Bill Maheu – Senior Director, Strategic Development, Qualcomm

Qualcomm Support for
Hurricane Katrina and
Haiti Earthquake Relief
Emergency Communications Support
QUALCOMM Deployable 3G CDMA Cellular System
Complete call processing in two transit cases
• Secure call capable
• Clear calls with commercial phones
• Wireless data
• Secure call capable
• PSTN interface
• Supports up to 5000 users
• Interface with Ku-band SATCOM link
• Simplified Graphical User Interface (GUI)
April 7, 2015
Hurricane Katrina/Rita Support Timeline
On September 2, 2005 USG made an emergency request to
Qualcomm to provide support in response to Hurricane Katrina
On September 4 QUALCOMM delivered a QDBS, Ku-band
satellite terminal, 400 cellular phones, and a support team
QUALCOMM worked with ALLTEL, Verizon Wireless and Sprint to
secure spectrum for the QDBS system
QUALCOMM and FEMA personnel setup the cellular system at the
St. Bernard Parish Emergency Operations Center
NORTHCOM set up an operational QDBS system at NAS Belle
Chasse (now JRB New Orelans) to support communications
south of New Orleans
• 6 additional QDBS systems were delivered to support
communications in other Parishes
April 7, 2015
FEMA & Northern Command
Initial sites
FEMA QDBS operational Sept. 8th
(Notional 2-RF Tx coverage pattern)
Northern Command operational Sept 19th
(Notional 1-RF Tx 5 mile coverage circle)
JTF – Katrina Parish Network
April 7, 2015
New Orleans NAS
Belle Chasse, LA
19 Sep 2005
w/ Diversity
QDBS-Cellular Deployment Supporting
UN Relief Operations in Haiti
• Qualcomm donated the following to the United
800 MHz QDBS-Cellular System
1900 MHz QDBS-Cellular RAN
800 MHz and 1900 MHz 3-Sector Expansion Kits
50 800/1900 MHz phones
5 laptops plus aircards
• Original plan called for shipping QDBS to the ITU
in Geneva in mid January 2010
• ITU requested redirection of the QDBS to the
Dominican Republic for staging and operator training
to support the UN’s Haiti Earthquake response on
January 13, 2010
Haiti and the Dominican Republic
160 miles
January 14-17, 2010
– Logistics planning, Export Compliance,
– QDBS ships to Miami for flight to Santo
January 18
– Team flies to Dominican Republic
– Air Cargo flight to Santo Domingo canceled
due to no landing slot
January 19
– Join ITU Team and begin training
– Air Cargo flight diverted to San Juan due to
no landing slot
January 20
– Continue training
– Assist UN team with prep of BGAN satellite
data terminals and Iridium phones
– QDBS equipment arrives in Santo Domingo,
UN staff expedites customs clearance
January 21
– QDBS Hands-On training
– Initial positive impressions
• Size
• UI
January 21
– QDBS Hands-On training
– Initial positive impressions
January 22
– Package scaled down system for
shipment to Haiti
January 23
– UN Team flys into Haiti with QDBS and
other SATCOM equipment
– Team shuttles between Port-Au-Prince
and Santo Domingo
January 27
– ITU Teams returns to Haiti
– Train personnel from Haitian Regulator
(CONATEL) and GSM carrier “Voila” to
operate 800 MHz QDBS
– System went live shortly thereafter
Concept of Operations
Private voice network linking:
– UN Operations Center
– Caribbean Disaster Emergency
Response Agency (CDERA)
– Various Non-Governmental
Organizations (NGOs)
Internet link through INMARSAT
BGAN Data Terminal
Lessons Learned
• Spectrum clearance is a challenge
– Close coordination between wireless carriers and Government
• Close coordination with Sponsor was a must for coordinating
delivery of hardware and embarkation of support teams
• Bring all spares and accessories that you might need
• “Bring your own Logistics” support for deployed teams
• Prior coordination with Government and Non-Government
April 7, 2015
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