Qatar 2030 Sarah J 8B

Qatar 2030
By: Sarah Jayyousi 8B
Human Development in Qatar
• Qatar has become wealthy from oil and gas.
• Qatar planned to have a better future for it’s
• Qatar is aiming to be a safeguard for it’s
generation today and the future, to live a
healthy and fulfilling lives.
• Qatar planned for a better health and
advanced educational systems for people.
Qatar Past and Present
Oil wells past and present
• Oil and gas are Qatar’s main money earnings.
• Qatar improved the industry of oil and gas.
General Key points
• Qatar progress has depend mainly on exploitation of it is Oil and Gas.
• Qatar become one of the richest worldwide as more of oil and gas,
which will make it more continuously wealthier.
• Qatar continues building strong Infrastructure with high significant
improvement on Health and Educational systems .
• Qatar’s Oil and Gas eventually will run out , and in-order to maintain
and guarantee Future economy progress and success ,and to meet
international order and challenge, Qatar people needs to establish
Knowledge – based leadership.
• Development to all people to enable them to live in a successful
society .
• Qatar strives to increase the effective labor force of their citizens.
How do you think Qatar would have altered it’s Qatar 2030
Plan to take into consideration the holding of the world cup in
• Qatar 2030 plan was set to achieve goals related to
Human development , high quality with advanced
educational and health systems , strong combined
integrated Infrastructure and strong economy.
• FIFA 2022 World Cup has definitely altered its Qatar 2030
Plan. Holding the FIFA 2022 World Cup in Qatar .
• In-order to meet the target , they require lots of new
development and upgrading of its infrastructure ,which is
in most of Qatar 2030 Plan.
• Yes they have revised the Qatar 2030 plan to meet the
targets of FIFA 2022 World Cup.
Where do you believe Qatar will have got in relation to
fulfilling their goals for the 2030 plan in your chosen pillar?
• Qatar for sure will achieve and will fulfilling their goals for the
2030 plan .
• The Qatari leadership will make it happening as they stand
behind moving the country towards world class countries.
• Qatar 2030 plans will be achieved and done. For example they
would have to expand and increase the buildings ,combined
infrastructure and a good transportation with lots of
modernized malls and health centers for the people to stay
and go to in the FIFA 2022 world cup event.
• Qatar 2030 plan, might be pushed with 2022 plan.
How will the Human Development
Increase the population and make
Qatar known by 2022?
• To make Qatar known they would have to
build more buildings and make more roads
and make the country more organized. Also
they would have to advertise the country
everywhere for people to see. And by that
people will start coming to Qatar. And people
will start wanting to live in Qatar.
Future Qatar
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Qatar 2030 plan