SAIC – Ed Faukner, Jim Connor, Bruce Emerson

NASA Enterprise IT Operations
Ed Faulkner, Program Director, NASA Enterprise IT
National Center for Critical Information Processing
and Storage (NCCIPS)
Jim Connor, Program Manager, NCCIPS
September 9, 2014 | Stennis Business Consortium
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NASA Enterprise IT Operations
We provide comprehensive Enterprise IT solutions and
services across the entire agency
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NASA Enterprise IT Operations
Our services touch over 60,000 NASA and contractor
employees every day
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NASA Enterprise IT Operations - Contracts
• NASA Integrated Communications Services (NICS)
• Enterprise Applications Service Technologies (EAST )
• National Center for Critical Information Processing
and Storage (NCCIPS)
• NASA Aircraft Management Information System
• Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V)
• Goddard Unified Enterprise Services and Technology
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National Center for Critical Information Processing
and Storage (NCCIPS)
NCCIPS - Overview
Provides Tier III secure processing and storage facilities for
nationally sensitive, critical, or classified Federal information
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NCCIPS - Services
• IT facilities operation and maintenance
• IT systems integration
• Computer operations
• Infrastructure
• Hardware & software
• Networking
• Site preparation
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NCCIPS - Highlights
• Shared services model
• 24x7 Facility Operations staff monitoring
• Tier III redundant (N+1) power from two
National Grids
• Robust network infrastructure with
multiple, discreet communication paths
• FE-25 clean agent fire suppression
• Layered security
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Working with SAIC –
Marketing to Primes
• SAIC has a Small Business Corporate Office and Business Development Offices
• Seek an advocate within the SAIC Small Business Office for assistance in finding
new business opportunities and decision makers
• SAIC works primarily for the Federal Government, so please be sure your firm is
registered and has current information within Dunn & Bradstreet, CCR, Vetbiz
• When meeting with SAIC and other Large Business Primes:
Know the Corporation your are targeting
Know their customers and programs where you fit.
Know how you can help a Prime win new opportunities
Keep up-to-date brochures with past experience and customers supported
Identify specific contracts you wish to partner
Ask about your pathway to decision makers and capture managers
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Subcontractor Attributes
Work Honestly and Ethically
Ability to work as a Team
Customer focused
Reasonable cost
Great Safety record
Has relevant experience and past performance
Is reliable/responsive/flexible
Is committed to qua
Is financially responsible
Understand the Prime Contractor position and responsibilities
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Final Thoughts
• The Federal pipeline is long – plan 18 - 24 months ahead for teaming
• Utilize the great documents NASA provides on future opportunities
• Do your homework, know where you fit best, and how you can help the Prime win
• Increase your firms visibility with customers – have name recognition
• Know the potential customer requirements
• Develop an advocate within the company that can streamline your marketing
• Bring innovation and creativity to the meetings
• Be ready to respond in short notice
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