May 15th, 2012
 Is
the end of a pregnancy before the fetus can
 Help or preserve life of a woman
 An abortion may be termed induced due to the
difference of spontaneous abortion
 Abortion is safest within the first six to ten
 90% of women who have abortions before 13
weeks have less complications
 Abortions performed between 13-24 weeks
have a higher rate of complications
 After 24 weeks there is a limited life where
the mother is in danger
 If
the continuation of abortion continues it
may cause emotional or financial burdens
 The women may not be in the best state of
becoming a parent yet
 The pregnancy may be unintentional or
 The woman is being forced into aborting due
to partner, parents or others
 The pregnancy was the result of a rape case
or incest
First Trimester
- In the first 13 weeks after the last menstrual
Advantages of medical abortions are:
• The procedure is non-surgical
• Anesthesia will not be required
• Drugs are administered either orally or injection
• The process is similar to a miscarriage
Disadvantages of medical abortions are:
• The process may require multiple visits to doctor
• The bleeding after the abortion lasts long after a
surgical abortion
 Methotrexate
Works by stopping fetal cells from separating
which causes fetus to die
- The first visit to doctor, the woman is injected
with methotrexate, on the second visit, she is
given misoprostol( fatty acid which stimulates
hormonal contractions of the uterus)
 Mifepristone
- It is also known as Mifeprex, and works by
blocking action of progesterone, which is needed
for pregnancy to continue, and ends pregnancy.
- Side effects of this procedure may include nausea,
heavy cramping, and vaginal bleeding
Similar as to the first trimester but with more materials
This may involve induced abortion
If having an induced abortion the woman visits doctor,
where rods are inserted in her cervix or medication is
given to soften cervix
On the day of abortion, a salt solution is injected into the
Contractions begins 8-72 hours the woman delivers the
Side effects may be vomiting, nausea, and diarrhea
Process of First Trimester
Very early abortions from 13 weeks or less cost
between $200- $400
- Late abortions cause more
 The cost of an abortion increases about $100 per
week through the thirteenth and sixteenth week
 If going through second trimester abortions, it
will be much more costly
- More risk
- Services
- Anesthesia
- Hospital stay
Abortion has been legal in U.S. since 1973
During the first three months, abortions are legal in
all states
If beyond three months to five months it is restricted
in various states
If in the sixth to ninth month is it prohibited
As of 2012, 37 states in the U.S. passed laws that
required a parent to be notified
6 states permit a small amount to obtain an abortion
if a relative is involved in decision
33 states permit medical emergency and 50 states
permit abortion in causes of abuse, assault, neglect
or incest
Canada is one out of many countries that do not have
a criminal law against abortion
Women may have abortions at a clinic or outpatient facility as long
as it is a early pregnancy
 Women who may have
o diabetes
o controlled epilepsy
o mild to moderate high blood pressure
o are HIV positive
usually have abortions taken with precaution
 If the women has other various side effects they may need to be
hospitalized to have a proper procedure
o Heart disease
o Previous endocarditis
o Asthma
o Lupus Erythematosus
o Uterine fibroid tumors
o Blood Clotting
o Psychological disorder
 The
doctor must be informed of the stage
the women is at
 The doctor will ask the woman questions
about her menstrual cycle and will do
examination to confirm pregnancy
- May be done at office before or on day of
- Some states require a waiting period before
having an abortion
 If the women is under age 18 they will need
parental assistance
 Pre-abortion counseling is important
Serious complication before 13 weeks is rare
-90% of women who have abortions in this time
period have 2.5% complication
-Less than 0.5% have complications that require
 Complications from abortions can include:
- Unrestrained bleeding
- Infection
- Blood clots assembling in the uterus
- A tear in the cervix or uterus
- A missed abortion
- Incomplete abortion
-A baby should not be brought into
world if unwanted
- Unborn babies are innocent and
have a right to live
- A woman has right to choose to
have an abortion or not
- The sixth commandment of the
Bible’s Old testament is (Exodus
20:13) is “Thou shalt not kill.”
Against the will of God
- Abortion gives couples an option
whether to give birth to a child that
may have a life threatening medical
- The abortion industry makes an
estimated $831 million, an abortion
is $350 to more than $1000
- It lowers crime
- Women should use different
perspectives with consulting a baby
and not abortion
- Effective tool in population control -Abortion increases chance that
(Malnutrition, starvation, poverty,
women will develop breast cancer
(Estrogen levels increase, leading to
breast growth, and leaving
immature cells in woman’s breast
resulting risk of breast cancer.)
 Abortions
may help a lot of people live their
life better
 Result in helping control the population
 Could become legal all around the world
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