Animal Rights and Welfare

Animal Rights and Welfare
Animal Rights and Welfare
• What is Animal Welfare?
• Is the position that animals should be
treated humanely
• What is Animal Rights?
• Is the position that animals should not
be exploited
• Animals should not be used for food,
clothing, etc…
Animal Rights and Welfare
• What is Vivisection?
• Animals should not
be used for
Animal Rights and Welfare
• Animal Rights Legislation and Orgs.
• 1641- The Body Liberties Pass
• 1828- First Anticruelty Law passed in
New York
• 1866 - formed- American Society for the
Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
• 1867 - Horse Protection Act Amended
• 1906 Animal Transportation Act
• 1958 Animal Humane Slaughter Act
Animal Rights and Welfare
• Animal Acts and Orgs. Cont.
• 1895- Food Security Act
• 1989-Farm Animals and Research
Facilities Protection Act
• 1990- Food, Ag, Conservation, and
Trade Act Passed
• 1992- Bush signs Animal Enterprise
Protection Act
Animal Rights and Welfare
• Rights and Act Cont.
• 1964- The New Factory Farming Industry
• 1966- Public Law 89-544 Laboratory Welfare
• 1970- Animal Right Movement Began
• First Amendment to the AWA
• Horse Protection Act Passed
• 1976 P.L. -Prohibited Animal Fighting Ventures
• Horse Protection Act Amended
Animal Rights and Welfare
• Important animal rights people
• Ruth Harrison- published book entitled “Animal
Machines: The New Factory Farming Industry”
• Peter Singer - Wrote publications called “Animal
Liberations” and considered founded of animal right
• Henry Bergh - Found ASPCA and drafted the NY State
anti-cruelty law
• Charles Stenholm - Introduced the farm animal research
facilities protection act
• John Orem - doctor that studied the cause of SIDS
Animal Rights and Welfare
• Groups
• (ALF) Animal Liberation
• (PETA) People for the
Ethical Treatment of
Animal Rights and Welfare
• Do animals have rights?
• Some people believe that animals have the
same rights as humans.
• Do you agree?
• Specieism• Is the term used for belief.
• Humanize• Is the term used to believe that animals have
the same rights as humans
Animal Rights and Welfare
• Should animals be used for
• Should animals be used for
• Should hunting and trapping
be allowed?
• Should animals be allowed
for entertainment?
• Where do we draw the line?
Animal Rights and Welfare
• Assignment
• What are your views on Animal Rights and
• Do animals have rights?
• Are the animals in this room wrongfully kept captive?
• Look at the things in your life that involve animals; the
food you ate for lunch, the time you went to the zoo, the
clothing are wearing. Write a one page paper explaining
your views and expressions on animal right and welfare.
Before you do consider these facts…..
Animal Rights and Welfare
• Facts to consider…..
• There are approximately 2.2 million farms in the
• Approx. 97% of farms in the U.S. are family owned.
• Nearly 16million Americans, about 7% of our
population purchased hunting licenses last year.
• It is estimated that there are more than 16million
white-tailed deer in the U.S.
• Nearly 75-80% of bobwhite quail and dove
populations die annually from natural causes even
if the bird is not hunted.
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