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TESLA, akciová společnost
TESLA, akciová
Transmitting technology
 1921 - company Electra was established
 1932 - the company was bought by Philips - production of radio receivers
 1945 - production of light bulbs, vacuum tubes and radio receivers started
 1946 - national enterprise called TESLA, low voltage, and electronic plants were established
 1953 - production of transistor radio receivers started
 1958 - put into operation the first television transmitter and the first directional
connection done
 1991 - privatization, the company became joint-stock
 2008 - majority of Irish financial company
 2012 - TESLA company is back in the hands of Czech
TESLA technology in the world
Products and services
Antény a vysílače DVB-T
 Custom turn key solution, advisory, production, installation and
service of antenna units and antenna systems for TV and radio bands (A-TV,
DVB-T, FM, T-DAB etc.)
 Design, production, installation and service of antenna system steel
supporting structures or masts
 Maintenance and repair of older antenna systems, technical analyses of
current situation considering further use or recovery
 Design, measuring, production, installation of coaxial cables, rigid lines and
 Design, production, installation of passive elements (coaxial splitters, lines,
filters, etc.)
Antenna systems
TOWERa vysílače DVB-T
Frequency bands:
500 – 650 mm
1 6 0 10 6 0 0
I. TV band (48 – 66 MHz) Ch1, Ch2
FM (87,5 – 108 MHz)
III. TV band (174 – 230 MHz) Ch6 – Ch12
III. TV 11660000
1500 – 1750 mm
T-DAB (174 – 240 MHz)
IV.-V. TV band (470 – 860 MHz) Ch21 – Ch69
Input impedance:
50 Ω
Maximum wind speed:
Range of temperature (°C):
220 km/h
-40 ÷ +60
2200 – 3200 mm
Antenna systems
 I. and III. TV band, FM and T-DAB
– antenna units without reflector
– panel antenna units (tube reflector)
 IV. - V. TV band
– panel antenna units (metal plate reflector)
– superturnstile antenna systems
 Horizontal, vertical and circular polarization
Antenna systems - parameters
 Wide range of standard radiation patterns
 Special design of radiation patterns according to requirements
 Omnidirectional and directional solution
 Stainless steel design of antenna units
 Hot dip galvanized steel support structure
 Side or top way of mounting
Antenna systems - development
 Design and production of new types of antenna units,
coaxial parts of feeding network as splitters, elbows, lines
 Modern computer software CST Microwave Studio
Antenna systems - services
 Design of custom antenna systems
 Installation, start up and supervision
 Warranty and customer service
 Expert reports of antenna systems
Sagem SA - delivery of D3 a D4 diplexers, GYSEL splitters, France
Telefónica O2 Czech Republic, a.s. - lease of 2 DVB-T transmitters 400W for experimental digital terrestrial
broadcasting , Prague and FNB Brno, Czech Republic
České Radiokomunikace a.s. - deliveries of RF spare parts, coaxial parts, coaxial rigid lines, accessories,
related services, etc., Czech Republic
TP EmiTel Sp. z o.o. - turn key delivery of antenna system for digital terrestrial broadcasting RTON
Zakopane, RTCN Zamość, RTCN Bialystok, Poland
- technical expertise of antenna system on the object Ziełona Góra / Jemiołow, RTON
Jelenia Góra / Śnieżnie Kotły, Poland
Contineo, s.r.o. - delivery of transmitter DVB-T/H 200W and related antenna system with vertical
polarization Žilina, Slovakia
RS TV S.A. - turn key delivery of antenna system for digital terrestrial broadcasting TON Łódź EC Dalkia,
RTON Kielce EC, Poland
A. FURRER AG - turn key delivery of antenna system for digital terrestrial broadcasting SLR Chruszczewka,
RTON Lomža, RTCN Płock / Rachocin, RTON Jelenia Góra / Śnieżnie Kotły, Gdaňsk Chwaszczyno, RTCN
Siedlce / Losice, Kazimierz Dolny / Góry I SLR, Dobromierz SLR, Wierzbica Górna / Radio Maryja, Lanieta /
Centertel, Damaslawek / Plus 2, Poland
Company address :
TESLA, akciová společnost
Podebradska 56/186
Praha 9 – Hloubetin
180 66
Telephone :
+420 266 107 356
+420 266 107 605