XProtect Professional Product Presentation

XProtect® Professional
Efficient solutions for mid-sized installations
XProtect Professional
Quick facts
XProtect Professional is easy and comprehensive
IP video surveillance software with interactive
monitoring capabilities
The perfect match for a mid-sized, single-site
installations with multiple buildings requiring a
visual overview of the entire installation
Typical use could be institutions such as schools,
museums, hospitals and production plants that
need video surveillance to quickly identify and
address incidents
 Visual overview with maps
and alarms
 Unlimited cameras
 Multi-server software with
64 cameras per server
 Per camera license model
 64-bit Recording Server
Easily gain situational awareness
Advanced interactive monitoring
• Get a complete overview of the installation with
interactive maps showing camera locations,
allowing operators to respond quickly to
• Gain situational awareness with alarms
displayed directly in the maps making it easy to
quickly identify and address incidents
Interactive and multilayered maps provide a
graphical overview of the
entire surveillance
The Alarm Manager gives
a consolidated overview of
system alarms, providing
immediate visual
Communication is made
easy with multi-channel,
two-way audio so
operators can easily
broadcast messages at
gates or entrances
Integrations made easy
Endless possibilities
• Create a solution with increased functionality
beyond typical video surveillance capabilities
• Control multiple systems from one common
user interface for better user experience and
less training required
With support for add-on
products like XProtect®
Transact and XProtect® Retail,
XProtect Express can be
optimized for retail
Supports MIP SDK for
seamless integration with
access control, video analytics
and building management
Try the Milestone Solution
Finder and discover endless
possibilities to customize
XProtect Professional with
ready-made integrations from
Milestone’s network of solution
Fast deployment and easy to use
Extremely easy to set up for users at all levels
• Anyone can install the software, so you save
time and money on installation
• Straightforward features make it easy for
employees to learn how to use the software
Automatic configuration
wizard to help set up the
system for the first time
Assisting configuration
wizards to guide users
when configuration
adjustments are required
Pre-activated license to
provide an easy
surveillance deployment
Automatic camera
discovery to detect and
configure new cameras
added to the system
Access anywhere
Access your video
Three flexible clients
• Choose between three flexible viewing
interfaces available in 27 languages
• Get access to video recordings from any
computer or mobile device
• Users can always stay updated
XProtect® Smart
Easy-to-use client
application for daily
XProtect® Web Client
Connect instantly from
any computer and gain
access to live and
recorded video
Milestone Mobile
Available for download
on the App Store℠,
Google Play and
Windows Phone Store
Straightforward video access
Easily locate video
• Quickly find relevant cameras using visual map
or pre-defined camera groups
• Save time with efficient video search tools that
enable users to quickly locate and investigate
relevant video sections
An easy-to-navigate video
timeline enables a fast and
accurate examination of
Use Smart Search to
efficiently find video footage
by searching for motion in
one or more areas of video
from a specific camera
The Sequence Explorer
displays video sequences
in thumbnail previews
helping to quickly locate
Easily share video evidence with authorities
Video is the best witness
• React quickly to potential incidents with
multiple ways of exporting and sharing video
• Share exported video via media player, email
or MMS
Export video in native
database format and
share with external
viewers using XProtect®
Smart Client - Player
Export in mulitple
formats such as JPEG,
MKV, AVI and native
Password protection of
database exports
prevents unwanted
evidence sharing
Prepared for the future
Milestone Customer Dashboard
Resellers can get a real-time overview of the system
health of their customers’ installations so they can
solve technical incidents before they become a
problem for the customer.
Milestone Interconnect™
A unique system concept that allows XProtect
Professional to interconnect with XProtect®
Corporate providing a cost-efficient and flexible way
to gain central surveillance operation across
geographically dispersed sites.
Milestone Customer Dashboard is available for installations using XProtect Professional 2013 and later with a valid Software Upgrade Plan.
More opportunities with Milestone
Do you need to expand the system across
multiple sites?
Do you need more than 64 cameras
per server?
Take a closer look at XProtect® Enterprise or the more advanced
Milestone offerings XProtect® Expert and XProtect Corporate!
XProtect Enterprise is easy-to-use IP video management software (VMS) for medium and large installations
expanding across multiple sites with support for an unlimited number of cameras.