REF Presentation Comp - Carstairs S&C Project - Sean

Carstairs S&C
Sustainability Renewals & Enhancement
Sean Malone Network Rail
1.0 Carstairs Overview
To Edinburgh
To Glasgow
North Jn
East Jn
South Jn
To Carlisle
2.0 Carstairs – Need for Change
Currently a 1970s installation by British Rail. High level of operational
redundancy built into the layout. This redundancy, with a number of surplus
crossovers, has lead to high supplementary maintenance costs.
Shift in focus from aspired flexibility to “fit for purpose” & “value for money”, a
once in a generation opportunity has been identified to tie in with
Motherwell North Signalling Renewals Project (MNSR) and deliver an
enhanced/rationalised junction.
2.1 Drivers for Renewal/Enhancements
Cumulative Tonnage (age x tonnage) – Service Life.
Maintenance Issues – Poor timber bearer/sleepers, Very poor joints with high
rail wear, old ballast & poor track geometry.
Technical Non-Compliances - Facing BV switches, S&C on curves, including
transitions & tight toe-to-toe distances between S&C.
The RAM Track Scotland team concluded that some form of interventions
additional to regular maintenance are required to keep Carstairs operating
throughout the next 5-year Control Period (2014-19).
These are in the form of Medium Refurbishment in CP4 and Heavy
Refurbishment & entire Base Case Renewals in CP5.
Additionally, Enhancement Options have been developed and illustrated
in this presentation.
3.0 Carstairs South Jn
• Remodel of 322, 323 & 319 Turnouts
• Remodel/Relocation of 324 Crossover (~200 yards South)
• Abandonment of 316 & 318 Crossovers and Abandonment of 321 Turnout
• 1825 yds of Associated Plain Line
• Line Speed Increase Throughout
3.1 Carstairs East Jn
• Full Renewal of 315A & 314 Points
• Remodel of 313 A&B Points / Remodel of CSP Branch Line
• Abandonment of 315B Crossover
• Abandonment of ECA1 Up Main Line
• 1550 yds of Associated Plain Line
• Line Speed Increase throughout with Larger S&C & Rationalisation
3.2 Carstairs Station
Abandonment of 305 Turnout
Extension of Down Loop
Abandonment of 303, 304, 306B, 307, 309 & 311 Crossovers
Renewal of 306A Crossover
Remodel/Relocate of 302 Crossover & 312 Turnout
Renewal of Up Loop Yard Turnouts
Modify Carstairs Platform 2 – Remodel of Down Plat Line, New Up Main
CSP By-Pass Line to allow North/East Traffic whilst Plat 1 is occupied
LSI due to Remodel of CSP Curve & Reduced S&C
3.3 Carstairs North Jn
• Renewal of 4A GF Turnout
• Remodel/Relocation of 301 Turnout off Transition onto Straight
• New Facing 299 Turnout (Ravenstruther)
• Additional Crossover – 300 A/B on Main Line& New T/O for Extended Down Loop
• 1145 yds of Associated Plain Line
• Line Speed Increase Throughout
4.0 My Role & What I Have Influenced
Production of development Particular Requirement Specification (PRS) documents
PRS includes:
Existing Site Information – Infrastructure on site, age, location & condition (Geogis,
OMNIInspector HD, Sectional Appendix, meetings with engineers from key disciplines
P-way Issues - drivers for the proposed jobs
Track Proposals - their impact on the network & other disciplines
Layout Diagrams - depicting proposed layouts
The PRS documents formed a vital part in bringing the various schemes and ideas
together and are used to define the options available. All key stakeholders were kept
up to date with the progress of the PRS’ and these documents formally show the
decision making process with these options.
5.0 Summary
The multi-disciplinary, in-house approach taken at Carstairs using the
PRS documentation process has provided an opportunity to scope a
large-scale project efficiently.
With continuous and structured channels of communication between
stakeholders ensuring all requirements are considered, the delivered
junction should provide an appropriate and cost effective solution, fit for
another generation.
Thank you for your time