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PRE ENGINEERED BUILDING (PEB) are those which are fully fabricated in the
factory after designing, shipped to site in CKD (completely knocked down)
condition; and all components are assembled and erected at site with nut-bolts,
thereby reducing the time of completion.
The concept of the pre-engineered building (PEB) is one where the fabrication
is completed in a controlled environment with the latest technology, and then
subsequent erection is carried out.
PRE ENGINEERED BUILDING (PEB) are ideal for use in non residential, wide
span low rise buildings. Pre-engineered buildings are cost-effective infrastructure
solutions that provide design flexibility plus abridged construction time.
Some of the advantages of these buildings include reduced construction time,
lower cost, and flexibility of expansion, quality control, low maintenance, energy
efficient roofing and wall systems, and architectural versatility.
PEB buildings are used for diverse applications such as factories, warehouses,
offices, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, community buildings and several more
About 40% lighter through the efficient use of steel. Members are rollformed for minimum weight and labour cost.
Steel member sizes are from selected from standard hot rolled
section, which in many cases are heavier than what is actually
required by design. Members are from standard hot rolled “I” and “C”
sections. not economical .
Standardization of PEB has significantly reduced design time
Conventional steel structure ,with fewer design aids available to the
PEB system uses prime quality steel only. Hence, ensures
mechanical and metallurgical quality of steel.
Generally, procurement of material from non-standard sources.
Inferior mechanical and metallurgical properties
Simple design, easy to construct and lightweight.
Extensive, heavy foundations required.
Accessories like windows, doors, ventilations) Designed to fit the
system, interchangeable parts, including pre-designed flashings and
For Accessories like windows, doors, ventilations
Every project requires special design for accessories and special
sourcing for each.
Flashing and trims must be uniquely designed and fabricate
Average 6 to 8 weeks.
Average 5 to 6 Months.
Easy, Fast, step by step. Erection costs & times are accurately known.
Slow extensive field labour required. Typically 20% more expensive
than PEB., the erection costs and time are not estimated accurately.
Outstanding architectural design can be achieved at low cost.
Conventional wall & fascia materials, such as concrete, masonry &
wood, can be utilized.
Special architectural design requires research and high cost.
Price per square meter may be as much as 15% lower than
conventional steel.
High price per square meter
Building is supplied complete with cladding & all accessories, including
erection if desired, all from one source of supply.
Many sources of supply. Different vendors required to co-ordinate
suppliers and sub contractors
Very flexible, tailor made, accepts changes and revisions easily. Future
expansion simple, easy and cost effective.
Changes revisions & additions are difficult due to extensive redesign
and co-ordination among suppliers and sub-contractors.
Pre-engineered building systems provide real value to clients without sacrificing durability, seismic and wind
resistance, or aesthetic appearance. Cost savings begin right at the drawing preparation stage. Systems
engineering and fabrication methods help reduce interim financing costs through faster construction and minimised
field erection expense. An added benefit is earlier occupancy of the facility and a head start on day-to-day
operations by the client.
Pre-engineered building benefits may be summarized as under:
Increased speed of construction, quicker return on investment
Ensured quality of material, Design and construction
Unlimited architectural possibilities
Enhanced Durability and seismic reliability
Easy construction, maintenance and refurbishing
Increased Life cycle performance and cost competitiveness
Environment–friendly structures
Sustainability in construction through reuse of most materials
Suitability for Hilly regions and other geographically difficult areas
Better Earthquake & Wind pressure resistant.
The building can be dismantled and relocated easily.
Future extensions, expansion modification can be easily accommodated without much hassle.
Faster delivery and erection, saving around 30-40% of project time
Virtually maintenance free
Single-source responsibility
Insulated from sound and heat, as per the requirement
Better rainwater harvesting through gutters and down-take arrangements
Applications of pre-engineered steel
buildings include:
Industrial Buildings & Workshops :
Commercial Complexes & Supermarkets
Corporate Office Buildings
Indoor Stadiums
Outdoor Stadiums with canopies
Fuel Stations
Metro Stations, Bus Terminals, Parking Lots
Highrise Buildings
Large Exhibition Centers
And many more…
Aircraft Hangers
Labor Camps
Community Centers
Railway Stations & Railway Storage yards
Equipment housing/shelters
Telecommunication shelters
"Almost" any low-rise building
PEB: A New Technological Wave
Technological improvement over the year has contributed immensely to the
enhancement of quality of life through various new products and services.
An estimated 70% of all new commercial buildings in the US are pre-engineered
There is really no dispute in the fact that pre-engineered building systems are the
new wave in construction.
About Us :
Richa Industries ltd. is a Public limited company and ISO 9001: 2008 certified company.
The company has ranked 222,India’s Fastest Growing Mid- Sized Companies as per Inc.
India 500.
Largest PEB facility in north India using the newest and most modern machinery equipped with
CNC Plasma cutting, automatic H-beam welding lines, CNC punching and CNC Cold forming machine.
Plant at Kashipur (Uttarakhand) having a manufacturing facility spread in13 Acres with 3.0 lacs sq
ft area, with an increased capacity of 72000 mt annually (Prorata Basis).
In house-design capabilities which offer Richa’s prestigious clients, advantage in terms of reduced
cost of buildings, faster execution & design as per the order.
Our resources
Extensive knowledge base , high profile team of Design Engineers, Drafting team and Quantity Surveyor, equipped to
provide end to end design and engineering solutions for PEBs irrespective of any extent of Engineering complexities..
All works in design office are closely reviewed, cross checked and verified to meet customer requirements. Design
and drawing outputs are verified in compliance with Design codes and regulatory requirement. The system is wholly
Richa has a dedicated R&Dteam which always ensures that:
The latest engineering development and code upgrades are followed.
Specific requirement for each geographic area (wind loads, earthquaks, potential, weathering etc.) are
identified and correctly followed.
High quality raw materials used.
Efficient procedures and systems are in place to provide quick response to customer s.
Pillars behind the success of PEB :
Mr. Manoj Kumaoni ( Plant Head)
Mr. Kumaoni, B.E.-Mechanical Engineering is one of the best fabrication experts in PEB industry having
21year of experience in various high quality, complex and high speed projects. The experience and
challenges he faced in for working in big projects has made him the high end professional in welding
and fabrication. The optimum utilization of machinery and adopting high quality standards is his area of
specialization. Adaptation to changing requirement and giving solutions is his core competency.
Mr. Sanjeev Mehta ( Projects Head)
A, B.E. ( Civil Engineering) with 15 years of industry experience in Infrastructure development, gold led
rated Special Economic Zones, IT Parks, Business Parks, Real Estate and in leading PEB Companies.
He has lead a cohesive team of multi disciplinary professionals and worked with prestigious national
and international organization like UNICEF, Delhi Metro etc. He was also associated in the prestigious
project of first SE IT Park with covered area of 3.3 lakh sq ft.
Our Clients:
Richa has prestigious clients across the Nation. We are serving a large and ever
growing clientele. Richa's client list represent the foremost client name in their
respective industry/organization.
Awards and recognition:
Richa has received enormous Awards and Recognitions on different Forums and
Clients across India for the quality and timing delivery of the projects.
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