Die Attach Process

Die Attach Process
Die Picking
• Die can be directly picked from
the wafer after the wafer sawing
• Die bonder are often equipped
with ejector needle system to
push against the backside of the
wafer to eject the die.
• Computer controller vacuum
pick-up tools are used to lift the
Epoxy Dispensing
• Die attach epoxy is
dispensed in controlled
volume by dispenser to
the substrate
• The viscosity of the
epoxy has to be
• The location of the
dispensing is controlled
computer with vision
Die Placing
• The die pick-up arm of the die attach machine
will send the die to the appropriate position
and load the die on the substrate.
• Die bonding pressure has to be controlled.
• The substrate may be heated to facilitate
partial curing of the epoxy die attach.
Epoxy Curing
• The die bonded substrate may need to send
for curing in ovens to stabilize the polymer.
• There are fast curing epoxy and also UV cured
epoxy to facilitate the process.