Brand Guidelines

Brand Guidelines
The brand is never the face
of the company.
Faces fib.
The brand is the spine.
The Brand: Who is SiteLock?
• SiteLock is a website security firm that provides software and services
designed to keep online businesses safe.
• We scan your site daily to find current problems and send you an
instant alert when we identify them.
• We provide expert technical services to fix and help prevent future
risks to your online business.
• We offer TrueShield, an enterprise-grade web application firewall
(WAF) that adds a protective layer around your website, to block and
prevent attacks before they happen.
• We accelerate the speed of your website with our TrueSpeed
technology and globally-distributed content delivery network (CDN).
• We get your website PCI compliant in minutes.
o Find. Fix. Prevent. Comply.
The Brand: Objectives
• Ensure that our brand components are understood internally through
our mission and vision and externally through our messaging, website
and marketing communications
• To ensure messaging is consistent with our business objectives and
represents our personality and tone of voice
• To ensure that our brand upholds industry leading technology and an
exceptional customer experience
• To increase the awareness and credibility of the SiteLock trust shield
• To build brand credibility, influence the market and motivate customers
to purchase from us and related market leaders to partner with us
• To be perceived as a leader not a follower
The Brand: Mission
To provide the website security
products and solutions essential to small business
website owners, our partners and all of their visitors.
The Brand: Vision
• Demonstrate unparalleled understanding of, and service to, our customers
and partners
• Develop best-in-class technology products that are intuitive and constantly
• Provide high-value security services for small businesses and website
• Gain universal recognition of the SiteLock badge as a sign of trust and
• Build strategic partnerships to efficiently reach and service small businesses
• Deliver on the commitment to produce products and provide solutions that
are affordable for small business
The Brand: Message Map
Had problem on website
Pain point
Sought out website security solution
I don’t want to put my customers’ data at risk
I know I need website security because I
conduct financial transaction on my business
I was referred to SiteLock for website security
Lead with Expert Services
SiteLock has an expert team of
website “surgeons” that diagnose the •
problem with your website, fix it and
get you back in business quickly.
Once you’ve experienced the
crippling effect of having your site
down, it’s not a chance you want to
take again. SiteLock can help prevent
that from happening.
SiteLock reduces your business
downtime and loss of revenue. We
protect your reputation and let visitors
know your website is safe.
Lead with software; ongoing education
Did you know that your website has an X%
probability of being hacked if you meet these
criteria: A/B/C?
The best medicine is prevention. Don’t wait
for your website (your business) to be taken
down. SiteLock works proactively to protect
your online business, keeping it safe for
visitors and reducing your risk for data or
revenue loss. In fact, we help you maximize
your online revenue and increase online sales
My website is blacklisted and is down
My website has been hacked
My customers can’t get to my
Hosted/partner site
SiteLock delivers ongoing website
security scanning of your site once
you’re back online. It’s like having a
daily X-ray of your site to point out
any weaknesses and alert you to the
risks. We’ll even fix them for you.
SiteLock provides a website security system
that detects, corrects, and helps prevent future
problems from affecting your business
What website security program?
Doesn’t my hosting company take care
of my website security?
How will I know if my site is affected?
Lead with education; follow with software
upgrades; availability of services
What do you know about your website’s
security? You might take it for granted,
much like your insurance policy – you
don’t think about it until there is a
SiteLock provides the same type of
coverage – for your online business. We
protect your assets, like customer data,
revenue stream and business reputation.
And you don’t even need your own IT
SiteLock looks out for your online
business. We are continuously scanning
your website and looking for potential
risks, threats, and areas where you may
have been compromised.
Even though your website environment
and infrastructure are secured by your
hosting provider, your website and
applications you run on it still need to be
protected. And SiteLock can help.
The Brand: Tone of Voice
• Confident: SiteLock messaging and copy should never be apologetic or
submissive. In order to be perceived as a market leader, we need to sound
like the experts that we are in all matters related to website security.
• Personable: SiteLock should sound empathetic, yet knowledgeable, about
how to protect our customers’ reputations and businesses online. Using
phrases like, “We have seen significant increase in conversions…” as
opposed to “It has been shown that…”
• Friendly: SiteLock needs to communicate in a way that makes people want
to do business with us. People work with and respect people. Everyone in
the company is a brand ambassador and should maintain a positive and
helpful approach when dealing with customers and partners alike.
• Technically savvy: SiteLock has the technical expertise, the credibility and
the experience to lead the website security market. We need to demonstrate
that, however, through easy to use tools, interactive user experiences, and
reports/results that make sense to business users.
The Brand: Logo
The logo should maintain its aspect ratio and not be distorted in height or width.
Ratio: 1.0” H :3.91” W
Acceptable uses of the logo include:
Black/Red/Grey against white background
Black/Red/Grey against transparent background
All white to be used only against black background
All black/Greyscale to be used when printing B/W
Need a hi-res white on black version.
The Brand: Color palette
• Primary colors:
o Red: #C31F25
o Black: #000000
o Grey: #B2B2B2
R: 195
G: 31
B: 37
R: 0
G: 0
B: 0
R: 178
G: 178
B: 178
The Brand: Font
• Primary font: Arial (used on website)
o Sans-serif family
o Arial Narrow may be substituted in certain situations
 White papers
 Case studies
 Other documents for print
• Standard email signature example (need to add confidentiality
disclosure notice to email footer)
First Last
P: ###.###.#### | E: