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SløvågPosten nr 7 - Aug 2012
Baker Hughes
Gulen Industrial Harbour
Baker Hughes in Sløvåg
We started up in 1998 in an up-to-date facility for handling of explosive for perforating equipment. During
the last 12 years there has been a stable workload in
regards to perforating, mainly for Statoil. The explosives are used before the production phase of the oil
starts. We have also achieved the record of length of
perforating with one firing head (2300 meters).
Gulen Industrial Harbour
Gas pipeline
A two hour drive from Bergen, near Mongstad,
you find Gulen Industrial Harbour. Gulen Industrial
Harbour has approx. 1 000 decare area regulated for
industrial activity.
Gulen Industrial Harbour has the potensial to establish
gas pipeline to the site.
We own a tie-point in Fensfjorden on the pipeline
from Kollsnes to Mongstad.
The harbour has 400 decare levelled site ready to
welcome industrial operations within the maritime
sector. The area has today 5 quays (2 deep-water
berths), and quay no. 6 (deep-water) will be ready
end 2012.
All our personnel are trained and drilled in
handling of explosives
Currently the following has been realized:
Our services
large loading operations
maintenance and repair
standby port for vessels
handling and storage of anchors and chains
large storage area – also indoor
efficient and safe handling
personnel facilities
new office building ready end 2013
All kind of handling equipment available. Crane
capacity up to 150 tonnes
Valve for connecting the Fensfjorden branch pipe
All connection valves manufactured and ready for
Pipe rout planning completed and tender documents prepared
Onshore terminal designed/engineering completed
Design of seabed connection method completed
Sløvåg Posten
til Oljemessa i Stavanger
Sløvåg-bedriftene har i år felles profilering på Sogn og
Fjordane sin fellesstand på oljemessa i Stavanger 28-31
august 2012. Derfor er denne utgåva av Sløvåg Posten ei
ONS-utgåve og kjem berre ut på engelsk.
Development and production “go hand
in hand”...
...and we are working to:
In 2005 extended our services and started with preparation of screen here in Sløvåg.
Screen is pipe with a filter inside to stop penetration
of sand when the oil flows, to explain briefly.
Since then we have been sending approximately 7000
screens offshore every year. We mainly have been
supplying the TROLL field, but we have also delivered
to other fields like Grane, Oseberg and Heidrun. These
are all Statoil fields and in addition we serve other
operator companies like BP, Exxon Mobil and Talisman.
Here are Baker Hughes personnel preparing screens to
go offshore.
We have a pressure testing unit for equipment up to 15
meters length and a torque machine for machining connections up to 42000 lbs/ft.
The Baker Hughes Drilling Fluids product line opened
in June 2007 a mixing station for brine here is Sløvåg.
Brine is a salt solution which is the basic component in
most fluids used when drilling. We transport the brine
with boats to Baker Hughes bases along the coast
from Stavanger to Sandnessjøen. There they mix the
brine with mud before they send it offshore.
Fleire av bedriftene i Sløvåg er viktige og seriøse aktørar
i Offshoremaknaden. Med kvalitet og kundefokus har me
ambisjonar om å vekse vidare i denne bransjen, i godt
samarbeid med både det offentlege og næringslivet.
expend the industrial area to 1 000 decare
create new activity
increase the employees from 250 to 500
build a dry dock
establish businesses at the site that benefit from natural gas
as a resource in the production/ with large power demand
Sløvåg- Industrien vil satse offensivt framover under
namnet Gulen Industrihamn!
Lykke til på ONS!
Wergeland AS
CEO Hugo Sleire
Tel: +47 481 74 459
Irene Kjelby Wergeland
Sløvåg næringsbygg
Sløvåg næringsbygg
Sløvåg Næringsbygg
...will be a catalyst for further development
of industrial establishments in the region Gulen and Masfjorden
Office section in the center of the building with panoramic views to the west.
Located along county road 57, Gulafjordvegen, about 2
km from the ferry terminal Sløvåg, in the new business
park at the entrance to Sløvåg
industrial park.
OUTSIDE AREA will be built up with storage areas, parking lots and planting.
The building will include both industry-oriented and
public-oriented establishments.
