Presentations - Operation Smile

A Patient’s Story
Write the name of the patient you are highlighting
Operation Smile
• Operation Smile is a children’s medical charity
that sends 1000s of volunteers around the world
to correct facial deformities like cleft lips and cleft
• Founded in 1982 by Dr. William Magee and his
wife, Kathleen Magee.
• Operation Smile has a presence in over 50
countries, and has performed surgery on over
150,000 patients.
Cleft Lips &
Cleft Palates
• Cleft Lip
– Opening in the lip, and sometimes upper jaw and/or upper gum
• Cleft Palate
– Opening in the roof of the mouth
• Facts
– Occur in about 1 out of 600 births
– Has a negative effect on speaking, eating, drinking, nutrition,
ear infections, and social interactions
– Scientists are currently researching whether clefts can be
Operation Smile
• Write about the patient in the video:
– What was the patient’s name?
– Did he/she have a cleft lip or palate?
– How did the patient get to the mission site?
– Who came with the patient to the mission site?
What were they like?
– Discuss with your audience how you felt when
you watched the patients on the mission, and
also how they felt
Patient’s Country
• Provide information about the patient’s
country. Research this information online or in
a book.
Rush &
Operation Smile
• Explain how you help Operation Smile through
It takes as little as 45 minutes and $240 to
provide a child with surgery
How will you help change a life forever?