Mechanical Equilibrium Questions/Answers PPT

A force is a push or pull.
Net force is the combination (sum)
of all acting forces.
The Normal Force is perpendicular
to the surface.
The Net Force is 10N.
40N + (-30N) = 10N
If it moves at a constant velocity in a
straight line.
Then ΣF = 0.
It means that the sum of all the
forces that act on an object in
equilibrium equal zero.
Scalar quantity is measured by
magnitude only; a number.
Vector quantity needs both
magnitude and direction for its
Both forces are equal in magnitude,
but opposite in directions. Thus, the
net force is zero.
Force and velocity are vector
Time, area, and volume are scalar
The net force is zero, as the rule ΣF
= 0 states.
It is correct to say no net force, as
both gravity and the normal force of
the floor act on the cat.
The maximum will occur when the
forces are in the same direction – so
20N +12N = 32N.
The minimum will occur when they are
in opposite directions –
so 20N + (-12N) = 8N.
The sum of all the forces (net force)
must equal zero. Yes, it must be zero
if it is in mechanical equilibrium.
If only a single force acts on it, it will
not be in equilibrium. There must be
one or more additional forces to
produce zero net force for
There are two:
Weight and the Normal Force.
Yes –
It is not undergoing a change in motion.
The force if the moving puck is equal
but opposite the frictional force
between the ice and hockey puck.
Since it is moving at a constant speed in
a straight line, it is in equilibrium.
Therefore, the force Alyssa puts on the
crate is the same as the force of friction.