water test. We
need to know what’s actually happening with
your water in order to properly treat it.”
• Then I explain the procedure and the cost
• I then try to get a water report and proceed
from there.
Got the water report - what’s next?
• Send a copy to me for evaluation and
• Type up a quotation for the customer that
covers the usage, pump, product cost, etc.
• Get the go-ahead and install Oxy Blast
Delivery System.
Installation of Oxy Blast Delivery
Systems ~ some important stuff …
• Screens, etc. at first, pipes cleaning
• pH, sodium, CSP, OpenAll, etc.
• Down the well is best- Stenner, medicator, select
Doser system, water meter and PCM. Review
different installs, etc.
• Low Pressure Cutoff Switch
• Delivery System Settings and Test Strips (PPM)
how much? 120V or 240V?
• Insurance, local registrations and laws, etc.
What Paperwork to do with Customer
• Take 2 safety and storage tips- one for customer to
keep and one signed for your records
• Finders Fee Sheet
• Oxy Blast questionnaire
• Installation guide if customer is installing
• Brochure with medicator volumes so that they can use
(Explain why)
• From here on in, it is up to you to follow up with the
customer. I usually phone them or drop by within a few
days to see how everything is working. Also, consistent
communication is very important. Give them all the
protocols for their specific industry. Get local
testimonies and build the business.
Potential Problems
• Oxy Blast is like anything else. It can only do so
much. The Water report is the first & best way of
preventing problems.
• Taste- PPM to high
• Lines plug up (sulfur)- Carbon filter
• Medication if not at right levels- you won’t see
health benefits
• Iron, turbidity, color- Filtration
• Polishing Filter- NANO
Trade Shows and Important Info
Booth- How we usually set it up, etc.
Trade Show Form
Give-away- 15 Gallon Drum
For me to attend- What is expected and what
is the procedure?
• Informing us to put it on our website- OUR
website always comes up FIRST whenever
anyone does an internet search for Oxy Blast.
Some Keys to Success
• Register in ALL agriculture, home and industrial shows.
Attend all relevant events to promote business. Find
out about future shows- don’t wait. Attend them every
• Believe in the product. If you don’t, you won’t be able
to sell it, and have fun.
• Do your homework on a consistent basis- reading the
manual; training on Go to Training and Iowa training
April. (If you already know everything, you don’t need
to be trained ).
• Always have enough product on hand for customers. It
shows commitment and belief in the product.
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… continued
• Go to farms, and potential customers every day. Yes,
it’s hard work but it’s worth the effort. Create a regular
routine for bringing on new customers; they will
definitely not come to you, especially in the beginning.
• Never install a system without taking a water sample
first. Once you have the test you can install the Oxy
Blast while waiting for results; you will need it anyway.
• The longer a customer has to wait for product after a
test, the more likely they are going to find reasons not
to do business with you.
• Follow-up, follow-up, follow-up. Oh, and by the way,
• Next slide
… continued
• Always ask for referrals! You will find that your customers
will be happy to help you once they see the results with
Oxy Blast (remember the 5% referral fee.. Explain).
• Call us often. Let us know how it’s going. It helps you keep
on track and it also shows your interest in doing better.
• Answer your phone- Always be accessible. It’s your
business. People hate leaving messages. If they don’t leave
a message, then use your call display and call them back. If
they leave message call them back ASAP; not in a couple of
days. By then, someone else is taking care of them. (If you
are not taking care of your wife/husband they will find
someone else who will; a customer is the same )
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Top 10 Mistakes
• Not Listening to the client’s concerns and interrupting them
when they talk.
• Overselling the product- Oxy Blast is a good product. Some
things it cannot do, ie.: pH, sodium, etc. (it’s like asking your
wife to lift a log that she cannot; she is not made to do that.
So, don’t ask Oxy blast to do what it cannot).
• Being unprepared- Always know what you are doing and
study before you go out.
• Jumping straight in trying to close the customer. It’s about
their timing, not yours. Show that you care and they will come
• Not closing the customer- There is a time to ask for the order;
make sure you know when that is.
• Going of topic- Some people overdo the need for a
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… continued
• Not researching the market- dairy, hog, poultry, etc.;
times of year that they are just too busy in the field,
etc. Or not knowing their likes and dislikes as a
• Judging the book by its cover- If you think you know
the book you might be wrong. Some of our biggest
customers are the ones that need a bath, wear really
dirty clothes, and drive old beat-up vehicles. They are a
hard-sell and sometimes rude. However, if you believe
in your product and what it can do for them, once on
board, they are the best users of the product.
• Not following up- Did I mention that before? 
• Failing to prospect for new customers- Ensures the
future growth of your business.
Questions and Answers
• OK, Fire Away- Ask the questions, even if they
seem irrelevant. You will not learn without
Remember …
• A good company puts their ego behind and
moves towards obtaining the Sale• “The sale is the final goal.” Once you have the
sale- “Customer satisfaction is the next goal”.
• When in business it’s always a good idea to make
money, but, unfortunately we have to spend
some in order to make some. Thanks.
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