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Ocelots in the Rainforest
By Stephanie
Rainforests in the
world are important to
us. There are four layers
in the rainforests.
They’re all located in
Southern Asia, South
America, and the Pacific
Islands. They all are near
the equator. There are
many plants and
animals in rainforests.
That’s why rainforests
are important.
Forest Floor and Understory
The forest floor and the
understory are the two
lowest layers. The forest
floor is important for its
plants and there are larger
animals there too. The
understory has more light.
Its also the second layer.
Canopy and Emergent Layers
The canopy and
emergent layers are
the two top layers.
The canopy is the
top. There are huge
amounts of insects
living there. There
are plants and life
too! The emergent
layer is the highest
Products and Supplies
We get many
supplies from the
rainforest. Some
food we get are
lemons and
oranges. We also
get chocolate and
vanilla. The
rainforest also gives
us gum. The
rainforests are
important to us.
Introduction and Appearance
My animal is a small
wild cat called an
Ocelot. It’s a skinny,
yellow furred cat with a
ringed tail. Ocelots have
spots that go down their
back called chains.
That’s all ocelots look
Many ocelots live
where plants grow.
They live in South
America and Central
America. Ocelots climb
to the understory to
hunt for food to eat.
They go to the
understory to hunt
animals that live there
like monkeys.
Ocelots eat many
animals but no
plants. They hunt
mice, rats, fish,
turtles, monkeys and
birds. Before eating
birds ocelots pluck
the feathers off of
the bird. They pluck
the feathers with its
teeth and claws.
Predators and Preys
Ocelots are
endangered for
their fur. People
use their fur for
coats. It’s been a
illegal to kill
ocelots since
1972. Ocelots
are also
because people
keep them as
Ocelots have
giant eyes to see
in the dark and to
hunt prey.
Ocelots need
their big eyes
because they
hunt in the night.
They also have
claws to help
them hunt too!
Interesting Facts
interesting is that if
ocelots lose their homes
they can’t have babies.
Ocelots also sharpen
their claws on trees.
Also ocelots hunt in the
night and sleep in the
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