Library Orientation - College of Medicine

King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences
College of Medicine, Medical Library
Library Orientation
Library Staff
Senior Medical Librarian
Shakil Ahmed Khalil
Syed Attaullah Shah
Amtul Aziz Shazia
Malik Mueen Nawaz
Circulation Desk
Syed Shafiq Islam
Maria Theresa L. Tiamzon
252-0088 Fax 41039
Ext 41078
Ext 41038
Ext 47882
Ext 47882
Ext 47882
Ext 47882
Library Hours
• Saturday to Wednesday
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
• Extended Hours
5:00 PM – 10:00PM
• Closed on public holidays
Eid Al Fitr
Eid Al Adha
National Day
• Closed on school holidays
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Role of Librarians in the Library
• Move from traditional print to multimedia
• Provide information for research, education and patient
• User education and motivation
• Information resource centre
• Save you time!
Library Services
• Computer
– Internet
– Software support
– Library catalogue
Library Services
• Interlibrary Lending Service
– Health Sciences Library, NGHA
– AGCC Medical Libraries
– Aga Khan University, Pakistan
Document delivery
Bibliographic search
Reference information, citation assistance
Internet, CD, Symphony OPAC
Guided library tours for groups or individuals
Library Resources
• Books
– 1,160 titles
– 4, 076 + volumes
– Major subject headings
• CDs, DVDs, VHS
– 400 titles
• Databases
– Over 2, 500 online journals
– Ebooks
– Wilson Museum of Anatomy
Library Databases
MD Consult
Science Direct
WHO Database
SAGE Journals
Access Medicine
Library Website
Online access to library catalogue
User policies and guidelines
Online tutorials
Access to Journals and Books Databases
Online requisition for articles
Online book ordering
Book reservations
Re-Issuing the book
Library Operations
• Collection Development
– Selection and purchase of resources
• Technical Processing
– Classification
– Cataloguing, Data Entry
– Organization
• Circulation
– User registration
– Check-in/check-out of materials
– Issue overdue notices
User Registration
Faculty Membership Application
Student Membership Application
Library Security
3M Library Security System
The global leader in library security
solutions, 3M helps libraries protect their
valuable assets against theft and
collection loss with state-of-the-art
detection systems and circulation
User Education
• Catalogue search
– Author, title, subject, call number, keyword
• Database search
– Journal articles
EBooks search
Wilson Museum of Anatomy
Reference Manager
Information Literacy: Search Strategies
• The ability to identify
– what information is needed
– understand how the information is organized
– identify the best sources of information for a
given need
– locate those sources
– evaluate the sources critically
– share that information
It is the knowledge of commonly used
research techniques.
Information Literacy: Search Strategies
• Choose the best search for your
information need
– I need help defining my topic.
– I need to understand the scope of the topic.
– I need to investigate alternative or related
– I need to refine or narrow my topic.
– I need quality results and information.
Search Strategies
• Limit Search
– By type of article
– By date
– By age group
– By language
Search Strategies
• Exact phrases in quotes
“focal nodular hyperplasia”
“diabetes mellitus”
• Using AND, OR, NOT
• Using brackets or parentheses ( )
“Medication errors” AND “quality improvement”
NOT (Ambulatory OR “nursing home”)
Search Strategies
PBL and the Medical Library
• Student-centred learning process
– learn to deal with problems that will be faced in professional
• Students
High degree of maturity and motivation
Collaboratively solve problems and reflect on experiences
Encouraged to take a proactive role in learning
Ensure lifelong learning
Make maximum use of the library's resources
PBL and the Medical Library
• Library
– Unique features and major goals of the PBL
– Not just as provider of books and other library material
• Instructors in the use of modern technology
• Accessing, organizing, and managing information
– Library instruction is a required part of the curriculum
– Provides
Study space
Technology support (computers, printers etc.)
Learning resources
Supervised by skilled librarians
Ample opening hours
Role of Librarian in PBL Curriculum
• Librarians
Evidence experts
Intellectual property/copyright gurus
Connection hubs
Technology consultant
Medical Subject Heading (MeSH)
MeSH: Your key to MEDLINE/PubMed
• National Library of Medicine's vocabulary thesaurus
– Indexing articles from 5,200 biomedical journals
– Set of MeSH terms that describe the content of the item
• MeSH terminology
– Finds descriptors of interest without assuming knowledge of
vocabulary structure and rules
– Arranged in alphabetic and hierarchical structure
– Consistent way to retrieve information
– Use different terminology for the same concepts
– Build a search strategy
MeSH: Your key to MEDLINE/PubMed
Concept Structure in MeSH
Enlarged Heart
Heart Enlargement
Cardiac Hypertrophy
Cardiac Hypertrophy
Heart Hypertrophy
[Concept, Preferred]
[Term, Preferred]
[Concept, Narrower]
[Term, Preferred]
EndNote (reference software)
• Search online bibliographic databases
– Ovid
– PubMed
– the Library of Congress
• Organize references, images and PDFs
• Create bibliographies and figure lists in predefined style
• Maintenance of a database of references
• Downloading references from other databases
• Insert references directly into a Word 2003/2007
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