SUR 111
Establishing the Sterile Field
Skill Assessments
• Continue with the following skill
assessments from Lab #4:
• 12-1 Surgical Hand Scrub
• Dry, Gown, Closed Gloving
• Plan to get checked off on above
• You should have been practicing and have this
down by now
• New Skill:
• Dress the Mayo Stand 12-6
Dressing the Mayo Stand
• Mayo stand properly distanced from sterile back
table and set at appropriate height
• Above should have been done prior to opening
sterile packs
• Sterile field should be established
• Surgical hand scrub has taken place
• You are gowned and double gloved
• Prepare mayo stand cover at back table
• Get a firm grasp on the inner folds and have
your hands inside the cuff to the right and left
Dressing the Mayo Stand
• Make a pocket
• Approach the mayo stand maintaining
proper distance
• Avoiding any part of your sterile gown to
touch the currently unsterile mayo
• Only the pocket may go over the front lip
of the mayo stand
• Do not allow the folds to fall
Dressing the Mayo Stand
• Slip pocket over the lip of the front of the
mayo stand
• Place your dominant foot on the base
• Work/slide mayo stand cover until it will no
longer slide
Dressing the Mayo Stand
• Work your way to the side of the stand, keeping
your dominant hand in the cuff and your
nondominant hand holding the folds and work
the remaining cover one fold at a time over the
stand (wiggle it on using both sides of the cover
and both hands)
• Continue to work mayo stand from the front
taking care not to allow folds to come loose and
hit your gown above your chest fall below the
stand (wiggle on from the sides)
• See textbook page 325 Figure 12-17
• You will perform step A and B
• The C step shown here in the book will be
modified with the towel lay out prior to
towel roll placement
• Read technique on page 324 and
information on the dressing mayo stand
page 324
Dressing the Mayo Stand
• Do not reach below mayo stand surface
• You may ask for circulator assistance if it will not unfold
naturally over the base
• Tuck excess material under the stand tray
• Move the mayo close to your back table (it is now an
extension of your sterile field)
• This prevents walking back and forth therefore
conserving movements
• Cover with three towels (if a large stand one towel for
each half and then a third down the middle)
• Make a towel roll for you instruments and place it at the
non-base end of the mayo stand
• Continue with set up (back table)
Dressing the Mayo Stand
• For you lab practical:
• Drape the mayo stand, towel it out and
finish your back table set up
• You can prepare the towel roll for
instrument arrangement after the initial
• Remember the initial count ends your
timed portion
Final Mayo Stand Preparation
One Way
You are here
Regarding the Mayo Stand
• Mayo stand set ups vary per individual preferences
• The key to a functional mayo stand is organization and
• This is an on going process throughout the surgical
• Instruments must be kept clean and replaced each time
you use them if you know you will not need them again
• Do not replace instruments you know will be needed
shortly after you have received them
• Awareness of operative sequence is paramount to
knowing instrumentation usages
• This makes for ease of counting when you know where
your instruments are at all times!
• 12-1 Surgical Hand Scrub
• Dry, Gown, Closed Gloving
• 12-6 Dress the Mayo Stand
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