Sløvåg Næringsbygg AS
The building - in 3 floors - will have a total floor area of
approx. 8000 m2 , on a plot of 12.6 acres.
Through their joint development company, Gulen og
Masfjorden Utvikling AS - have municipalities, counties
and the state (SIVA) - together with local businesses
founded a separate company for the purpose of bringing
up a large commercial building in Sløvåg.
GROUND FLOOR and outdoor storage (approximately
3340m2 BTA) - Foyer with lift and stairs, shops, warehouses and workshops as well as gatekeeper. Outdoor
storage building with its own sheltered waste area.
Birkeland Entreprenørforretning AS
Eidsbotn Handel AS
Entreprenør Ansgar Birkeland AS
Gulen og Masfjorden Utvikling AS
Johny Birkeland Transport AS
Mjømen og Berge Eiendom AS
Sætrelaks Eiendom AS
Wergeland Holding AS
FIRST FLOOR (approximately 2.528m2 BTA) - Gallery /
foyer with reception, office, gym, hairdresser, print /
archive and a separate shared computer room. Canteen
/ cafeteria / kitchen, large three-part meeting rooms
equipped with modern communication and visualization
equipment. “Oases” with informal meeting places.
SECOND FLOOR (approximately 2.428m2 BTA) - Commuter Housing for temporary residence and living room
with terrace. 41 rooms (16m2) with a single barrack
standard, 14 rooms (33m2) with kitchen and office
workspace. 4 of these with universal design.
The building is thought to be a “signature building” at
the entrance to the commercial and industrial area and
will provide visual guidelines for future development.
The building will have a modern and “exclusive” design
with a simple standard.
30 renters - of these, 7 are already established in Sløvåg 10 are from other parts of Gulen and Masfjorden - and 13
new establishments, or come from other municipalities.
1. Birkeland Entreprenørforretning AS
2. Eidsbotn Handel AS
3. Entreprenør Ansgar Birkeland AS
4. Gulen & Masfjorden Utvikling AS
5. Johny Birkeland Transport AS
6. Mjømen og Berge Eiendom AS
7. Wergeland Holding AS
8. Gulen Taxi
9. Total Rekneskap AS
10. Østerbø Maskin AS
11. Tess Vest AS - Sløvåg
12. Norwegian Roots & Travel AS
13. Jasmin Massasje
14. Go’foten rundt
16. Hjelp24 AS - Bergen
17. YIT AS Avd. Mongstad
18. Vetter VVS ENK
19. GuMa Aktiv AS
20. Grieg Wergeland Market AS
21. Fix med Vips (sus)
22. Solgul Blomst AS
23. Alexela Sløvåg AS
24. Fjordane Advokatkontor
25. HAFS Elektro AS
26. Halsvik Aggregates AS (i forhandling)
27. Halsvik AS
28. Sløvåg Næringshage AS (sus)
29. Nytt Driftsselskap AS (sus)
30. Sløvåg Næringsbygg AS
Modern facilities
Parking (no fixed seats)
Canteen on a daily basis
Hotel / restaurant / function rooms - both in businesses and privates
Access to modern meeting room system
Possibilities to rent additional office / accommo
dation / storage during periods
Access to top-quality print-copy-scan
Datastorage with backup
ICT problem solving
Possibilities to define their own visualization solutions (advertising / information) related to the shop
Help for establishment and further development of new businesses - Network (GMU / Nærings- hage)
Friendly social frame - meeting places for cre
ative thinking - idea creation
Cleaning Services
Housekeeper Services
The different renters possess a large and varied range of
skills - and sell services in many areas - which can also be
used by the other rent holders.
Operation and
common service
To operate the building, as well as to provide renters and
third parties second customers the best service possible,
will require a lot of resources - but also open to new
possibilities. We are about to establish a new operating company with local owners with a business idea to
operate the building, and built on the basis of developing
new business and provide services to customers outside
the building. Operating Company may consider engaging
subcontractors in all areas.
What we offer renters
Renters will be a heterogeneous group with different
needs - from one-office solution to office-retail-warehouse-workshop. We want to give small and large renters
feeling of belonging to a large community with all the
normal economies of scale.
Entreprenør Ansgar
Birkeland AS
Sætrelaks Eiendom AS
SERVICE BASE activities
• Large storage area onshore, good accessability
for inspections
• Large load and unload operations
• Cargohandling
• Maintenance and ship repair
We meet the FUTURE...
• Efficient and safe handling the northern part of Norway
• 24 hour service
We are established in the industrial park in Repparfjord, where we in partnership with Franzefoss
process and dispose drill cuttings through the
company Finnmark Gjenvinning.
We meet the FUTURE...
Repparfjord, with its strategic location in relation
to oil and gas activities in the Barents Sea, will get
an important role in the years to come. In Markoppneset we are planning to start BASE ACTIVITIES. the western part of Norway
Our ISPS harbour tody has five quays with 24 hour
service. Three of these are DEEPWATER QUAYS.
We are planning two new deepwater quays, along
with a DRYDOCK. The drydock will have capacity to
handle decommissioning of offshore rigs.
OFFSHORE MATERIAL from Repparfjord Industrial
park has played and will in the future continue to
play an important role in connection with building
new undersea pipelines.
Next to our harbour we have areas ready for space
demanding jobs. Our heavy duty handling equipment are tailor made for large operations.
We deliver QUALITY
Our main goal is to deliver complete solutions to
our customers.
Quality, health environment and safety are in
constant focus, and our company’s goal is to be in
constant development, in line with our customers
needs and the Government demands and regulation.
We started with concrete and developed our company to find possibilities and build comprehensive
and sustainable businesses. Today we offer different services to customers within the oil industry,
business and private market.
Wergeland Holding AS
Our business
• Concrete, concrete counter weights to keep
pipelines in position on the seabed
• Recieve and process oil waste and cuttings
• Tank cleaning at supply ships
• NORM disposal site
• Cable ferry / freight boat / tug boat
• Base- and harbour services
We provide KNOWLEDGE
The Wergeland Group is located with its main
office in Gulen municipality in Sogn og Fjordane,
but is also located in Kvalsund municipality in Finnmark. Wergeland is the main land-owner at Gulen
Industrial Harbour.
Chairman of the Board
Wergeland Holding AS
We are constantly developing our new industrial
areas. Natural gas pipeline to our industrial park is
now at the detailed planning stage. This will connect to the main pipeline; Kolsnes-Mongstad in the
fjord 5 km from us. We are very well positioned
and fully ready to meet the future.
Our employees are our finest resource. By beeing open and including we will, together with our
competent employees develop our companies. Our
goal is to be top-class within our core business.
Assist. CEO
Wergeland Holding AS
Wergeland-Halsvik AS
Wergeland Holding AS
Gulafjordvegen 75,
NO-5960 Dalsøyra
Tel: +47 57 78 18 00
Fax: +47 57 78 18 01
Wergeland AS
Sløvåg Industriområde
5960 Dalsøyra
Phone.: +47 57 78 14 60 -
TESS Sløvåg was established in 20.10.2010. TESS Norway is one of the biggest suppliers of Hoses,
Couplings and Fittings in Scandinavia with a turnover of more than 2 billion NKR. We offer a 24 hours
service and also provide a mobile hydraulics service.
TESS is Norway´s leading supplier of engineered systems and services for hoses and hydraulics for the Oil & Energy industry. TESS
coordinates more than 100 service centers with approved workshops and Hose Engineers approved by DnV. TESS is recognized as
a reliable supplier of high quality products and services for more than 40 years. Eight hundred employees contributed to a turnover of
more than USD 340 Million in 2011.
Foto: Arnfinn Olsen/Statoil
• Hose handling systems/offshore loading
• Customized hose solutions
Products (MRO):
• Hydraulic Flying Leads (HFL) and bundles Our experts and engineering staff are
• Subsea Umbilicals
continuously improving our product
TESS has extensive product and field
experience. TESS service personnel
are continuously updated and certified
by training courses. TESS also provides Customer Training. We offer Service Agreements, Customer Support
and Life Cycle Care Systems - in order
to help Customers to improve HSE/QA
and increase uptime.
Mobileservice: +47 901 84 592 - 24-hour service Bergen: +47 913 91 141 - 24 hour service Mongstad: +47 17 27 500
range enabling TESS to meet the
present and future demands. TESS is
innovative, and cooperates directly with
some of the worlds leading manufacturers. TESS offers:
Hoses and couplings
Tubing & Metric Hydraulics
• Welding equipment and materials
• Personal protection and work wear
equipment (PPE)
• Tools & material handling
• Transmission products
• Chemicals and lubricants
• Other MRO products
TESS is ISO 14001 certified:
After having passed the ISO 14001
audit, TESS has become one of the
first Hose and Hydraulic suppliers in
Norway to receive an ISO 14001
certificate for its environmental
management system. Since 1984
TESS as has been ISO 9001 certified.
Customer references:
Industrial and hydraulic hoses
Bunkering and drilling hoses
Ultra high pressure hoses
Fire resistant - Warmguard hoses
Fittings and valves
Pipe fittings and quick couplings
Steel hoses, compensators and pipes
TESS Houston
FMC Technologies
Aker Solutions
Exxon Mobil
ose the Wo
The World
...and other world class customers!
TESS Aberdeen
TESS Esbjerg
Unit 2 Millerstreet
Av. Antonio Abreu, 1850
Tværkaj 4,
PO Box 1540 • NO-3007
860 FM 517
Aberdeen, AB 11 5AN
Virgem Santa
DK-6700 Esbjerg
Drammen, Norway
Alvin, Tx. 77511 USA
Macaé - RJ
Phone: +47 32 84 40 00
Phone: +44 1224 594 050
Phone:+55 22 2772-4722
Phone: +45 754 57 851
+1 281-331-1600
- Optimal life cycle
- Hose Management system
- Customer web
- Equipment, also for leasing
• TESS uptime Solutions with THM,
TESS Hose Management
• Manufacturing and Project Management
• Pressure Testing, Flushing and Certifying of Hoses / Systems
• Piping / Welding
• Inventory management services/Partner
- Hydraulic jumpers
- Umbilicals
- Terminations, hoses and fittings
- Hydraulic Power Units
- Workover Completion System (WOCS)
- Subsea distribution systems
- Hydraulic Flying Leads (HFLs)
- Subsea Valley
- Offshore loading
Hoses and Fittings, Tools, Occupational, Footwear
and Safety Equipment, Industrial Chemicals, Oil and
Lubricants, Electrical Supplies, Paint Supplies, Pipe
Fittings, Fastenings, Abrasives, Cleaning Materials,
Galley Equipment and Supplies, Lifting Equipment,
Stationary, Ropes, Pyrotechnics and Hydraulics
Engineering and Systems:
TESS capabilities are complete engineering, procurement, construction and
installation. TESS has established a
dedicated technical division with R&D
activities, customized production and
total solutions deliveries. Together with
Partners. TESS undertakes the full
responsibility of:
Johny Birkeland Transport
Johny Birkeland Transport
30 ÅR!
Septik 24
Septik 24 is a committed network of several corporations
where one through mutual ownership and local operational
focus are looking to increase the involvement.
All companies associated with Septik 24 are united under a
joint umbrella with a common profile. Septik 24 has a strong
coordination and utilization of common resources and infrastructure that gives us benefits through:
Technical capacity
IT system
Arild Bødal
Arild is the pioneer, initiator and
board member in Septik 24 and
the Smartek group. You can reach
Arild at tel. 90 56 66 21
Smartek partner in the
south west of Norway
Johny Birkeland Transport was established in 1982
by Johny Birkeland. Johny is still in charge and his
son Kenneth is deputy.
We are Smartek
The company was, like the other Smartek partners,
originally established to work on septic waste
disposal. After a few years we joined with Miljøservice in Stryn in a working partnership within this
JBT developed fast, and due to its proximity to the
sea and the city, tank cleaning on offshore vessels and other industrial services became some of
the most important services. Today our business
performs work high up in the mountains and far
out to sea, and has a strong position in the west of
JBT’s headquarters are situated in Sløvåg, north of
Bergen. We have separate departements at Sotra
and in Odda, but we do special jobs in other parts
of the country as well.
