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WCSDA Overview
WCSDA Profile
WCSDA Principle
WCSDA Organism
WCSDA Mission
WCSDA Business Scope
WCSDA Organizational Framework
WCSDA Profile
 The World Cities Scientific Development Alliance
(WCSDA) was established in 2009, with the goal of
promoting sustainable urban development, creating livable
city environments which are disaster resilient and climate
change proof both within and outside China.
 The WCSDA offers mutual opportunities for policy
dialogue on urban governance, exchange of successful
experience and new technologies for sustainable city
development, and promotes world cities scientific
development through the platform of “World Cities
Scientific Development Forum”.
 The World Cities Scientific Development Development
provides regularly platforms for sharing insights and
experiences on various challenges faced by world cities
sustainable development, including crisis management,
emergency relief, disaster reduction, the building of livable
cities for humanity and the transforming of urban economic
development pattern.
 The alliance also helps world people understand and
respect the diversity of civilization as we look to build a
harmonious and peaceful world.
WCSDA Principle
 The general guideline is to “Seek Peace, Seek
Cooperation, Seek Harmony and Seek
 The general development objectives are to
reduce wars, alleviate poverty, control
diseases, deal with city problems, cope with
terrorist incidents, reduce city environmental
pollutions, promote modern cities scientific
prosperity and move forward with a new-type
industrialization of world cities.
WCSDA Mechanism
 Stick to the principle of “equality, freedom,
neutral and science” and put in place the
mechanism of “voluntary and independent
participation and free quit” in a bid to develop
the WCSDA into an authoritative and neutral
international non-governmental organization.
WCSDA Mission
 Working together with governments,
enterprises and social organizations to
build harmonious cities.
WCSDA Business Scope
 1. Organize annual meeting, forums, seminars and other academic
symposiums to share insight on how to build livable cities; compare notes
on Chinese and world economic and social development, including key
issues in finance, trade, investment and environment.
 2. Come up with regional or global initiatives, facilitate and strengthen the
cooperative relationship between city governments and commercial entities
in trade and investment; award relevant titles to outstanding personnel or
organizations that have made contributions to city development.
 3. Organize relevant experts and scholars to carry out themed studies on city
development strategy, development planning, city ecological improvement
and other major theoretical and practical issues about city development.
Accept commission from cities and competent units to conduct
investigations and researches and provide consulting services for all issues
about city development.
 4. Enhance inter-government connections inside and outside regions through
the working network established by the WCSDA; strengthening mutual
understanding, mutual trust and friendship between cities. Set up research
institutions with international influence and provide advanced managerial
experiences and technologies;
 5. Set up research institutions with international influence and provide
advanced managerial experiences and technologies.
 6. Organize members of the WCSDA to launch communications between
world cities and international academic exchanges and inspections.
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WCSDA Planning
Development Course
Current Situation
International Banner
WCSDA Course
 Symposium for Experts
China Academy of Management Science and the Organizing Committee of
the WCSDA co-organized a symposium for experts in Beijing to exchange
views on world cities scientific development, interpret and define world cities
and explore ways for world cities scientific development. In this context, the
First World Cities Scientific Development Forum was held in Beijing and its
sub-forum was held in Shanghai World Expo.
 The First WCSDF
The First World Cities Scientific Development Forum was held under the
theme of “Focusing on World Cities Urbanization and Exploring Ways to
Realize Sustainable Development” to strengthen communication and exchange
among world cities and share insights on and move forward with the idea of
“building a harmonious world” advocated by the Chinese Government. The
event brought together government officials, ambassadors to China, city
representatives, business leaders, financial leaders, economist and sociologists,
among others to exchange views and deliver speeches on eight topics that
received great response from the international community. The Beijing
Declaration with global common consensus was adopted after discussions
before the opening of the First WCSDF as part and parcel of the success of the
First WCSDF.
 Emergency Relief Supplies Exhibition in Hangzhou
 To implement the spirit of the “First World Cities
Scientific Development Forum”, World Cities Scientific
Development Research Center co-organized the “Exhibition
of Relief Supplies in Xiaoshan & International Relief
Supplies Purchasing Group Meeting” under the theme of
“Implementing UN MDGS and Exploring Ways for
Harmonious development” with Hangzhou Xiaoshan Cishan
Zonghui between November 21 and 23, 2010.
 Relief Supplies Purchasing Group Meeting
The meeting held a themed discussion on the
establishment of a branch of the International Emergency
Relief Center in Hangzhou and analyzed comprehensive
data of the feasible report. The center will serve as a
specialized organization to support the united efforts of the
International Emergency Relief Center based in Beijing.
 The Second WCSDF
 First Mayors’ Summit on Disaster Risk Reduction
We focus on all factors for urban development, including
disaster risk prevention and reduction, emergency relief and
post-disaster reduction and actively involves in international
disaster reduction and disaster relief efforts to the best of our
ability. In order to further implement the important works of
the UN in disaster risk reduction, the WCSDA, UNISDR,
Chengdu Municipal Government and SCI co-organized the
Second WCSDF under the theme of “Focusing on
Development and Cooperation among Cities: Building Livable
Cities for Humanity” in Chengdu between Aug 11-13, 2011.
