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2 november 2013
Sebastian Lingserius, the founder of KASS Production. He is a freelance
choreographer/dancer based in Stockholm. Been choreographing the last 8 years
doing both commission works in Norway and Hungary, and own productions at
MDT, Weld, and in the spring of 2014 the House of Dance/Sthlm. Dancing with
important choreographers around Sweden. He considers corporeal practices as
equally important as Intellectual ones.
Master in Choreography, University College of Dance/Stockholm
Bachelor in Dance, The Royal Swedish Balettschool/Stockholm
Choreographic works...
Bod(ill)ess - Creation, premiere at The House of Dance/Sthlm 2014mar
Resolutionary Bodies - Creation, premiere at WELD/Sthlm 2013aug
Made As Three - Creation, premiere at MDT/Sthlm 2012dec
Three Folded - Research (Part 3), shown at Dansens Hus/Sthlm.
Three Folded - Research (Part 2), shown at Dansehallarne/Copenh.
Three Folded - Research (Part 1), shown at DC Syd/Malmö 2012mar
uChor - Installation, shown at DC Syd/Malmö 2012mar
alt. org - Creation, premiere at MDT/Sthlm 2011nov
non-phase - Creation, premiere at Weld/Sthlm
Third phase - Creation, premiere at Weld/Sthlm
The Magneticfields - Graduation piece at the Univ. of Dance/Sthlm 2009dec
Phase two - Ongoing research project, when traveling through Europe.2009may
The Worm Piece - Conceptual solo at the Univ. of Dance/Sthlm
Phase - Creation, sharing evening with a theater-show.
Lethe - Commissioned piece for MU Terminal, Hungary/Budapest
Malak - Commissioned piece for a touring festival DancePro/Norway 2006june
Ciel - Piece to the Young Dancer Competition at Dansens Hus/Sthlm 2005may
Masterclasses of importance...
Thomas Hauert - Improvisation techniques/Architectural Body 2011&2012
Giselle Vienne - Representational Body/Aesthetics in times of Barbie 2009
Joseph Nadj - de-facialized body/reversed body practise
Productions as a dancer...
Fictional Copies - Chor. Björn Säfsten, at Museeum for Archit. Sthlm 2013
Display - Chor. Björn Säfsten, Tour NYC, UK and Sthlm
Omprövning II - Chor. Anna Kock, at WELD
Display - Chor. Björn Säfsten, played at Modern Dansteater 2011/oct
Curtain Call - A production of Charlotta Engelkes. 2010/dec
A Warrior’s Roar... - Mårten Spångbeg & Xavier Le Roy/Weld 2010/jan
AURUM - Chor. Björn Elisson, Long tour around Sweden
MEMORY DWARFS - Chor. Björn Elisson, played at Dansens Hus
VOLT - Choreog.Björn Elisson, with tour in Sweden. 2006/mar
SKEN - Choreog.Björn Elisson, played at Moderna Dans Teater+tour 2006/feb
Love ReMIX - Chor. Bo Arenander, played at Moderna Dans Teater 2005/apr
Un Ballo in Marschera - filmprojekt for SVT and the Modern Museum artistic leader Yinka Shonibare, choreog. Lisa Torún. 2004/jun
Me watching... - Chor. Helena Franzén, tour to Bukarest 2004/apr
Really Bad - Chor. Bo Arenander, played at Moderna Dans Teater 2003
military art film - by Maria H. Åkerlund, choreog. Anders Jacobsson 2003
tel: +46 (0)70 7321965!
Education :
Allison Ahl
The Royal Swedish Balettschool in Stockholm. Contemporary program, diplomed in 2005.!
!Currently in:
Idiots by Björn Säfsten, at MDT in october 2014.
Bod(ill)ess by Sebastian Lingserius. At Dansens Hus in Sthlm in March and Point Éphémère
Paris, 2014.
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Also // !Professional experience:
Fictional copies by Björn Säfsten, performed in Caen, Stockholm, Malmö and Newcastle.
Resolutionary bodies ; New creation by Sebastian Lingserius at WELD in Stockholm.
Anthropos Morphe by Peter Jansson, at Skånes Dansteater in Malmö.
Just as we are; New creation by English choreographer Ben Wright/Bgroup. Premiered at the The Point in Eastleigh in March and later at The Place in London and on U.K tour.
