NANN’s Mission
NANN is the professional voice that shapes neonatal nursing through
excellence in practice, education, research and professional development.
Organizational Values
• ethics and professionalism
• lifelong learning
• fiduciary responsibility
• collegiality
• trust and transparency
• excellence in practice
• advocacy for quality patient and family care
Goal Areas
• education
• research and translation
• advocacy
• membership engagement
Why join NANN?
By joining NANN, you become a part of
this vibrant community of neonatal
nurses who seek to optimize care for
neonates and their families.
Become a NANN member
to influence
• A voice in forums where standards are being
set and practice is being defined
• Resources that set the standards for practice,
most notably, Neonatal Nursing: Scope and
Standards of Practice
• Coalitions with other healthcare-related
groups that have an impact on neonatal
Become a NANN member
to collaborate
• Access to MyNANN, a private online social
network for NANN members only
• Local and regional chapters
• Leadership and volunteer opportunities
• Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
Become a NANN member
to learn
• Advances in Neonatal Care, NANN's official bimonthly
• Continuing nursing education opportunities including
FREE CNE for members with CNE Now!
• NANN Central newsletter (3 issues per year)
• NANN E-News (NANN’s bimonthly electronic
newsletter) and E-Alerts
• Discounts of up to 25% on NANN publications and
• Discounts on NANN’s annual educational conference
and specialty meetings
• User-friendly website with exclusive Members-Only
NANN CE Products Receive
Excellent Reviews!
Total Average Scores:
4.5 out of 5
Become a NANN Member to
Stay Informed
• An e-mail newsletter created by SmartBrief, a business news publisher, in
partnership with NANN.
• A weekly snapshot of neonatal care with news from HealthDay News, Reuters
and other leading sources.
• Summaries of what matters to you, written by expert editors to save you time
and keep you informed and prepared.
Intangible benefits
• Representation to American Academy of
– Perinatal Section
– Home health care
• Representation to March of Dimes
• Representation to ANA
• Representation to SNA
Intangible benefits
• Advocacy on current legislative issues
– Nursing practice
– APRN practice
– Neonatal care and families
• Networking opportunities with peers
• Credibility
Institute of Medicine report
• The Future of Nursing Leading Change,
Advancing Health
• Report Recommendations:
– Nurses should practice to the full extent of their
education and training
– Nurses should achieve higher levels of education and
training through an improved education system that
promotes seamless academic progression
– Nurses should be full partners, with physicians and
other health care professionals, in redesigning health
care in US
– Effective workforce planning and policy making
require better data collection and an improved
information infrastructure.
Membership for All
NANN Group Memberships are Available!
NANN offers a group membership discount designed to encourage unit membership
and to help make membership even more affordable to every one of your unit
Group memberships are available for groups of three or more and must be submitted
together via fax, email or mail.
Groups of 3 or more: 8% discount—Each individual membership is $105.50.
All memberships must be received together to qualify for the discount.
Visit, or call 800.451.3795 for more information.
Join today
• NANN is the only non-profit neonatal nursing
organization that exists solely to support the
professional needs of neonatal nurses
throughout their careers.
• NANN is your neonatal connection to the
strongest and most vibrant community of
neonatal nurses.
To learn more or to join, visit
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