Johny Birkeland Transport AS - Tel. 57 78 11 70 - E-mail: -
The Smartek group originated as a natural
consequence of the fact that clever people work
the best in teams – across barriers of fjords,
mountains and night closed gas station. Smartek
consists of privately owned companies in the south
of Norway, that delivers services in industrial
service and municipal engineering.
We own our own businesses, and we intend to
keep it that way. In order for us to make a living
we need you to be satisfied with our work today,
so that you’ll ask us tomorrow. If you know what
you need, contact your local Smartek partner by
phone, mail or our contact form which you will
find at
There’s a reason why our businesses stand strong
in our communities. Our reputation is built over
several years. We like it like that, because we sleep
better at night knowing people are pleased with
our work.
If you’ve got a giant problem that needs to be
solved in the middle of the night, call Smartek at
tel. 90 00 40 35, as highly demanded as a lottery
prize in advent. Do you pull your hair trying to put
up framework agreements for vast areas, and you
don’t quite know who offers what? Call Torstein
at tel: 90 00 40 35 and you have one less thing to
worry about.
We are local and close to where you live. At the
same time we cooperate on large jobs and framework agreements across both the inter-municipal
corporations and county toll systems. We transfer
people and equipment to the location you need.
This way we can utilize expensive equipment to
your benefit.
We are near you to do the smaller jobs and
cooperate on the larger ones. We perform all
jobs with superior equipment and a huge smile.
Alexela Sløvåg
Gulen & Masfjorden Utvikling AS
New terminal
Stimulating growth
After the well-known Vest tank accident in Sløvåg
2007, Alexela Sløvåg AS has invested more than
MNOK 500 into the rebuilding and upgrading of
the terminal.
Gulen & Masfjorden Utvikling AS is a development
company for the business in Gulen and Masfjorden.
The company is situated in Gulen Industrial Harbour
and its purpose is to stimulate growth among the
industry in the area.
This has been a long and demanding process which
has finally come to an end. In general one can say
that we now have a complete new terminal,
compared to what was here in 2007. The new terminal has a 94.000 m3 capacity.
Alexela Sløvåg AS New terminal
With history clearly in mind, our main focus has of
course been safety for personnel and environment.
This is implemented in all stages of the rebuilding
and last but not least, in the complete new firefighting system.
Gulen Industrial Harbour is an engine for the region,
and GMU has, amongst other things, been initiator
for the establishment of Sløvåg Næringsbygg. With
a floor space of 8000 m2, 30 businesses are
planning to establish in the building.
Landing of gas to Gulen Industrial Harbour has been
another of GMU’s priorities. The pipeline is preplanned with its connection point 4 km into Fensfjorden. The industrial area will be pre-levelled by
2014, and is a strategically good area for establishment with easy approach and a nice quay area.
The new firefighting system is a deluge valve based
system with a combination of foam and water used
as extinguishing agent. Fresh fire water is provided
from a 5.000 m3 fire water tank, that can be refilled with sea water if needed during the extinguishing process. The foam and water is pumped
into the 19 different extinguishing systems, by the
means of four pumps each driven by separate 575
BHP diesel engines, and it delivers 58.000 l/h if
needed. This combined with a highly advanced fire
& gas detection system delivered by Origo solutions, gives a state of the art firefighting system
very well suited for its tasks.
4x575 BHP Fire water pumps delivering 58 000 l/h
At Matre in Masfjorden BKK has extensive developing plans, and GMU has been the initiator for
Matre Næringsbygg. Feel free to contact us for an
informal talk if any of our projects is of interest.
We assist the business with:
Establishing your own company
Developing projects for businesses
Joint projects of commercial nature
Liaison between industry and government
Gulen og Masfjorden Utvikling AS
Torill Torsvik Størkersen
Gulafjordvegen 75, 5960 Dalsøyra
Tel: +47 57 78 18 32
Mob: +47 480 333 12
Grieg Wergeland Market
Grieg Wergeland Market AS is a newly established
joint venture between Grieg Logistics and
Wergeland Holding.
