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Computer Science Colloquium Series
Soft-Tribology: Practical Applications
for Human Activity and Environmentally
Sustainable Technology
Yoshitaka Nakanishi
Kumamoto University
Abstract: According to the glossary of the OECD, Tribology is
defined as "the science and technology of interacting surfaces
in relative motion and of related subjects and practices."
Controlling friction and wear to improve maintenance and
reliability, saving energy and resources, as well as protecting
the environment are all important roles of tribology. A new term,
Soft-Tribology, has been proposed which focuses on the
physical and chemical interface and interaction between soft
and hard materials. The wide range of interface science
included within this term has begun to stimulate scientific
discussion about the industrial applications for engineering
products in sustainable technology and in biomedical
engineering from tissue to molecular levels, with practical
applications related to improving the quality of life. This talk will
give a clear exposition of Soft-Tribology from a practical
application perspective.
Bio: Professor Yoshitaka Nakanishi received his Dr. Eng.
degree in Tribology from the Graduate School of Mechanical
Engineering, Kyushu University, Japan, in 1998. He is currently
a full professor at the Graduate School of Science and
Technology in Kumamoto University, Japan. He is also the
vice-chairman of the Kumamoto University Innovative
Collaboration Organization (KICO). His current research
interests include soft-tribology research and its applications in
bioengineering and sustainable technology. He is an associate
editor of Transactions of the Japan Society of Mechanical
Engineers and an editor of the Journal of Biomechanical
Science and Engineering. He has authored or coauthored 3
books and more than 100 scientific papers.
Hosted By: Daniel Mossé, [email protected]
Wednesday, October 15, 2014
3:00 p.m.
SENSQ 5317
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