AM Sea Captain x Al

“The most glorious part of my lifelong romance with the Arabian horse is that the
dream really is true. I had imagined the beauty of these horses when I only knew
about them from books and pictures. I had reveled in visions of myself riding them
only to find that it was twice as exciting as I had imagined”
A worldly woman
family meant the world to Bazy
Bazy was a woman of many talents, her love of family, friends
and horses were the essence of who she was. She was a gifted
horse woman with a huge heart.
“My mother’s pride in me and my
pony Agate at a Washington, D.C.
horse show was short-lived,” Bazy
Madam Queen – “My Form was never
good – but we managed to clear jumps
pretty well.”
Signature Stallions that made huge contributions to Arabian
Cutting. Bazy bred for athletic ability, temperament and beauty.
AM Sea Captain
(Al-Marah Indraff x AM lady Inred)
Indraff (Raffles by Indaia)
Al-Marah foundation Stallion
Sired 12 National Champions
Royal Dominion (Blue Domino x Princess Zia)
- Sired a whole dynasty of cutting horses.”
(BF Rageymazon x Gai Dream)
AM Seagfreed
(AM Sea Captain x Al-Marah Moneytree)
Al-Marah Cutting Horse Trainers
Harold Brite - Al-Marah Rooz
(Indraff x Rose of Luzon)
John Ben Cawley
AM Royal Rive (Zip)
(Royal Dominion x AM Raffeys Ribbon
Lee Bolles - Al-Marah Nautilus
(Indraff x Kondi)
Kathy and Travis Braden
AM Power Leader
(AM Double Dream x Al-Marah Seasteed)
RS Sea Raider
(AM Power Raid x Al-Marah Missea)
Jerry Hamilton Long time protégé, Farm
Manager, Trainer and Friend has been with
Bazy and Al-Marah for over 30+ years
Mitch Willour
AM Crown Royal (Royal
Dominion x Al-Marah
Minor Sin
Joe Staheli
Al-Marah Ibn Tsatyr
(Tsatyr x AM Calico Fashion)
John Ben on AM Yeomans Rose
AM Count Rafla x Al-Marah
In the Beginning!
Arraff – The little horse that could!
(Raffles x Arsa)
Multiple wins in National Level
Cutting and Stock horse competitions
Harold Brite
Long time friend and
Forever Friends who’s lives were touched and
greatly enriched by knowing Bazy Tankersley
Lee Allen - SA Phantom Gale
(AM Phantom Galleon x AM Royal Banner)
Deni Grissette – DWFS Imajica
(AM Sea Captain x AM Honeysuckle)
Diane Powell – Royal Corsair
(AM Captain Good x AM Royal Banner)
Lee Allen - AM Crown Royal
(Royal Dominion x Al-Marah
Minor Sin)
Toni Trego – AM Fiery Dream
(Dreamazon x Al-Marah Siren)
Lee Allen - AM Royal Rive
(Royal Dominion x AM Raffeys
Lee Allen - AM Royal Toast
(Royal Dominion x Al-Marah My
Jana Greenfield - AM Dreamtown
(Dreamazon x AM Sea Villain)
Denise Bendele-AM Macho Captain
(AM Sea Captain x AM Naumachia)
Jana Greenfield – AM Power Class
(AM Double Dream x Nazdar Pacifica)
Lee Allen - Al-Marah Seaswirl
(AM Sea Captain x AM Dreamtime Girl)
More Friends
Ann Haughness
AM Mozonna
Kathy and Travis Braden (Al-Marah Dreamon x AlAl-Marah Bedouin Lad
Marah Mosaic)
(AM Ben Dream x AM Star Radiance)
Melissa Walker-AM Halatous Star
(AM Good Oldboy x Al-Marah Galen
Ann Haughness-Al-Marah Bobbe
(Al-Garcon x AM Royal Lullibi)
John Ben for Melanie Johnson
AM Buckanirs Lass
(AM Sea Captain x AM Honeysuckle)
More and More Friends
Lee Allen - Al-Marah Ibn Tsatyr
(Tsatry x AM Calico Fashion)
Navid Kharazzi – AM Sharazad
(AM Good Oldboy x
Toni Trego – AM Silverr Magic
(SDA Silver Legend x
DWFS Imajica)
Jerry Hamilton riding
AM Fiery Dream for Bazy Tankersley
(Dreamazon x Al-Marah Siren)
Travis Braden-AM Power Leader
(AM Double Dream x Al-Marah Seasteed
Al-Marah horses were always the
favorites at the Celebrity cuttings
Frequent celebrities enjoying AlMarah Horses include Lynn Anderson,
Tanya Tucker, Larry Mahan and James
Drury (The Virginian)
Al-Marah Coaler – with Larry Mahan at
World All-Around Rodeo Champion five
consecutive times
AM Royal Rive (Zip) – and our own Tim
Moerbe – Champion at San Antionio
IACHA Celebrity Cutting
Bazy also enjoyed the show ring
And loved her place in the corner
Bazy and Girls
Hat Ranch - Think Tanks
Bazy enjoyed interesting conversation and diverse views
“I’ve long forgotten the source of the proverb,” says Bazy, “but it
reminds me of the wonderful ability of the Arabian horse to expand
us intellectually and socially, to feed out souls, and to reward our
aesthetic senses.”
Happy Trails,
Love Bazy
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