Microsoft Services Provider License Agreement


Microsoft Services Provider

License Agreement Program

What Is a Service Provider?

Service providers offer a variety of services to customers such as access to third-party software, business transaction services, and line-of-business

(LOB) applications. Service providers offer customers direct or indirect access to Microsoft server licensed products (“products”) or software services that interact with Microsoft products.

Types of Service Providers Offer

• Provides customers with direct or indirect access to

Microsoft products such as hosted websites or LOB applications through Microsoft server products.

• Offers customers software services that interact with

Microsoft products.

– In this scenario, you, not your customer, are the licensee.

• Facilitates customer’s business, including transactions with third parties, through software services that interact with Microsoft products.

• Provides customers with access to and use of any application, Microsoft or otherwise, and the application is running on a server and interacts with a Microsoft product on that server.

Benefits through SPLA

Deliver a customized service

Pay as you go with no up-front costs

Access the most current product versions

Try before you buy

Prior version rights

Outsource data center services

Include your affiliates

Ideal SPLA Partners

Application service providers

Business process outsourcers (BPO)

Franchisees and franchises

IT outsourcers that provide software licenses

Messaging or collaboration service providers

Platform infrastructure providers

PC rental companies

Streaming media providers

Web hosting providers

Web or Internet service providers

ISVs that provide hosted applications

Program Requirements

1. Must be a member of the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) & a member of the

Microsoft Hosting Community .

2. Sign a Microsoft Business and Services Agreement.

3. Designate a licensed products reseller. Work with a SPLA reseller to complete the SPLA and MBSA. The reseller does the following:

1. Collects your monthly use report or zero use report and submits it to Microsoft.

2. Collects payment for the licenses made available to users during the previous month.

3. Assists you on all aspects of the SPLA Program. Selects a SPLA reseller from the list at


4. Provide monthly reporting on software licenses

5. Submit a monthly invoice payment.

6. Comply with the Services Provider Use Rights (SPUR)

7. Abide by copyright guidelines, the use of trademarks, and antipiracy obligations

(including Affiliates)

8. Provide technical support

9. Agree to participate in Microsoft SPLA audits

10. Comply with the export requirements

Licensing Models

Licensing is monthly

2 Types of licenses*:

Per Subscriber: A Subscriber Access License (SAL) is required for each unique individual user or device that is authorized to access or otherwise use the licensed products

Per Processor: Each Processor License allows an unlimited number of users to access the product that is installed on that processor for products licensed through a per-processor model

* Not all Products are available in both license models

I signed up…now what?

• Obtain master copies of the Microsoft product

• Provide software services that interact with Microsoft products to your customers

• Ensure that your customers have agreed to & are provided the required Microsoft customer license terms

&use rights

• Sign the License Mobility Addendum if you plan to become an Authorized Mobility Partner

Products Available

Microsoft Dynamics business software

Microsoft Exchange Hosted Services

Microsoft Exchange Server

Microsoft Forefront Client Security

Microsoft Office SharePoint® Server

Microsoft Office

Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft System Center

Windows Server operating system

*For Full Set of Products visit most recent SPUR document

Agreement Terms

• 3 year term

• After 3 yrs you can:

– Let expire

– Sign new agreement

– Sign 12 or the longest remaining customer agreement

• Extensions need to be made 30 days prior to expiring

• Termination with 60 days notice

– 30 days of agreement expiring required to remove all client software from customer’s PCs


Can request pricing from SYNNEX by emailing

Prices changes

– Decrease: ANYTIME

– Increase: Once each calendar year on Jan 1st

Media & Product Keys

• Products can be downloaded on VLSC website

• Physical can also be order from SYNNEX

• Keys

– Can be accessed through VLSC

– Contact Microsoft Activation Center


Monthly Reporting required for each product made available for calendar month

– End user information is required

– Adjustments Reporting needs to be done in 90 days of invoice & detailed explanation

Zero Reporting required if no sales made

– 6 consecutive months of zero reporting may terminate agreement with MSFT

Final Reporting needs to provide same monthly or zero reporting

– Must maintain records for 2 years after termination or expiration

How to Enroll —Services Provider License Agreement

Meet the following two requirements:

– Enroll in the Microsoft Partner Network at .

– Enroll in the Microsoft Hosting Community at .

Sign the SPLA and either sign a new MBSA or link an existing one to the SPLA. To link to an existing MBSA, provide the MBSA number to your reseller.

After Microsoft has received your SPLA and verified your existing

MBSA status (or processed a new MBSA), a welcome letter is sent that contains an agreement number. Details on how to obtain media and product key activation are listed above.

For the most current information on the SPLA Program, visit the

Microsoft Partner Network at .

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