More than 200 participants including experts and mayors
from across the world to share information, knowledge,
experience and insights on challenges in and opportunities for
making city and urban development sustainable, disaster
resilient and climate change-proof. The forum stressed to
enhance bilateral and multilateral cooperation in boosting
sustainable social and economic development and building
livable cities for humanity, called mayors participated in the
forum to sign the Chengdu Action Plan that will serve as the
guidance for disaster prevention and reduction and for the
establishment and improvement of international disaster
prevention and reduction system.
Current Situation
National and international capacities have been
constantly challenged by the growing magnitude and
frequency of natural disasters. The world is under
certainties affected by the international financial crisis.
The impact of the current European debt crisis is as
serious as the subprime mortgage crisis and is likely to
trigger another round of financial crisis if it keeps
All these problems and disasters are threatening
world cities sustainable development. If we fail to
come up with workable measures, the situation will be
even worsened.
Having said that, I believe the humanity could
overcome disasters, no matter how serious they would
be, and move towards new civilization if we could
work together in this endeavor.
International Banner
 One of the major tasks of the UN is to prevent and reduce
disasters and provide humanitarian assistance.
 The role of the UN in disaster prevention and reduction is
to promote the international strategy for disaster risk
reduction globally.
 As a UN authoritative organization for international
strategy for disaster risk reduction, the mission is glorious
and the task is arduous.
 UNISDR has become a banner organization for disaster
prevention and reduction in the world.
Aug 11, 2011
Chengdu, Sichuan, China
The Second WCSDF & the First Mayors’ Summit on Disaster Risk
Officially Reached the Strategic Partnership Agreement on Promoting
World Cities Sustainable Development
Up to now, the WCSDA has put in
p l a c e i t s o w n t he or et i cal o pe r at i o n
mechanism through constant theme vistis and
organized symposiums on city building,
planning, development and future trend over
the past three years and become a wellknown international NGO dedicated to world
cities sustainable development.
Going forward, the WCSDA will
review its commitment to promote bilateral
and multilateral cooperation among world
cities amid the global urbanization process.
On “Making Cities More Resilient”
 The “Making Cities More Resilient” campaign of
UNISDR comes as an important guarantee for world
cities sustainable development!
 Cities that are resilient to disaster risks could help
reduce poverty, promote development, increase job
opportunities, promote social equity, balance the
ecosystem and improve health and education. For that
matter, the campaign can be taken as part of the plan
for sustainable city development.
 Our shared responsibility is to have a clear direction
and focus on practices.
Three Suggestions
Strategic Partnership and the Implementation of “Making
Cities More Resilient” Campaign
For Chinese
How to Develop Specific Programs
How to Leverage on Our Advantages
How to assist
Chinese governments
at all levels
to implement
the campaign
How to roll out
feasible plans for
the campaign
Dialogue Mechanism and
project planning
and implementation
capacity of WCSDA
Three Steps for the Implementation of the Campaign
Symposium for Global Experts
Appraisal System for Cities Resilient to Disaster Risks
grams of the Training Center for International Emergency Relief
Making Cities
More Resilient
Symposium for Global Experts
Sustainable development couldn’t be realized
without reducing disaster risks faced by cities.
This will help accelerate the implementation of the
“Making Cities More Resilient” campaign of UNISDR
in the Asian-Pacific region.
Appraisal System for Resilient Cities
One of the major tasks of the United Nations is
to prevent and reduce disaster risks and provide
humanitarian assistance. The UN Secretary General
Ban Ki-moon noted on the 2010 International Day
for Disaster Risk Reduction that disaster risk
reduction is our shared responsibility and requires
our concerted effort and investment”.
Promoting the implementation of “Making
Cities More Resilient” campaign and enhance the
capacity of world cities in disaster prevention and
reduction also represent a key focus of the WCSDA.
Programs of the International Emergency Relief Training
Help popularize knowledge on disaster rescure and relief,
improve the professional skills of rescure workers and
establish a training system for emergency relief in China.
The WCSDA will coordinate with UNISDR to carry out
demergency rescure and relief trainings based on our strategic
partnerships. We will leverage on the the rich experience of
UNISDR in international disaster relief efforts and introduce
the training programs into enterprises, schools and other social
The WCSDA will cooperate with city governments to set
up training centers in China so as to carry out training
programs for emergency resure and relief that could help save
more lives and reduce property losses.
The programs of the training center will focus on improve
the capacity of citizens in self-rescure and mutual assistance
and plans to set up 100 training centers across China, and each
center is capable of provide training programs for 10,000
Joining Hands in the Campaign
As a key force for world cities sustainable
development, the WCSDA will keep devoping itself into
an authoritative and neutral international NGO with
"equality, freedom, neutrality and science" as the
At the same time, the WCSDA is ready to work
together with UNISDR to deepen our recognition in
world cities sustainable development based on the
strategic partnership and actively explore roads towards
sustainable development through strenghtening
international cooperatio and increasing awareness in
disaster prevention and reduction and other core issues.
To conclude, would like to thank UNISDR for their
thoughtful arrangement and hard works to make this
event happen. I wish you all a fruitful results.
World Cities Scientific Development Alliance