Ocean service ltd Bulgaria Detergent producer

Short intro
 Ocean service Ltd is a producer
of dosing systems for laundries
and dishwashing machines.
 We are the biggest professional
detergent distributer in Bulgaria
 We are situated in Stara Zagora
city in the central part of
What we believe
 Our efforts are aimed at improving the quality of our
products and increase our market presence in the
neighboring countries of Bulgaria.
 Our target is to join our abilities and skills to improve
our dosing systems more technologically advanced.
 We offer to our customers a wide range of products:
dosing pumps, smart dosing systems & detergents.
 Our primary goal is the customer’s satisfaction. We
solve their specific needs with high quality service
and innovative solutions.
Our products
 Speed adjustment pump
 Bluetooth device with wireless peristaltic pump
 Laundry dosing systems
Speed adjustment pump
Bluetooth device with wireless peristaltic pump
We developed dosing pump controller for dishwashing machines, with bluetooth gadget, for remote
control settings “Blue OS”.
When we deliver the detergent, we charge dosing pump with a number of releases corresponding to
the amount of detergent delivered.
Wireless dosing pump is available for control from a distance of 50 meters, inside and outside of the
facility in which it is installed.
When the detergent is over, the dosing pump stops working. This ensures us that once installed, our
unit doses with chemicals supplied by us.
Remote control and monitoring via any smartphone that use Android.
Once downloaded, the information from the facility, could be sent to the company server via
Smartphone and will be available to us for further analysis.
Creating a database for our clients, we are able to react quickly to market needs and to control the
consumption of the dosing pumps.
Using Bluetooth system “Blue OS” we are sure than no other competitor can adjust our dosing
Our solution
Remote control,
monitoring &
reporting via
Bluetooth (max 50 m)
Main system server
“Blue OS”
Short range wireless
OS measuring
device & controller
Easy, scalable &
modular web
Laundry dosing system
Key system benefits
• WEB connectivity for a 24/7
• Remote programming of the Laundry Dosing System via Internet
• Remote monitoring of the Laundry Dosing System via Internet
• 24/7 monitor of the consumption
• Remote programs setup & fine-tuning
• User friendly software. Software installation is not required. No need for
specially trained staff
Simple maintenance
Precise measuring for maximum efficiency
Faster reaction time in case of problems
Overview of all clients current consumption
Laundry system “OS controller”
Our solution
Main system server
Remote control,
monitoring & reporting
from anywhere via
OS measuring
Easy, scalable &
web interface