The Jaguarundi by jason anderson

By Jason K. Anderson
 The Jaguarundi likes lowland brush areas close to a
water source or dense tropical areas.
 Jaguarundis eat fish that they catch form rivers and
streams, small mammals such as rabbits and rodents,
reptiles, and birds.
 Since the Jaguarundi is at the top of the food chain,
there are no major predators.
 Being able to climb trees and swim decently make it
easier to get to their prey.
 The Jaguarundi has many things similar to his
domestic relatives, but unfortunately this includes
disease as well. The Jaguarundi is susceptible to
 The Jaguarundi is an endangered species because of the sad fact that
there habitats are diminishing.
 If the Jaguarundi becomes extinct the things it eats (see slide 3) will
grow to an unreasonable size and the things they eat will diminish until
there is no food for what the Jaguarundi eats leading them to die and
throwing off the whole food chain in those ecosystems.
 There is a fine for hunting the Jaguarundi but I fear it is not enough.
 I believe to truly protect this animal, we need to proctect the land
around this animal and let its species flourish. In this way we can allow
the species to come back to its once great numbers but until then I
believe the fine needs to be greatly increased.
 The Jaguarundi struck my interest as soon as I saw it
on the endangered species list. I believe, as others do,
the Wild Cats of the world should be saved and
preserved from the poachers and hunters that want
their fur. Though the Jaguarundi is not killed for its
fur, the fact that I had never heard of it worried me. I
want the Jaguarundi and all of the other endangered
species of the world to live for another day so that the
next generation of people to walk the earth can see its
precious animals and preserve them as we should
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