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What is Generate?
How Generate works
Specialist Mentoring
Discussion with Generate Team
Register Interest and Networking
What is Generate?
Generate is a business support programme that offers
businesses in the Lisburn City, Belfast City and Castlereagh
Borough Council areas access to specialist industry support to
avail of supply chain opportunities in the emerging markets for
wind, marine, bio-energy, smart-grid and energy storage.
What is Generate?
The programme will help to generate new sales, new markets, new contracts and
sustained business growth through:
• Participation in the evolving and emerging renewable energy sectors
• The identification of supply chain opportunities and strategic collaborations
• Research and Development support
What is Generate?
Scale of opportunity within sectors:
Wind – offshore - £525 million (NI) £100 billion (UK)
Bio-energy - £100 billion (UK)
Wave and Tidal - £8 billion per year by 2030 (UK)
Smart- Grid and - £1 billion (NI) £56 billion (UK)
Energy Storage
What is Generate?
Wind – offshore - £525 million (NI) £100 billion (UK)
How did we arrive at this figure?
Through the Invest NI Collaborative Network
Programme (Phase 1) a Scoping Report
Potential Offshore Wind of market £525 million
likely to be attracted to NI capability and
.....with a potential “skills spend “of £28 million
available to NI across engineering and skills
training in the offshore wind and O&G
What is Generate?
Wind – offshore - £525 million (NI) £100 billion (UK)
How did we enter this market?
Siemens had 80 staff in Belfast...Burke
Shipping operated with 22 full-time and
12 part-time staff for Siemens worth
approx.....£2 million....
What is Generate?
Siemens asked Burke Shipping to supply
more technically qualified people...
Currently working with Department of
Employment and Learning to access
funding and build capacity in Mechanical,
Electrical, Hydraulic and Composites
engineering to up-skill operatives....
This will assist Siemens in reducing
operating costs for quayside operations
and Burke Shipping are now being asked
to supply services in Germany...
Who is eligible?
It is anticipated that businesses from the following sectors will be suitable for
Generate, however this list is not exhaustive and companies will be assessed on
an individual basis:
•Engineering and Manufacturing
•Transport and Logistics
•Environmental Assessment and Consultancy
•Financial and Legal
Who is eligible?
Regardless of what sector you are in, if you feel your company
has the potential to enter the Renewable Industry Supply Chain,
then simply register your interest today, talk to the Generate
Team to confirm suitability for the programme and discuss
potential projects
The programme is limited to 60 small to medium businesses
within the following Council areas:
•Lisburn City Council
•Belfast City Council
•Castlereagh Borough Council
How Generate Works
Register your
interest today
audit and
Participate in
Participate in
Meet the
Buyer and
new market
revenue and
How Generate Works
Specialist one-to-one mentoring to help your business identify
project opportunities or develop existing projects in the
renewable industry
The Generate Team:
Elias Dencker has over 20 years practical project engineering
and technological risk management experience in the UK
including over 5 years in UK offshore wind and associated
supply chain. Most recently, Elias was a UK offshore wind
project manager for DONG Energy
Generate Team
Paul provides specialist services to the marine energy
sector undertaking work for marine energy site and
technology developers through research, design &
development of marine energy technology for the
deployment of demonstration and commercial scale
CASE is an industry led sustainable energy research
centre providing access to research funding for
industrial partners in Energy and Demand Side
Management . Sam is BREEAM Assessor and accredited
trainer, with a clear working knowledge of the practical
application of sustainability at all operational levels.
Generate Team
Alastair has pioneered biomass in the UK providing the
conceptual design and specification for Northern
Irelands first steam biomass plant and is currently
working on the first of a series of new Biomass/EFW
power stations in Northern Ireland incorporating
innovative zero liquid effluent technologies.
Sally is an active member of the offshore operations
community and works with Development Agencies to
improve knowledge of offshore wind supply chain
opportunities and to help to improve the potential for
local communities to provide services in the operational
Generate Team
Chris works closely with Invest NI Technology Executives
and the Department of Employment and Learning to
support businesses with the capacity to contribute to
renewable energy supply chain delivering a coordinated
solution to organizational growth across a wide range of
engineering and support disciplines.
James provides data and a strategic analysis of supply
chain opportunities for manufacturing sectors providing
technical support and guidance to local SMEs in the
development of their products and services through
innovative solutions to support organizational growth.
Generate Team
Rachel implements marketing, promotion and
recruitment strategies for innovation programmes
working with industry to develop business concepts and
provides strategic assistance through a range of
programmes such as Knowledge Transfer Partnership,
Innovation Vouchers, Connected, InnovateUs and Fusion.
How Generate Works
Generate Team will help your business identify project
opportunities or develop existing projects in the
renewable industry by:
• Developing contacts with potential customers
• Taking part in key networking opportunities to
showcase your business to local and international
renewable energy companies
• Participation on best practice and Meet the Buyer
How Generate Works
Knowledge Transfer Events:
Bio-energy Market Opportunities
September 11 2014, Belfast
“Assured Asset Energy Ltd (AAE) provides project finance
for farmers and landowners for Anaerobic Digestion (AD)
plants. Specialising in the Renewable Energy sector,
Assured Asset Energy Ltd (AAE), recently launched a £27
million fund in N Ireland”.
How Generate Works
Knowledge Transfer Events:
Wave and Tidal Opportunities
October 14 2014, Bristol
“Resolving the challenges associated with offshore
electrical infrastructure for tidal arrays is widely
considered to be a priority area of development for the
sector coupled with the challenges surrounding a 20 year
component life, is the remote conditioning monitoring of
systems and components required to last that long”.
How to become involved?
Register your interest with the Generate Team today
Cost £120.00 including VAT
Limited places available!
Contact Details
Twitter: @generateni