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Anemones are often home to
anemonefish. Anemonefish have
special protection from the sting of the
anemone as anemonefish are coated
in a mucus layer.
Red waratah anemone
Anemones, like jelly fish,
use stinging cells in their
tentacles to catch their
Sea stars
The mouth of the sea
star is on the underside
of the animal.
A sea star can regrow limbs that have
been lost.
Rocky shore crabs
are well adapted to
life out of water
with their hard
shells and flat
bodies to hide
under rocks.
Algae - seaweed
Algae is the main food
source for many animals
on the rocky shore and it
comes in many different
shapes and colours
You have probably eaten
some seaweed yourself
today, extracts from seaweed
can be found in toothpaste,
ice-cream and many other
Octopuses can change their colour to blend in with their
environment. This makes them highly efficient
An octopus’ home is called a
lair and can be identified by a
heap of old shells near the front.