BOOKTALK fairland: explorations, insights and outlooks on

Fairland: Explorations, Insights and Outlooks on Art Fair Future
a book edited by Francesco Garutti and commissioned by miart
Koenig Books, London & Mousse Publishing, Milan, 2014
Francesco Garutti | editor of Fairland
Stefano Baia Curioni | Bocconi University, Milan
Vincenzo de Bellis | Artistic Director of miart
Tuesday, July 1, 2014, 6:30 PM
Triennale di Milano | Saletta Lab
viale Alemagna 6, Milan | free admission
On Tuesday, July 1, 2014 at 6:30 PM, the Lab space of the Milan Triennale will
house a presentation of the book Fairland: Explorations, Insights and Outlooks on
Art Fair Future, a wide-ranging collection of analytical viewpoints and potential visions
that explores the landscape of today's contemporary art fairs.
Commissioned by miart and published by Koenig Books (London) & Mousse
Publishing (Milan), Fairland will be presented by Francesco Garutti, editor of the
volume, who will discuss it with Stefano Baia Curioni (economic historian, Bocconi
University, Milan), author of the brief Fairland essay “Which Fairs – Which Art.
Exchange Rituals and Impossible Markets”, and Vincenzo de Bellis (Artistic Director
of miart).
Commissioned by miart, Milan’s International Fair of Modern and Contemporary Art,
as a tool for critical reflection on the fair format that bridges past and future, the
book brings together brief essays, interviews and visual essays by DIS (New York)
+ Sarah Lookofsky (art historian, ISP Whitney Museum, New York), Moritz Kung (art
and architecture critic and curator, Brussels) & Heimo Zobernig (artist, Vienna),
Kersten Geers (architect, Office KGDVS, Brussels), Franz Schultheis (ethnologist,
University of St. Gallen), Sarah McCrory (curator, Glasgow International), Gabriel
Kuri (artist, Los Angeles), Harald Thys & Jos De Gruyter (artists, Brussels), Stefano
Baia Curioni (economic historian, Bocconi University, Milan).
Looking at the fair format as a solid piece of the art world, with its web of relationships
and hierarchies, its own strategies of social and cultural legitimation, Fairland presents
a varied array of critical thoughts and sagacious utopias. The fair is examined as
the place where, since its origin, the complex, conflicted relationship between art
and commerce, social power and money has been brought to the fore, and the book
gathers together different images and fragments in the attempt to describe how
curating and shaping this physical and metaphorical space can, now more than ever,
become a revelatory practice, rich in possibilities for the future.
Fairland is produced by miart, Milan and Fondazione Depart, Rome
miart 2015 Press Office:
Lara Facco: T +39 02 36565133 / M. +39 349 2529989 / [email protected]
Fiera Milano Press Office:
Rosy Mazzanti: T +39 0249977324 / [email protected]
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Fairland - Explorations, Insights and Outlooks on the Future of
Art Fairs
Francesco Garutti
Stefano Baia Curioni (economic historian, Bocconi University,
Jos de Gruyter & Harald Thys (artists, Brussels)
DIS (art collective, New York)
Kersten Geers (architect, Office Kersten Geers David Van
Severen, Brussels)
Moritz Küng (art and architecture critic and curator, Barcelona)
Gabriel Kuri (artist, Los Angeles)
Pablo León de la Barra (Guggenheim UBS MAP Curator for
Latin America, New York)
Sarah Lookofsky (art historian and editor, Director of Whitney
Museum Independent Study Program, New York)
Sarah McCrory (curator, Glasgow International, Glasgow)
Franz Schultheis (sociologist and ethnologist, Professor and
Director of the Institute of Sociology at the University of St.
Gallen, President of the Pierre Bourdieu Foundation)
Heimo Zobernig (artist, Vienna)
Koenig Books, London & Mousse Publishing, Milan
Studio Mousse and Massimiliano Pace
Publication date:
March 2014
Size & Details:
Paperback | Softcover | 11 x 19 cm
177 pp.