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Chelsea F.C.
IP Convergence
The Presentation Team
• Dave Hancock – MD Switchnet Systems
• Gregg Pike –
Director Switchnet Systems
• Mark Eley -
Technical Manager Switchnet
• Mike Lewis –
UK & Ireland Business Dev.
Manager – Mobotix
• Martin Morris -
Sales Manager Mayflex Ltd.
IP Convergence
The Tendering Group
Switchnet Systems Ltd
– Management / Design / Implementation / Commissioning
– First/ Second Line Support
Mayflex Ltd
– Distribution – (largest and Recently Named Best Mobotix Distributor
in World)
– Third Line Support
– Market Leaders in IP CCTV
– Manufacturer of cameras/ software
– Manufacturer of Video Wall software
IP Convergence
Switchnet Systems Ltd
• Founded in 1996 – Private Company
• Total IP Solutions Network Integrator
• Full Accreditation for all Products sold
• Company Ethos:“ Large enough to cope – Small enough to care”
• Associated with Chelsea F.C. since 1997
IP Convergence
Products/Services Offered
1- All forms of cabling systems
2- IP based Switches/Routers/Gateways & Wireless devices
3- Voice Over IP (VoIP)
4 - IP CCTV Security
Already deployed extensively for Chelsea FC.
3 -Already discussed for possible future deployment
Ready to go!!
IP Convergence
Track Record
• 11 years designing/implementing/supporting/ CFC
• Consistently delivered small and large deployment
projects on time, within budget.
• Majority of staff have extensive knowledge of CFC
stadium, staff and processes
• Fast reactions during emergency situations
• Constantly reviewing/advising on new technology
IP Convergence
System Solution
IP CCTV Total Solution
Hotel Security Desk
Police Control Cabin
Main Security Suite
IP Convergence
IP Convergence
• MOBOTIX founded in 1999 by Dr. Ralf Hinkel.
• Private company.
Floated on Germany stock market 10/2007
• Based in Kaiserslautern, Germany
• 130 employees.
• 06/07 23.6 Million Euro Turnover
• Approx. 52% growth compared to the previous fiscal.
• Distributors and partners in more than 70 countries.
100,000+ MOBOTIX cameras
at work around the world.
IP Convergence
The Difference
IP Convergence
Resolution comparisons
Multi Mega Pixel
• 3 MP images = less cameras
• Cropping within camera reduces file
storage size and bandwidth
IP Convergence
MXCC – Site Map
IP Convergence
Rapid Video Wall
IP Convergence
Rapid Video Wall
Is a software based product which runs on a standard pc
Ability to display IP streams from various manufacturers.
Rapid Videowall offers the ability to display MPEG 4,
MJPEG, MXPEG and JPEG 2000 compressed streams at
the same time with supreme CPU utilisation.
Each license supports 25 streams of video that can be
displayed from 1 to 4 screens.
Managed Via Web Services
Operates as a Standalone Solution
Easily Integrated to Third Party Management Suite
IP Convergence
IP Convergence
IP Convergence
PC Specification
• Rapid VideoWall extracts maximum performance from PC.
Choose PCs optimized for high performance video display tasks.
• Typical Rapid Videowall PC
• Quad Head DVI/VGA output
• Intel Core2 Duo processor
• 250GB SATA hard drive
• Dual 1Gb/100/10 Ethernet NIC
• XP Pro SP2 operating system
• .Net Framework 2.0
• Direct-X 9.0 3D rendering
IP Convergence
Storage Solution
IP Convergence
Storage Solution
• Large amounts of storage required –
approx 60 TB!
• Existing Chelsea Storage – Netapp
• Propose to “bolt-on” additional storage
• All installation/commissioning to be carried out by Netapp .
• New hardware to be seamlessly integrated into existing
infrastructure and support contract.
IP Convergence
Police Matchday Monitoring
& Recording
IP Convergence
Police Matchday Monitoring
Main Security Suite
Police Control Cabin
Fibre Infastructure
IP Convergence
Police Recording
Police control monitor screen output is recorded to Hard
Content of Hard Disk then written to DVD
DVD taken for off-site storage
IP Convergence
UPS Solution
IP Convergence
UPS Solution
• CCTV system to remain operational for 3 hour IF power failure
• All cameras use PoE (power over ethernet)
• APC Smart UPS 2200VA units to be installed in all comms racks
cameras connect back to.
• APC Smart UPS 3000VA units to be installed in Police Cabin for
matchday hardware.
IP Convergence
System Deployment
& Support Options
IP Convergence
System Deployment
• Project Manager – Gregg Pike
• Installation team – Assign Supervisor/ Engineers
• Liaise & Discuss final locations of Cameras with Chelsea Security
• Install / Configure / Test pilot scheme
• Install / Configure & Commission total system
• Install & Commission MX Control Centre and video wall.
• Project duration is estimated at 24 weeks (Subject to all cabling
being in place)
IP Convergence
System Support
• Help Desk – 24 x 7 support – UK Based
• Onsite Engineer – 1 Day / week
• Onsite Engineer – Matchday if required
• Remote access and diagnostics
• All hardware covered by minimum 1 year Manufacturers warranty
Mobotix Cameras – 2 Year next business day advance replacement
APC UPS – 2 Year repair or replace
Dell Machines & Monitors - 3 Year next business day advance replacement or repair
Main Storage – Netapp to confirm
Epiphan Recorders – 1 year manufacturer warranty
IP Convergence
Support Options
Silver –
Business hours telephone and email support
On-Line ticketing support
Next business day advance replacement
Gold –
All of the above +
Next business day engineering response (Upgradeable to same day
4hr under the PLUS scheme)
Platinum –
All of the above +
24x7 Telephone and e-mail support
Dedicated On-Line ticketing system – (ChelseaSecurity@Switchnetsys.com)
Dedicated emergency response number - (07770 231 800)
8 hour engineering response (Upgradable to 4 hour under the PLUS
Or any combination of above!
IP Convergence
Chelsea Staff Training
• Mobotix to provide Initial 1 day training of MX CC free of charge
• Course to be held at Stamford Bridge
• Other Mobotix courses available in the UK
• All presented by Mobotix qualified trainer
IP Convergence
Reference Sites
Parc des Princes stadium
Birds-Eye Foods
Coventry City Airport
IP Convergence
Future Possibilities
• Cobham Training ground
– Dual surveillance local / Stamford Bridge
• Players Houses / Gated Communities
– Controlled from Stamford bridge
• Access Control integration
• VoIP - SIP
IP Convergence
IP Convergence
In Summary
•Mobotix – Market leaders in IP CCTV
•Switchnet systems Ltd – Proven level of service
•The Solution
Right for Chelsea F.C.!
IP Convergence
Thank You