have over time engaged in traditional Financial Services which

Dr. Enock Kinara, PMG - PCK
Strategy Conference
Berne, SH
April, 2015
Traditional Postal Financial Services
Need for Financial Inclusion in Africa
Postal Operators as a natural fit
Operators Positioning
• Investment in enabling viable infrastructure
(Hardware & Software)
• Partnership with Government Services
• Create Networks beyond boarders
• Petition for key success factors from
Enabling Infrastructure
Invest in technology that
will lower the cost of
automation and position
Postal outlets & Agencies
as a supermarket of
Financial Services –
Agency services (impartial
and affordable financial
Government Partnerships
• Position themselves as a
preferred Government
partner in its financial
programs e.g. Huduma
Centers in Kenya
• Be able to facilitate private
players in issuance of
financial inclusion
instruments e.g. payment
cards through co-branding
hence lowering barriers to
SME / private sector
Post financial network – beyond boarders
Posts have the excellent
opportunity especially in
Africa to create an financial
network for the unbanked
through:• Integration of IFS
• Establishment of
regional hubs for
• Avoid infrastructure &
resource duplication
Critical success factors
• Petition the Governments for:– Enabling Legislation
– Facilitate convergence of virtual & physical
networks through the National Addressing
Critical success factors
• Redefine Universal Service Obligation (USO)
– Provision of minimum affordable broadband /
data to citizen
• Aggressively address the digital divide
through USF and equalization funds
• Encourage Shared infrastructure
– Avoid resource duplication
– Lower networks operational costs
Dr. Enock Kinara, PMG - PCK
Strategy Conference
Berne, SH
April, 2015