Made as three, by Sebastian Lingserius for MDT in Stockholm. An evening created through three pieces in
different locations of the theatre, investigating the city as body or else maybe creating a new sport...
Appearance, Solo work for Malmö Konsthall during the project SMAK (6 formats of solo work).
Drumliner by actor and playwriter Mats Flink, a play mixing movement, text and sound at Färgfabriken in
Fictional copies by Björn Säfsten, a pre-work research period testing out some methods for an upcoming
On the road, 4 creations (Phillipe Blanchard, Tommi Kitti, Stephen Petronio) performed and on tour with and
at Skånes Dansteater.
Trigger Point, by Swedish choreographer Helena Franzen.
Corderoy re-constructed by Björn Säfsten, installation and re-construction of the piece Corderoy for the arts
gallery Magasin 3 in Stockholm.
non-phase by Sebastian Lingserius, a piece of research towards the inorganic at WELD in Stockholm. Corderoy a performance of symetri and asymetri, intention and non-intention, by Björn Säfsten, at Dansens Hus
in Stockholm.
Third Phase, by Sebastian Lingserius, the third part in a quadrilogy of pieces where many physical rules where
created as a ”no”-manifest at WELD in Stockholm.
Black Water by Jorma Uotinen, at the Opera of Hanoi, Vietnam, with Skånes Dansteater in Malmö.
Fragile Entity by Susanna Leinonen at Skånes Dansteater in Malmö.
Masterminds, an interactive performance about composition and choreography, performed for all ages, at Skånes Dansteater in Malmö.
Dockplats 2010, a Site specific spectacle in the Harbour of Malmö, by Dansdesign (Anne-Grete Eriksen&Leif
Hernes) with Skånes Dansteater.
Face it, by Lidia Wos, Allison Ahl, Melody Putu, Adel Andersson and Peder Nilsson, a mixed performance of
6 small pieces during a lunch at Skånes Dansteater. !
a little prince.. own solo creation at Skånes Dansteater.
Berlin by Hofesh Scheshter at Skånes Dansteater in Malmö.
Black Water by Jorma Uotinen, for the Opera of Malmö with Skånes Dansteater in Malmö.
Masterminds interactive performance about composition and choreography by Björn Säfsten/Anja Arnqvist.
Maktpunkt by Christina Tingskog, a piece exploring power games, at Subtopia in Stockholm.
Daniel new musicvideo with English singer Bat for Lashes by Renck Åkerlund Films.
Cuatro Estaciones by Björn Säften, at Dansens Hus in Stockholm.
Au bout de l’oeil by Ezio Schiavulli at Savigny les Temples in Paris. Plutôt la vie Performed at Hjalmar Bergman Theatre in Örebro (Sweden) and Dansens Hus in Stockholm. By
Company Raande-Vo and Lena Josefsson.
INAFF by Company Raande-Vo and Lena Josefsson, in Örebro.
Phase, a moment of in-between, by Sebastian Lingserius at Theatre Lederman in Stockholm. Play me the Bolero by Carl-Olof Berg on tour in Sweden. Furiously rythmical by Company Raande-Vo and Lena Josefsson, on swedish tour.
INAFF, by Company Raande-Vo and Lena Josefsson.!
Light divers, by Eva Lundqvist and the Windwitches/Vindhäxor at Dansens Hus in Stockholm. Rain, Rainbow, Rain by Eva Lundqvist and the Windwitches/Vindhäxor at Glashuset in Stockholm.
Choreographers assistent for Sebastian Lingserius in various pieces since 2010, KASS production.
Teaching workshops connected to the works of Company Raande-Vo and Lena Josefsson 2006-2008, and
Helena Franzen in 2011. Recording songs with French musician Olivier Chardome in 2010.
Per Nilsson, 630510-7556
Utbildning (urvall)! !
2001 Disputation i teoretisk filosofi på doktorsavhandlingen Naturen, vetenskapen och förnuftet: Upplysningens dialektik
och det andra moderna.!
2010 Docent i filosofi med inriktning mot konstens filosofier! !
Anställningar (urval)!
1995-2000 Doktorandtjänst Inst. för filosofi och vetenskapsteori Umeå Universitet! !
2001-2002 Projektassistenttjänst, Konsthögskolan Umeå universitet 25%!
2003-2005 Forskarassistent, Konsthögskolan Umeå universitet, 75 % !