Closing in on the project’s finish line, Alexela Sløvåg
AS is proud to present our new terminal to new
and existing clients, as well as our neighbours and
the local community.
Deluge valves for 19 extinguishing systems
GW Market aims to provide the best of two worlds
in combining the equipment, quays and storage /
project sites from the Wergeland Group, with the
Ship Services and Terminal Operations from Grieg
Thus jointly providing a one stop shop for projects
long or short term, new establishments, local contractors targeted towards the Oil, Gas, Supply, Subsea, Rig, Seismic, SURF, Bulk and project industies
Origo Solutions last fine tuning of the fire & gas detection system
One of many flame, heat and gas detectors, constantly
monitoring the terminal.
Grieg Wergeland Market
Gulafjordsveien 75
NO-5960 Dalsøyra
Tel: +47 934 20 545
Neste nummer kommer ut i forbindelse med ONS 2012 (august)
VMS Safeport
VMS Safeport
VMS-Safeport carries out all
kinds of welding and steelwork, also underwater
Chairman of Gulen council
on opening day of workshop
in Sløvåg
Wide range of services. Quay access and
repairs for vessels and installations on
the Norwegian west coast. Large capacity
- High quality - Quick mobilization - Cost
effective. Single point of contact for customer.
• Various steel work with preapproved welding
• Large variety of mechanical services for vessels
and rigs.Tank cleaning at supply ships
• Personnel and equipment for onshore and
offshore activities
• NDT services
• Diesel engines overhaul / Turbocharger service
• Quay access
• Waste and slop disposal
• Tank washing
• Surface treatment
• Diving and ROV services
• Maintenance and inspection for lifeboats,
rescue boats &davits
• IT services
• Electric services
• Insulation
• Ventilation
• Propeller straightening / balancing
• Gear repair
VMS-SafePort is a service company that always put
customer in focus. We shall be a reliable supplier that
always give our customer the highest priority. All enquires shall quickly be handled by one of our qualified
Project managers.
VMS –SafePort is based at Mongstad and Sløvåg and
avail ourselves of our owners infrastructure like jetty
cranes and other equipment that are needed for
services and maintenance. We are also connected to a
large network of
suppliers that makes us capable to carry out most
services. VMS-SafePort also has its own Workshop at
Sløvåg and facilities at Mongstad. VMS-SafePort offers
mobile service. We carry out the job were the customer
wants us, also offshore.
Large capacity
Quick mobilization
Located locally at Mongstad and Sløvåg
Cost effective
High quality technical reports
Highly qualified personell
Pre qualified welding procedures by DNV
Well equipped workshop available
Workshop in Sløvåg
EL aggregates in different sizes
Mobile service
Good availability for
Working boats
Surface treatment
New engine workshop in
MPI - Magnet Powder Inspection
PT - Penetrant Testing
RT - X-ray Testing
UT - Ultrasonic sound Testing
VT - Visual Testing
ET - Eddy current Testing
VMS-Safeport supplies customers a complete
range of NDT services in-house and mobile
services according to customer’s request.
VMS-Safeport at Mongstad & Sløvåg
24 hour service
Tel: +47 56 36 32 22
VMS-Safeport at Mongstad & Sløvåg
Johnny Titland
24 hour service
Tel: +47 56 36 32 22
Sløvåg Næringsbygg
Tore Halsvik
Tel: 948 41 780
Birkeland Entreprenørforretning
Pål Børslid
Tel: 57 78 58 60,
Grieg Wergeland Market
Rolf Petter Hærnes
Tel: 93 42 05 45
Tess Sløvåg
Ove Morten Kjeilen
Tel: 57 78 14 60
Johny Birkeland Transport
Turid Westervik
Tel: 57 78 11 76
Gulen og Masfjorden Utvikling
Torill Torsvik Størkersen
Tel: 57 78 18 32
Baker Hughes
Ragnvald Tangedal
Tel: 51 71 73 08
Terje Daae
Tel: 48 01 19 06
Halsvik Aggregates
Rigmor Søvik
Tel: 57 78 14 40
Wergeland Group
Reidun K. Halland
Tel: 97 46 06 98
Alexela Sløvåg
Kurt Molland
Tel 57 78 10 00