British Standards Institute : ISE / NFE 4 /1 Meeting – 4/1 Uniaxial

Computer Compatible Testing Standards
Presentation by
Malcolm S Loveday
Beta Technology Consultant
On behalf of the Project Teams of
September 2012
[ ISO TC 164
Brazil ]
Malcolm S Loveday Sept 2012
ELSSI – EMD CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA)
[Economic & Logistics of Standards-Compliant
Schemas for Interoperability
of Engineering Materials Data ]
The final report CWA 16200:2010
‘A Guide to the Development & Use of
Standards-Compliant Data Formats for
Engineering Materials Test Data’
is now published on the CEN website. ( 2010 )
Its recommendations are applicable to a wide range
of testing & Calibration Standards. See
Malcolm S Loveday Feb 2012 SERES Start up meeting, Brussels
The ELSSI Final Report included an Annex
suitable for Tensile Testing
BS EN 10002 Pt 1 :2001
was superseded
BS EN ISO 6892 Pt 1: 2009 which is now being revised ( 2012)
Malcolm S Loveday 28th Feb 2012 SERES Brussels
The HTML representation of the raw
measurement data is only a little larger than
the corresponding TENSTAND file and equally
easy to process.
Illustrations are given in CWA16200 Annex A
to show the test report format which may be
downloaded from the ELSSI - EMD CWA
Malcolm S Loveday 27th Sept 2012
• The SERES Project Team recognise that the
CWA 16200 Annex for ISO 6892 Pt 1 is too detailed
and should be simplified.
However, provided the ELSSI – EMD CWA is cited in the
Standard, with the relevant direct web-links to the Annex pdf
And the Schema then perhaps that is sufficient.
The documents and procedures would only be a mouse click
away, rather like the TENSTAND data files used to validate
Tensile software which are hosted on the NPL website and
are already cited in ISO 6892.
•The Annex has been balloted as part of the
see ISO TC164 /SC1 N711 as Annex M for ISO 6892 Pt 1
The SC1 Meeting in Brazil decided to
Omit the Annex M but include references
in Annex A ( Computer Controlled Tensile Testing)
Malcolm S Loveday Sept 2012 SERES Project ISO TC164 Brazil
SERES CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA)
[Standards for Electronic Reporting
in the Engineering Sector ]
( July 2012 – March 2014 )
Follows on from the
CEN Workshop Agreement ( CWA) ELSSI-EMD
2010- 2011
Participants are invited to Register interest
and help steer the Project
Malcolm S Loveday Sept 2012
SERES—Standards for Electronic
Reporting in the Engineering Sector
 SERES—introduction SERES is a CEN Workshop that aims
to develop and demonstrate ICT* Standards for
representing and reporting engineering materials test
• SERES builds on ELSSI-EMD, a CEN Workshop that
demonstrated the feasibility of deriving data formats from
procedural Standards for mechanical testing.
• SERES acts on the key recommendations of the ELSSIEMD CWA1:
•Develop a unified, Standards-based architecture for
representing engineering materials data.
•eReporting proof-of-concept to demonstrate the viability
of a transition to electronic reporting.
[ Tim Austin, Feb 2012]
* ICT - Information and Communications Technology
 The pre-normative ICT Standards for engineering
materials test data will occupy two categories, one
being concerned with the representation of
engineering materials test data and the other with the
reporting of engineering materials test data.
Malcolm S Loveday Sept 2012 SERES Project ISO TC164 Brazil
SERES—Standards for Electronic Reporting
in the Engineering Sector
 Register on CEN website to maintain a watching
brief on the development of the SERES Project &
receive the Reports
 Note: Most of us in TC 164 do not have the expertise to
prepare the data format for the testing Standards so
liaison is being established with TC184 Automation
Systems & Integration who have the necessary skills.
 ‘Ownership’ would be retained by TC 164 Mechanical
Testing of Metals
Thank you.
Malcolm S Loveday Sept 2012 SERES Project ISO TC164 Brazil