2010- Universitetslektor, Arkitekthögskolan Umeå universitet 20%!
2010- Universitetslektor, Konsthögskolan Umeå universitet 80%!
2010 10 04 antagen som docent i filosofi, med inriktning mot konstens filosofier, av humanistiska fakultetsnämnden vid
Umeå universitet!
2011- studierektor för forskarutbildningen i fri konst vid Konsthögskolan, Umeå universitet.!
Publikationer i urval:!
Naturen, vetenskapen och förnuftet: Upplysningens dialektik och det andra moderna (Umeå studies in Philosophy 2,
2001) (Avhandling) !!
The Amphibian Stand: An Essay Concerning Research Processes in Fine Art (Umeå: h-ström förlag, 2009) (Monografi)
Non Serviam: Philosophical Essays Into Arts of Living, (Monografi), forthcoming 2014. !
Konstnärlig/filosofisk verksamhet i urval!
Filosofisk improvisation: ett performanceverk tillsammans med Butohdansaren och koreografen SU-EN, ljudkonstnären
Lise-Lott Norelius och bildkonstnären Fredrik Olofsson. Filosofisk helg på Fylkingen, Stockholm, Fylkingen 2009.!
Three Rivers: ett performanceverk av och med Rasmus West. Deltagare: Rasmus West, Per Nilsson och en
kammarorkester från Moskvas konservatorium. Projektledare: Per Nilsson. Qui-Vive? Biennalen, curator: Martin Schibli,
Moskva, Moscow Museum of Modern Art 2010.!
Display: ett dansverk av koreografen Björn Säfsten. Medskapare: Erik Ernestedt/Oskar Landström, dansare, Sebastian
Lingserius, dansare, Per Nilsson, filosof, Victor Saiz, musik, Jovanna Remaeus, scenbild, Sutoda, ljus. Säfsten
Produktion 2011.!
Introduction: ett dansverk av koreografen Björn Sästen. Medskapare: Sophie Augot, dansare, Anja Arnquist, dansare, Per
Nilsson, filosof. Säfsten Produktion 2012.!
Fictional Copies: ett koreopoetiskt dansverk av koreografen Björn Säfsten. Medskapare: Sebastian Lingerius, dansare,
Alison Ahl, dansare, Anja Arnquist, dansare, Kenneth Bruun Carlson, dansare, Oskar Landström, Dansare, Per Nilsson,
filosof. Säfsten produktion 2013.!
Projektledare för externt finansierade projekt!
2003-2007 Forskningsprocesser i konst, 3 300 000 skr. Vetenskapsrådet!
2012-2015 Amphibian De-Creation in Choreography and Philosophy, 4 200 000 skr. Vetenskapsrådet!
2012-2016 Ressurecting Chora, 2 170 000 skr. Baltic Group Fund
CURRICULUM VITAE: EMIN DURAK | interdisciplinary designer
MFA in Experience Design Program from Konstfack / Stockholm, 2010-2012
(As necessary part of the education process at Konstfack)
Inter/Trans-disciplinary Collaboration Projects with:
University College of Opera (Operahögskolan);
“Forecasting Future Experience of Opera”,
Karolinska Institute;
“Collaboration between Science & Art”,
University College of Dance & Circus (Danshögskolan);
“Rhythmic Sequence of Sonorous-gestural Forces”,
Royal Institute of Technology (KTH);
Technical Advisory for MFA thesis work by Kjetil Hansen
Part-time courses in Theatre Activism & Historiography in Aesthetical
Sciences in Stockholm University / Stockholm, 2011
BSc Industrial Design from Istanbul Technical University (ITU) / 2005-2010
Additional courses have been taken at ITU in:
Multimedia Design, Visual Design Theory & Information Architecture
Exchange Program in Products and Systems Design Engineering at:
University of the Aegean / Ermoupolis-Greece, 2008-2009
Part-time courses at Irvine College in Graphic Design, California, 2007
8th Oct, 1986
+46 73 649 8974
C/O Holmgren
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Stockholm 114 57
Language Skills
English (Advanced)
Swedish (Communicational)
French (Beginner)
Turkish (Native)
Computer Skills
3D modelling/render (3DSMax & Cinema 4D
Adobe Series
Web Design / Developmet:
Html, CSS, php, asp.NET, SQL
Information Architecture / Interaction Design Arduino / Pure data microcontroller and
sound processing generative soft/hardwares