University of Luxembourg

University of Luxembourg
Multilingual. Personal. Connected.
An attractive,
multicultural and
trilingual country
in the heart of Europe:
Around 490 000 inhabitants
Around 44 % foreigners
Languages: Luxembourgish,
French, German
Luxembourg City
Mediaeval city –
heritage site
Modern capital with
European Institutions,
financial centre,
international enterprises
Great offer of cultural
University of Luxembourg: facts & figures
 Founded in 2003
 4934 students
 171 professors,
 Supported by 660
professional experts
 11 Bachelor degrees, 23 Master degrees, PhDs
Moving to a brand new location in 2014
University of Luxembourg: our profile
 The one and only, modern and dynamic
 Multilingual and international
 Research centered
 Close proximity to the financial centre and
to the EU Institutions
 Close ties to the business world and
to the society
 A university with a personal touch
 Languages at the University
French, English, German
 Bachelor degree courses
bilingual, except in special cases
 Master courses
bilingual or taught in English
 Students, academic and administrative staff
trilingual if possible
International Cooperation
 43 partner universities in Europe, USA, Canada,
Russia, China, Japan …
 Cooperative models
 student exchange programme
 joint degree programs (Master, Ph.D.)
 joint Ph.D. educational programme
 research programmes
Our research priorities 2010-2013
 International Finance
 Secure, reliable and trustwothy ICT* systems
and services * ICT: Information and communication technology
 Life Sciences and Systems biomedicine
 European and business law
 Learning and development in multilingual and
multicultural contexts
Interdisciplinary research centres
 Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability
and Trust
 Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine
Research units
Computer Science and Communications Research Unit
UR en ingénierie
UR en mathématiques
UR en physique
UR en Sciences de la vie
UR en droit
Luxembourg School of Finance (LSF)
Cellule de Recherche en Économie Appliquée
Educational Measurement and Applied Cognitive Science (EMACS)
Language, Culture, Media, Identities (LCMI)
Integrative Research Unit on Social and Individual Development
Identités, Politiques, Sociétés, Espaces (IPSE)
5’160’000 €
4’900’000 €
External funds
5’480’000 €
7’488’000 €
State contribution
58’474’000 €
71’628’000 €
Total Budget
69,114,000 €
84’016’000 €
Conseil de Gouvernance
The Conseil de gouvernance (Board of Governors) decides upon the
University's general policies and strategies and controls the University’s
It is composed of
 7 members
 4 participants with consulting role
 University Rector,
 Government Commissioner,
 representative from the teaching body,
 student representative.
Our Faculties
Structure of Educational Programs
Our courses on offer
 Bachelor en Informatique
 Master in Integrated Systems
 Bachelor en Ingénierie
 Master in Engineering Sciences:
Construction and Design
 Bachelor en Sciences et
Ingénierie (Physique,
Mathématique, Ingénierie)
 Bachelor en Sciences de la
Vie (Biologie, Médecine,
 Master en Développement Durable
 Master in Information and
Computer Sciences
 Master in Mathematics
 Master en Management de la
Sécurité des Systèmes
 European Master of Small Animal
Veterinary Medecine
Our courses on offer
 Bachelor en Droit
 Master en Droit Européen
 Bachelor en Sciences
Economiques et de Gestion
 Master in Financial Economics
 Master in Banking and Finance
 Bachelor en Gestion
 Master in Entrepreneurship
and Innovation
Our courses on offer
 Bachelor en Cultures
Européennes (English,
French, Germanistics,
History, Philosophy)
 Bachelor en Psychologie
 Bachelor en Sciences de
 Bachelor en Sciences
Sociales et Educatives
 Master en Histoire Européenne
 Master in Learning and Development in
Multilingual and Multicultural Contexts
 Master in Psychology: Evaluation and
 Master in Modern and Contemporary
European Philosophy
 Master en Etudes franco-allemandes:
Communication et Coopération
 Master en Gérontologie
 Master en Médiation
 Master in Spatial Development and Analysis
 Master en European Governance
 Master en langues, cultures et médias –
Lëtzebuerger Studien
Outlook – Construction of Belval West
the most ambitious urban development project of the Grand Duchy
location: 16 km south to the capital
roughly 120 hectares (27.5 hectares for University of Luxembourg)
a modern blend of research and teaching, work and leisure, industry
and trade, private homes and culture
For further information
Phone + 352 46 66 44 6664