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The Future of Direct Potable Reuse
February 20, 2014
Frances Spivy-Weber, Vice Chair
State Water Resources Control Board
Governor’s signing message,
SB322 (September 2013)
“I am signing SB322, which requires the Department of Public
Health in consultation with the State Water Resources Control
Board, to investigate the feasibility of developing uniform water
recycling criteria for direct potable reuse by September
2016. This information is past due. In an effort to enhance the
use of recycled water, I have proposed the consolidation of the
management of the drinking water program and all other water
quality programs, including recycled water, under the State
Water Board. I am directing the Water Board to ensure that this
work is completed expeditiously. The 3-year time frame
mandated in this bill is too slow. California needs more high
quality water, and recycling is key to getting there. Sincerely,
Edmund G. Brown, Jr.”
Proposed Consolidation of Drinking Water
Program and State Water Board
• Inter-agency coordinators named;
• Inter-agency committee established with mid-November 2013,
deadline for plan and costs;
• Stakeholder Task Force convened 2013, bi-monthly meetings,
January 2014 report to Secretaries (HHSA and CalEPA);
• Secretaries Report to Governor and Legislature (February 2014)
Governor’s Budget Request to the State
Legislature (January 2014)
• Funding for consolidation of Drinking Water program and State
Water Board;
• Final Action expected mid-June, 2014
Department of Public
Advisory Committee on
Potable Reuse
• First meeting, February 21, 2014
• Initial Tasks
• Overview of Expert Panel process by NWRI;
• Review of qualifications of potential expert panel
• Input on expert panel;
• Selection of Advisory Chairperson
Department of Public Health contract with
National Water Research Institute
• Expert Panel
• Receives input from
Advisory Committee
SWRCB and POTWs’ Contract with Southern
California Coastal Water Research Program
• Expert Panel three-year study of cost-effective
monitoring/testing for constituents of emerging concern;
• Report and recommendations on recycled water in 2014
Safe Use of Recycled Water in all
Forms is a High Priority for the
State of California
Thank You,
Frances Spivy-Weber, Vice Chair
State Water Resources Control Board
[email protected]