Winner of R G Bunch Trophy * Sandy Phillips

Royal Burgess Golfing Society of Edinburgh
Prizewinners 2013
Winner of the Junior Summer Singles for the Fulton Cup
Daragh Hoyne
Winners of the Junior Summer Foursomes for the Frank
Johnston Salver – Andrew Herbert & Daragh Hoyne
Winner of the Junior Spring Handicap for the Foggo Cup
Struan Robb
Winner of the Junior Summer Handicap for the Archie
Simpson Salver – Andrew Appleton
Winner of the 36 hole Scratch Competition for the Kerr Quaich
Andrew Herbert
Winner of the R T Middleton Trophy for the most
improved junior (under 14) – Angus Rigby
Winner of the Boy’s Open (Handicap) for the Frank
Johnston Trophy – Ruaridh Glancy
2013 Boys Junior Champion – Hamish Imrie
Winner of the 2012/13 Snooker Competition for the
Menzies Motor Trophy – Eric Wright
Winner of the Over 80’s Quaich – David Kilgour
Winners of the Captains Competition for the Captain’s
Bell – James Allan & Neil Todd
Winners of the Winter Foursomes for the Alastair
Waddell Trophy – John Drysdale & John R Drysdale
Winner of the Victoria Day Handicap Competition for
the Croall Cup – Alistair Smith
Winner of the Spring Meeting (Handicap) and The Lady
Rosebery Cup – James Hancock
Winners of the 250th Tri-Am Trophy – Tom Foggo,
Brendan Diamond and Alastair Strang (missing)
Winner of the Summer Meeting (Handicap) for the
Jubilee Cup – Peter McCallum
Winner of the Summer Singles (Spence Salver)
Mark Finnie
Winners of the Summer Foursomes for the White
Trophy – John Dundas & Gareth Warren
Winner of the 4 Club Competition for the G M Lyle
Salver – Ed Irvine
Winner of the Autumn Meeting and Scratch Gold Medal
John Fraser
Winner of the Council Competition for The Graham
Burns Medal – Donald Robertson
Winner of the May Macdonald and Ford Foundation
Trophy – David MacFarlane
Winner of the August Macdonald for the MacRobert
Thistle Trophy – Colin Proudfoot
Winner of the September Macdonald for the James
Simpson Trophy – Ed Irvine
Winner of Macdonald Final Trophy – Gordon Archibald
Winner of the Duncan Cup – Gareth Warren
Winner of the Sir Alex Fletcher Trophy – Allan Weir
Winner of the Society Championship Leading Qualifier
for the R G Bunch Trophy – Sandy Phillips
Winner of the Championship Runner-Up Tankard
Fraser McCluskey
Winner of the Spring Meeting and Scratch Gold Medal,
the Summer Meeting and Scratch Gold Medal and
2013 Club Champion (Leslie Aitken Trophy)
Varun Varadharajan
Winners of the Edinburgh Golf League Trophy for a
record 6th year in a row
Royal Burgess Summer League Team
“Six in a row” Summer League Team Members (2008 2013) together with main sponsor Frank Rushbrook
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