World Welfare Mission Mission Health, Happiness, Peace & Welfare

World Welfare Mission
Mission Health, Happiness, Peace & Welfare around the world…
Email- [email protected]
Help line-9836-86-5656 .
A Volunteer based organisation ,
with a wide range of social,
environmental, cultural and
spiritual activities, reaches all
walks of life.
A non-profit, non-political ,
educational, humanitarian
organization, it is committed to
creating peace from the level of
the individual upwards, and
fostering human values within the
global community.
Our Mission
 To strengthen the individuals and society by offering
programmes inspired by Great Maharishis/Saints/
Spiritual leaders and holy scriptures that eliminate stress
& ailments , creates happiness, wisdom, peace & human
values, promotes life to its full potential.
 A healthy, happy, stress-free, violence-free and
peaceful society; to encourage people from all
backgrounds, religions, and cultural traditions to come
together in yoga/meditation, celebration and selfless
- World Welfare Mission.
Come and Trust what millions of people trust around the world today,
Naturo-healing & YOGA.
‘Yoga belongs to all human being with no differences of religion, colour, territory
& language around the Glob. Hath Yoga (The foundation of Yoga) is a science that
boosts immune system; restore strength, self-confidence & concentration to face
the challenges in life. Yoga is not just about postures, Yoga is an Art of living’!!
- Swami Krishna Deo.
Mission Yoga-
 To stop suicide cases worldwide, due to depression and
 Strength and motivation to individuals & society towards
positive life. Physically, Mentally & Socially!
 Spreading ‘YOGA’ (The Holistic Traditional Art of India
for more than 5000 years) to the world, for Health, Peace,
Art of Happy Living and selfless service to individuals and
society, to make this world more meaningful , strengthen ,
helpful and joyful…
Mission Plantation We inspire people to plant, nurture and celebrate life!
To control global warming and pollution!
 Spreading awareness for our beautiful planet and
encouraging people to plant more, stop destroying nature
and protect environment.
 To make this planet a better place to live in…
Mission Education“Vidya” - The street education centers run by us.
 Educating & supporting unprivileged children for their
over all development in rural and suburban area.
 Health care projects in remote area for unprivileged
people. Free mobile health care (Health on wheel).
Holistic Wellness Programmes:
• Satsang- Musical Spiritual Discourse, The divine wisdom!
• Onsite- Corporate Yoga & Stress Management Workshops!
• One to one counseling on Stress, relationship and lifestyle!
• Ongoing- ‘Sahaj Krishna Yoga Sadhana’ Shivir!
• Healing Meditation Workshop!
• Quantum Healing/Distance Healing Workshop!
• Acupressure & Naturopathy Workshop!
• Joyful Yoga for students!
• Life Transforming Cosmic Yoga Workshops!
Social Welfare:
• Pulse polio campaigning since 2006.
• Plantation since 2005.
• CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) project partnership with
companies/organization, environment and education projects.
• ‘Vidya ’ The street education centers for poor / underprivileged
• Mobile Medical Bus Facilities (Health on wheel) for
underprivileged in remote areas (Looking for sponsor).
• We welcome ‘Mission Membership’ donors to support the
We welcome member of volunteers to support our service
activities ( Yoga shivir, Plantation, Help Old age, financially weak
students and women empowerment projects).
About World Welfare Mission
The World Welfare Mission, associated with the
Directorate of Family Welfare. Govt. of Delhi, was set up
in 2005 by Swami Krishna Deo. A non-profit organization
with a mission to work towards the betterment of the
individual, the society and the world. World Welfare
Mission undertakes several social, environmental and
holistic wellness programmes with the help of
volunteers. World Welfare Mission is a non-political,
non-religious organization based out of New Delhi and
has a presence in several countries.
Our programme associates:
ITBP (Indian Tibet Border Police),
Indian Army,
Bank of India.
HSIL (Hindustan Sanitaryware & Industries Ltd),
Shalimar Paints Ltd,
Samsung Electronics India ,
HHI (Hotel Hindusthan International*****),
L&T (Larsen & Toubro Limited),
Rotary Clubs,
SMITHY group of companies,
Agrasain Balika Siksha Sadan (School) ,
Bara Bazar Library- Kolkata ,
Sangh Sree-Nagrik Swasthya Sangha,
And many more……
Future Vision:‘Om Shanti Ashrams’ in different locations in India & abroad. That
will work for Health, Happiness, Peace & Welfare around the world.
Research institutes of Health, Healing & Happiness!
Gurukul (Science & Spiritual Schools/Collages) to promote :
Art of Joyful Living , Naturo-healing, Peace & Welfare!
Feel free to call us @ 9836-86-5656, 9748648339.
Please visit our website
Email: [email protected]
Thank you so much for all your support for a cause !
 You can forward/recommend this mission to
likeminded people/organization for a good cause.
!! Om Shanti !!
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